Saturday, December 27, 2014

Letter to Carol

After Little Girl and i did our usual Friday evening shift at the shelter, i sent the following letter by email.

Dear Carol,

We showed up for our usual Friday evening shift and found:

1. The people who do the cages had done a good job keeping up over the holiday.

2. The Thursday morning colony room caretaker had fed the cats, even though we only feed at the evening shift, but hadn't cleaned the litter boxes, as is supposed to be done each morning.

3. The Thursday evening colony room person didn't give the full measure of food.

4. The Friday morning colony room person didn't show up.

As a result of the mix-up and non-showing-up of the colony room people:

1. The colony rooms had no lights on all day Friday.

2. The colony rooms had no food and the cats were acting like starving beasts.

3. The colony rooms water bowls were so scummy we had to wipe them out rather than simply pour out and refill them.

4. The colony room litter boxes were so full that rooms 7 & 8 had solid mess on the floor, room 6 had hairball mess all over and boxes so full i couldn't scoop them and had to change them, and room 2 had solid mess on the top shelves, wet mess all over the floor, and stank so badly Little Girl couldn't even stay in the room.

Also, someone left the back door unlocked.

While i don't know about you, i'm ready for holidays to be over so we can go back to our regularly scheduled mayhem!

Today is:

Anniversary of Benazir Bhutto's Death -- Sindh, Pakistan

Calli (House) Day -- Aztec Calendar (a good day for all things hearth and home and family. a bad day to participate in public life; date approximate, but soon after the solstice)

Constitution Day -- Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)

Festival of Nehebkau -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (Beginning of Eternity, celebrating the snake god and his role of binding the sun to the earth at the beginning of time; date approximate)

Kwanzaa, Day 2, Kujichagulia (Self-Determination)

Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day -- internet generated, with Christmas over, you need to do winter decorations

Modern Medicine Day -- birth anniversary of Louis Pasteur

National Fruitcake Day -- unless, of course, you are like me and have spent your last several days with fruitcake relatives, at which point you get a day off from fruitcakes! ;D 

St. Fabiola's Day (Patron of difficult marriages, divorced people, victims of abuse, victims of adultery, widows)

St. John the Divine's Day (Patron of art dealers, authors, bookbinders, booksellers, burn victims, compositors, editors, engravers, friendships, lithographers, painters, papermakers, printers, publishers, tanners, theologians, typesetters, writers; Asia Minor; Boise, Idaho, Borgo Santo Sepolcro, Italy; Cleveland, OH; Eger, Hungary; Milwaukee, WI; Morra, Netherlands; Saint-Jean – Longueuil, Qu├ębec; Sansepoicro, Italy; Sundern, Germany; Taos, NM; Umbria, Italy; Wroclaw, Poland; against burns, poisoning)

St. Stephen's Day -- Eastern Orthodox, a public holiday in Romania

Third Day of Christmas

Unfairies' Gathering -- Fairy Calendar

Visit the Zoo Day -- don't know who put this one in the middle of winter, but there it is

Watch the Children Day -- internet generated, a day to take a page from the book of the young and remember how to play like a child

Birthdays Today:

Heather O'Rourke, 1975
Masi Oka, 1974
Bill Goldberg, 1966
Tovah Feldshuh, 1952
Gerard Depardieu, 1948
Cokie Roberts, 1943
John Amos, 1939
Oscar Levant, 1906
Marlene Dietrich, 1901
Sydney Greenstreet, 1879
Louis Pasteur, 1822
George Cayley, 1773
Johannes Kepler, 1571

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Knots Landing"(TV), 1979
"Howdy Doody"(TV), 1947 (first successful children's television show)
"Radio Roxyettes"(Now the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes), 1932

Today in History:

The Hagia Sofia of Constantinople is completed, 537
The Spanish Crown issues the Laws of Burgos, governing the conduct of settlers with regards to native Indians in the New World, 1512
The first public railroad using steam locomotive completed in England, 1825
Charles Darwin embarks on his journey aboard the HMS Beagle, 1831
Worst English avalanche kills 8 of 15 buried in Lewes Sussex, 1836
Ether is first used in childbirth in US, in Jefferson, Ga., 1845
The world's first cat show is held at the Crystal Palace, London, 1871
Carrie Nation's first public smashing of a bar, at the Carey Hotel, Wichita, Kansas, 1900
Unsuccessful attempt on prince-regent Hirohito of Japan, 1923
Stalin's faction wins All-Union Congress in USSR, Trotsky is expelled, 1927
Radio City Music Hall opened in New York City, 1932
The Shah of Persia declares Persia is now Iran, 1934
The World Bank was created with the signing of an agreement by 28 nations, 1945
Apollo 8 splashes down in the Pacific Ocean, ending the first orbital manned mission to the Moon, 1968
The People's Republic of China is granted permanent normal trade relations with the United States, 2001
Radiation from an explosion on the magnetar SGR 1806-20 reaches Earth. It is the brightest extrasolar event known to have been witnessed on the planet, 2004
Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is assassinated, 2007
Toyota Motor Corporation agrees to pay $1 billion to settle over a dozen lawsuits related to sudden acceleration, 2012


  1. Not fair. Not fair. They are lucky to have you.

  2. oh, so sorry you found and had to deal with such a mess! i like how you led off with the one positive you had...

  3. You know, how could people not take care of those precious babies? They depend on us for almost everything. Not good.

    Have a blessed day. ☺

  4. I don't think I'd be able to rest, sleep, think or generally enjoy my night if I knew that was happening because of me. I'm very grateful that you and Little Girl were there to clean up after them.. literally. Poor little fluffs.

  5. Poor sweeties. They are lucky to have you and Little Girl. So fortunate...

  6. I can see that the regularly scheduled mayhem would be preferable to what you experienced. Sorry to hear about the mess. Take care.