Saturday, August 20, 2016

Good News, Because We Need Some

It's time to talk about something happy, but i don't have the picture.

See, i'm used to taking pics with my phone, and then text messaging them to my tablet, then putting them in my picture album, then getting them on here.  Yes, it's probably a round-about way, but it works for me.  Until now.

As of day before yesterday, my phone will no longer send photos, and i have no clue why.  It might just be me, it might be a left over problem from when we had no service at all last Sunday.  It may be that the "repaired" AT&T equipment will send regular texts but not photos.

More likely it's just me.

Either way, i had a picture to show, a happy picture.  Instead, i will describe it.  Imagine a picture of a white board, on the wall at the cat shelter, over the caretaker cart.  The white board is divided into two large sections and one small section by red lines.  The small section is cats that are in the "foster to adopt" program.  One of the large areas says "July" and has a list of all cats adopted out in July.

The other large section has the heading of "August" with names of cats adopted this month.  Under the names, in large, red letters, it says, "Countdown to 10,000th Adoption" and, next to one of those names in blue is a large #10,000!

Yes, Kurlik, who was renamed Gilligan by his adoptive family, was our 10,000th cat adopted out.

Yesterday, while i was doing the usual Friday evening routine, there was a couple browsing the cages, looking to bring home a new kitten.  Even in the midst of our troubles here, people who can are adopting cats.

There is a huge temporary shelter at a local expo center, and people are being reunited with their pets.  One large parish (county) shelter was taking on water over the weekend and sent out a call for help on Facebook.  Every single animal in the shelter was taken into a foster home by a family that was not in danger of flooding.

In all of this, rescue work goes on, and people are stepping up.

Today is:

Antique Marine Engine Exposition -- Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT, US (annual exposition of pre-WWII marine engines and models; through tomorrow)

Bad Hair Day -- birth anniversary of Don King

Bike Van Buren -- Van Buren County, IA, US (a leisurely two-day bike tour of villages, landmarks and landscapes)

Birth of the White Buffalo -- Lakota Native American rituals honoring the birth of the White Buffalo in 1994, signaling the return of the White Buffalo Woman (manifestation of the Star Goddess Wohpe), who gave them the sacred peace pipe

Boil Over Thursday -- Fairy Calendar (sometimes on Thursday, most often not)

Dial the Phone Day -- the first rotary dial phone patent was applied for by A. E. Keith, John Erickson, and Charles Erickson on this day in 1896

Feast of Asma -- Baha'i

Ferret Buckeye Bash -- Colombus, OH, US (ferret show)

Independence From USSR Day -- Estonia

International Geocaching Day

International Homeless Animals Day® -- International Society for Animal Rights

Leadville Trail 100 Ultramarathon -- Leadville, CO, US (race 100 of the toughest miles in the country through the Rocky Mountains beginning at 4am; you have 30 hours to complete the course to the ghost town of Winfield and back)

Lemonade Day

Minnesota Renaissance Festival -- Shakopee, MN, US (one of the countries largest and finest; weekends through the beginning of October)

Moon's Birthday -- Aztec Calendar (according to some websites, but i haven't confirmed it; if you want something to celebrate, this is as good as anything else)

Mt. Hagen Cultural Show -- Mt. Hagen, Papua New Guinea (one of the biggest cultural shows in Papua New Guinea; through tomorrow)

National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day

National Honey Bee Day -- US (this year's theme is Ban Ignorance - Not Honey Bees)
National Radio Day -- on the day WWJ(AM) radio first signed on in Detroit in 1920, one of the earliest news broadcast stations

Norskedalen Threshing Bee -- Norskedalen Nature and Heritage Center, Coon Valley, WI, US (antique engines and pioneer demonstrations, as well as cream separating, butter-making, a thresher's meal, and more)

Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival -- Pittsburgh, PA, US (relive the days of yore, watch artisans practice the olde crafts, and have a high good time; weekends through September)

Revolution Day -- Western Sahara

Revolution of the King and People -- Morocco

Saddleworth Rushcart -- Saddleworth, West Yorkshire, England (similar to rushbearing, a cart goes through the area with Morris men, the bounds of the area are checked for enemy breaches, rushes are gathered to line the church floor, and there is celebrating, gurning, wrestling, singing, and a final procession tomorrow to St. Chad's Church at Uppermill for the 11am service)

Sandcastle and Sculpture Day -- Jetties Beach, Nantucket, MA, US

St. Bernard of Clairvaux's Day (Patron of bees and beekeepers, candle makers, wax refiners; Burgundy, France; Cistercians; Gibralter; Queens College, Cambridge, England; Speyer Cathedral)

Stop and Smell Your Dog Day -- and, depending on the results, maybe even Give Your Dog a Bath Day

St. Stephen's Festival --  Budapest, Hungary (National Day for all of Hungary)

Thoth orders the healing of the Eye of Horus -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Virtual Worlds Day -- internet generated, as well it should be

Vuelta a Espana -- Spain (the third of cyclings' prestigious Grand Tours; through Sept. 11)

Woodward Dream Cruise Day 2016 -- Detroit, MI, US (what began in 1995 as a fundraiser for a soccer field has grown into the largest one-day classic car show in the world)

World Mosquito Day -- commemorates the day Dr. Ronald Ross discovered the link between mosquitoes and malaria in 1897

Birthdays Today:

Amy Adams, 1975
Tara Dakides, 1975
Jan Allen, 1956
Theresa Saldana, 1955
Al Roker, 1954
Robert Plant, 1948
Connie Chung, 1946
Don King, 1931
Jim Reeves, 1924
Jacqueline Susann, 1921
Eero Saarinen, 1910
Edgar Albert Guest, 1881
H.P. Lovecraft, 1880
Eliel Saarinen, 1873
Benjamin Harrison, 1833
Bernardo O'Higgins, 1776

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"1812 Overture"(Tchaikovsky Op. 49), 1882

Today in History:

Hungary is established as a kingdom by Stephen I, 1000
The Dutch bring the first African slaves to the colony of Jamestown, VA, 1619
The Spanish establish the presidio that will be the town of Tuscon, Arizona, 1775
The Lewis and Clark "Corps of Discovery", exploring the Louisiana Purchase, suffers its only death when sergeant Charles Floyd dies, apparently from acute appendicitis 1804
Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture" debuts in Moscow, 1882
Rotary Dial telephone is patented, 1896
The Big Blowup, a huge fire in the Northwestern US, burns 3 million acres, 1910
Adolphe Pegoud makes the first parachute jump from an airplane, 1913
Stainless steel is first cast, 1913
WJM,8Mk, Detroit, becomes the first commercial radio station to start daily broadcasting, 1920
UK becomes the first to use radar, 1940
Plutonium's weight determined, 1942
Launch of Voyager 2, 1977
George and Joy Adamson, the Born Free conservationists, are gunned down by poachers, 1989
The Oslo Peace Accords are signed in Norway, 1993
The Supreme Court of Canada rules that Quebec may not secede from Canada without federal government approval, 1998
As part of ongoing political reforms, the government of Myanmar announces it will end media censorship, 2012


  1. Many many congratulations on all those rescues from John and his rescue cats Annabel and Mac! I hope you'll manage to post the photo some time in the future. I bet it's a post flooding problem, not you. I hope everyone is drying out.

  2. indeed, a very happy thing!

    (if you can use another smart phone, i have a perfectly fine samsung galaxy s4 that i could send you if you want to put it on your plan. i upgraded to an s5 just to get a bit better camera, but i'd be happy to send it if you could use it!)

  3. You live in an amazing place. You really do. What a delightful post too. Thank you.

    Have a blessed day. ☺

  4. It's wonderful that people "step up" even in the worst of situations.

  5. That is a real thrill to reach that number of cats. Good news indeed! I hope you all are over this flooding nightmare soon.

  6. That is a huge number of adoptions, no wonder you are proud. Great to see people stepping up and helping each other in whatever way they can. How lovely of Teresa to offer you her phone! I have a new (to me) phone that takes photos but I don't remember to use it as my camera is never far from hand. I hope you are all recovering.

  7. And always in times of darkness there is light and love to be found! 10,000 kittys given new forever families and many more rescued, those are big reasons to smile! ❤️ More prayers coming your way!

  8. That is good news about 10,000 adoptions. And I am glad these pets lost in the floods are being helped.


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