Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday Coffee Chat: What's "New Year" To You?

Rory Bore at Ink Interrupted hosts the Tuesday Coffee Chat, and this week she asks the question, Which is more the "new year" for you:  January or September?

This question really stirred me up because with the life i am living now, there doesn't seem to be any new at all, just the same old, same old.

This week will be the same as next week and the same as last week.  Work every day.  Even the so called "rest" days have work attached to them.  There will be occasional breaks, such as to go see Little Girl graduate, or a day off for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but there doesn't seem to be much prospect of "new".

When the children are old enough to buy all of their own college supplies should they need such, and are just working or going to school or a bit of both, the start of a new school semester simply means a change in their daily schedule of when they leave the house.  There are no new teachers with whom i need to connect, no need to ever go by the school for anything.

That might change when Little Girl gets home, if she decides she wants to attend a school in a city about a 45 minute drive away.  There's the possibility she may end up living on campus there.  That would be a new thing, helping a child move to a dorm at a school away from home.  The others all attended schools nearby where they could live at home and save the dorm costs.  None of those offer a degree in nursing, though, except the expensive private college, and i'm not sure her tuition waivers from military service will cover that school.  Thus the possibility of a move.

January is bleak and wet and not much seems new then, either.  Getting smacked in the face at that time with the prospect of rounding up the information for taxes again certainly takes the celebration out of it, too.

Spring is a nice, new time.  Maybe i'll see how i feel about it in the spring.  Perhaps i'll celebrate the New Year at the time the peoples of the Far East do, as the blooms come back and the birds start nesting again.  Maybe my New Year will be in May.

Perhaps i'll just wait and celebrate "new" when i feel like something is "new" and worth celebrating.

Today is:

Ancestor Appreciation Day -- sponsored by the Ancestor Appreciation Day Association of Ann Arbor, MI, US

Crush a Can Day -- internet generated, so have fun seeing how many (safe) ways you can crush a can, and how flat you can get it!

Feast of Mashíyyat (Will) -- Baha'i

Fun and Fancy Free Day -- go out and have a great day, in honor of the release on this day in 1947 of the Disney film Fun and Fancy Free

French Community Holiday -- French community of Belgium

Meskel -- Ethiopian/Eritrian Orthodox Christian (True Cross Day)

National Corned Beef Hash Day

National Milk Chocolate Day

National Voter Registration Day -- US (Celebrating Democracy in America

Nobel Conference 52 -- Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN, US (annual two-day symposium, this year In Search of Economic Balance)

Shut Up and Let Somebody Else Talk Day -- begun by someone with an overly verbose spouse, perhaps?

St. Vincent De Paul's Day (Patron of charitable societies/charitable workers, charities, horses, hospital workers, hospitals, lepers, prisoners, spiritual help, volunteers; Brothers of Charity; Saint Vincent de Paul Societies; Sisters of Charity; Vincentian Service Corps; Madagascar; Richmond, Virginia; for finding lost objects; against leprosy)

Thanksgiving Day for Disappearance of Kelp-Koli Again -- Fairy Calendar

Woman Road Warrior Day -- to recognize the traveling businesswomen in today's world

World Tourism Day -- World Tourism Organization

Anniversary Today:

Google is founded, 1998

Birthdays Today:

Avril Lavigne, 1984
Gwyneth Paltrow, 1972
Bello Nock, 1968
Sophia Milos, 1965
Shaun Cassidy, 1958
Mike Schmidt, 1949
Marvin "Meat Loaf" Aday, 1947
Delores Taylor, 1939
Claude Jarman, Jr., 1934
Greg Morris, 1934
Wilford Brimley, 1934
Sada Thompson, 1929
Arthur Penn, 1922
William Conrad, 1920
Jayne Meadows, 1919
Thomas Nast, 1840
Raphael Semmes, 1809
George Muller, 1805
George Cruikshank, 1792
Samuel Adams, 1722

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"The Tonight Show"(TV), 1954
Strike Up The Band(Film), 1940
"Rip Van Winkle"(Bristow opera), 1855

Today in History:

Severe earthquake in the Gulf of Chili, China; reports of 100,000 killed, 1290
Jesuits founded by Ignatius Loyola, 1540
John Adams negotiates peace terms with Britain, 1779
Constitution submitted to the states for ratification, 1787
Jean-Francois Champollion announces that he has deciphered the Rosetta Stone, 1822
The Stockton and Darlington Railway opens, and begins operation of the world's first service of locomotive-hauled passenger trains, 1825
The physics journal Annalen der Physik published Albert Einstein's paper "Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?", introducing the equation E=mc²,1905
The first production of a Ford Model T automobile rolls off the line at the Piquette Plant in Detroit, Michigan, 1908
First test of a twin engine airplane, in France, 1910
Native American Day is first celebrated, 1916
Democratic National Committee votes to allow female members, 1919
The first Santa Clause Training School opens in Albion, NY, 1937
The Balinese tiger is declared to be an extinct species, 1937
Sierra Leone joins the United Nations, 1961
Richard Stallman announces the GNU project to develop a free Unix-like operating system, 1983
East Timor joins the United Nations, 2002
CNSA astronaut Zhai Zhigang becomes the first Chinese person to perform a spacewalk while flying on Shenzhou 7, 2008
NASA's Mars rover Curiosity discovers direct evidence of a fast-moving stream bed, showing a prior water source on the Red Planet, 2012


  1. I'd rather celebrate a "New" year in spring as well.

  2. I'm all for celebrating the new year in spring too. I love spring. It's when the world comes alive.

    Have a fabulous day and I hope something new and good happens today. ☺

  3. I relate to this, once the kids are out of their initial school years, life really doesn't change that much, and for you, it isn't even marked with a day off. I hope that can change in the future. There's supposed to be a day of rest in there! I think the new year starting in Springtime would be lovely, just as life begins to renew itself! January is not a time of celebration, it is usually pretty blah, at least for me.

  4. Sometimes nothing new can be good- better than drama.

  5. I agree with those who think the new year should be celebrated in spring.

  6. Maybe we should all band together and celebrate a 'new' year in the spring! We could have a party! :D

    I suspect I'll be of the same mindset you are once the kids' school years are behind us. All the more reason to start some new New Year traditions *now* - you know, while we still remember to do so. ;) Have a great week! :)

    Bus Wishes with Funnies and New Year Specification: RTT Rebel with Coffee

  7. Exactly this! Even though our calendars tell us it's a New Year - or a special holiday; the truth is we are pretty much reality smacked by the daily grind of life every day! I agree with Spring time - everything actually does become new again. At least up here it does because we've been under snow for 6 months. Maybe that's why my garden is my zen place; I actually get to bring in NEW. And even if it is the same old blooms each year, the mere fact that the do bloom again is enough to give me a thrill.

  8. I agree with Spring as the "new" season. January certainly doesn't feel that way. I think our ancestors only decided to make that the first day of the year because they wanted to cheer themselves up. They had their fire festivals etc. to remind themselves that eventually Spring would come. I find though that Christmas seems "newer" than many other times of year, maybe because you start taking stock then.
    I don't like life being boring and samey. But sometimes in retrospect that "same old same old" life of a few years ago can look pretty good.


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