Friday, September 2, 2016

Vet Visit Aftermath and Needing a "Piece of Quiet"

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Link is not happy after his routine yearly vet visit yesterday.  (He's healthy, but has been hitting the food bowl a little too much for his own good.)

No, I will not look at the camera!  You took me to the vet and said I'm overweight and I'm mad!


Friendly Fill-Ins are easy to do. There are four statements: the first two statements are provided by Ellen of 15AndMeowing, and the final two are offered by McGuffy Ann Morris of McGuffy's Reader. They try to make sure the statements will be fun to both answer and share. The linky will be posted at or about 12:00 AM on Friday. Please head over to one of their sites, link up, and share your thoughts! 

My fill-ins for the statements are underlined:

Week 17: September 2, 2016

1. My favorite way to exercise is ____________________________.

2. Something I learned last week was ____________________________________.

3. I am sentimental about                                   .

4. Some people might find it surprising to know                                 .

1. My favorite way to exercise is to exercise caution.  No, really, i always did see exercise as punishment.  When i was able to go to a women's fitness center and take some dance classes i enjoyed it, but that's out of the question now and i am back to resenting having to do it at all.

2. Something i learned last week was how well Ring King cleaner works to remove stains from porcelain and fiberglass.

3. I am sentimental about items passed down to me from both of my grandmothers, which includes some letters, pictures, a vase, a cookie jar, and several pieces of cast iron cookware which i use regularly.

4. Some people might find it surprising to know how much peace and quiet i really do need, especially since so many people and animals live here.  It works out, though.
The "piece of quiet" referred to in the blog title is from a Family Circus comic where the daughter, Dolly, claims to need one.  That always did tickly my funny bone.

Today is:

Bison-Ten-Yell Day -- celebrating the imaginary Bison-Ten-Yell, inventor of 10 battle yells now used as American football signals

Blackpool Illuminations -- The Promenade, Blackpool, Lancashire, England (five miles of spectacular lighting; through Nov. 6)

Bring Your Manners To Work Day -- sad that we even have to have this one, isn't it?

Celtic Tree Month Muin (Vine) begins

Coughing and Spluttering Convention -- Fairy Calendar

Dri-jerbal -- Marshall Islands (Labor Day)

Feast of Osiris -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Independence Day -- Transdniestria

Lazy Moms Day -- a day for mom to be lazy, and let the kids do the housework!

National Blueberry Popsicle Day

National College Colors Day -- US (win money for your favorite college by sporting your colors today and following the rules on this site)

National Day -- Vietnam

Petersfield Antiques Fair -- The Festival Hall, Petersfield, Hampshire, England (one of the best in the nation; through Sunday)

Pierce Your Ears Day -- does a Chihuahua barking loudly in my ear count?  oh, since the person who decided we should celebrate this today didn't leave a trace, i guess it's okay to interpret any way we want

Puyallup Fair -- Puyallup, WA, US (one of the top ten fairs in attendance in the world; through the 25th)

Sacrifice to Hekate and Artemis -- Ancient Greek Calendar (date approximate)

Sedantag -- Germany

St. Agricola of Avignon's Day (Patron of rain -- for or against, whichever you need! -- of good weather and storks; Avignon, France; against misfortune and plague epidemics)

VJ Day -- Surrender Ceremony took place on this date aboard the USS Missouri

Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw And Festival -- Prairie du Sac, WI, US (come try to break the state record of 248 feet; through tomorrow)

World Championship BBQ Goat Cook-Off -- Brady, TX, US (through tomorrow)

Labor Day, shmabor day!
What a dumb day!
You hire some jerk,
Then send him away,
To celebrate work,
By playing all day!

Garfield the Cat

While i may not agree with his assessment of the importance of Labor Day, Garfield is right in that this weekend has become a time for play, as evidenced by the following celebrations that always occur on this weekend around the US*:

Benton Neighbor Day -- Benton, MO
Britt Draft Horse Show -- Britt, IA
Bumbershoot: Seattle's Music & Arts Festival -- Seattle, WA
Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Rodeo -- Boys Ranch, TX
Central City Rock 'n' Roll Cruise-in & Concert -- Central City, KY
Cleveland National Air Show -- Cleveland, OH
Clothesline Fair -- Prairie Grove, AR
Colombia River Cross Channel Swim -- Hood River, OR
Colorado Balloon Classic -- Colorado Springs, CO
Commonwheel Labor Day Weekend ARts and Crafts Festival -- Manitou Springs, CO
Daniel Boone Pioneer Days -- Winchester, KY
Eastern Idaho State Fair -- Blackfoot, ID
Fort Bridger Rendezvous -- Fort Bridger, WY
Great Bathtub Race -- Nome, AK
Great Grove Bed Race -- Coconut Grove, FL
Harvest Wine Celebration -- Livermore, CA
Hog Capital of the World Festival -- Kewanee, IL
Hoisington Celebration -- Hoisington, KS
Hopkinton State Fair -- Contoocook, NH,
Iroquois Arts Festival -- Howes Cave, NY
Johnson City Field Days -- Johnson City, NY
Jubilee Days Festival -- Zion, IL
Lifelight Outdoor Music Festival -- Worthing, SD
Mackinac Bridge Walk -- St. Ignace, MI
National Championship Chuckwagon Races -- Clinton, AR
National Hard Crab Derby and Fair -- Crisfield, MD
National Sweetcorn Festival -- Hoopeston, IL
Oatmeal Festival -- Bertram/Oatmeal, TX
Odyssey - A Greek Festival -- Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church, Orange, CT
Old Threshers Reunion -- Mount Pleasant, IA
On the Waterfront -- Rockford, IL
Oregon Trail Rodeo -- Hastings, NE
Payson Golden Onion Days -- Payson, UT
Pennsylvania Arts & Crafts Colonial Festival -- Greensburg, PA
Santa-Cali-Gon Days Festival -- Independence, MO
Scandinavian Fest -- Budd Lake, NJ
Sta-Bil Nationals Championship Lawn Mower Race -- Delaware, OH
Snake River Duck Race -- Nome, AK
Taste of Colorado -- Denver, CO
Taste of Madison -- Madison, WI
Totah Festival -- Farmington, NM
Waikiki Roughwater Swim -- Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, HI
West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival -- Clarksburg, WV
Westfest Czech Heritage Festival -- West, TX
Wisconsin State Cow-Chip Throw -- Prairie du Sac, WI
Woodstock Fair -- Woodstock, CT
World Championship Barbecue Goat Cook-Off and Arts & Crafts Fair -- Brady, TX

*Note:  Some of these begin today, some begin tomorrow or Saturday, and most go through US Labor Day, this coming Monday

Anniversary Today:

Beginning of the Marathon Runs during the Persian War, Sept. 2-9, 490BC

Birthdays Today:

Cynthia Watros, 1968
Salma Hayek, 1966
Lennox Lewis, 1965
Keanu Reeves, 1964
Linda Purl, 1955
Jimmy Connors, 1952
Mark Harmon, 1951
Eric Dickerson, 1950
Christa McAuliffe, 1948
Nathaniel “Tiny” Archibald, 1948
Terry Bradshaw, 1948
Peter Victor Ueberroth, 1937
Marge Champion, 1923
Cleveland Amory, 1917
Lili'uokalani, 1838
James Forten, 1766

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Rose-Marie"(Operetta), 1924
"East of Suez"(Play), 1922
Ordinance on the Danish Church(Publication Date), 1637

Today in History:

Cicero's first Philippic (oratorical attack) on Marc Antony, BC44
Pharaoh Cleopatra VII of Egypt declares her son co-ruler as Ptolemy XV Caesarion, BC44
Octavian's troops win the Battle of Actium which ends the Final war of the Roman Republic, BC31
The Great Fire of London breaks out and burns for three days; it ends with 8 dead and 13,000 houses destroyed, 1666
Great Britain adopts the Gregorian calendar, nearly two centuries later than most of Western Europe, 1752
US Treasury Dept. is established by Congress, 1789
The solar super storm continues to affect electrical telegraph service, 1859
Theodore Roosevelt adivses the US to "Speak softly, and carry a big stick." 1901
President Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam becomes the first foreign head of state to make a state visit to Australia, 1957
The Principality of Sealand is established, ruled by Prince Paddy Roy Bates, 1967
Swissair Flight 111 crashes near Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia; all 229 people on board are killed, 1998
Pope Benedict hosts an eco-festival, "Save Creation Day," in Loreto, Italy, to encourage Catholics to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, 2007
Ending a 50-year ban on veiled female news presenters, Egypt's state television gives its female presenters a choice of wearing, or not wearing, a veil, 2012
Swimmer Diana Nyad makes history, becoming the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage, 2013
The public learns about AT&T's The Hemisphere Project, which gives telephone call data to law enforcement agencies, including the DEA, 2013


  1. OH NO!!!!! A DIET???? and they wonder why I look SULKY??????

  2. Another angry kitty lol I think I would be too if I was told that heheh!

    Have a diettastic weekend :-)

  3. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I know what you mean about needing quiet time, I think it is an introvert thing. Your kitty is not fat.
    I think of exercise as a punishment too, I hate to sweat. That cleaner sounds amazing, I need some. Have a great weekend!

  4. She could skip a meal or two.

  5. Oh now, it's bad enough when you have to go to the vet, but to be told you're overweight and need to diet it's even worse.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. ☺

  6. Quiet time is definitely needed around here sometimes, too. Otherwise I get into Cranky McCrankster mode. ;) Great answers all around! Have a great weekend! :)

    Exercise and Learning, Sentimental and Surprising – Friendly Fill-Ins for Friday Fun!

  7. Poor Link- it's diet food for him!

  8. Awesome answers! Great reading this post.

  9. Many of us hit the food bowl too often.

  10. Peace and quiet is essential to my well being so I totally understand.

  11. some of my pups get diet warnings each year. *sigh*

  12. It is great that you got some things passed down to you. Have a great weekend.

  13. Link really does look pissed off. I would be too if someone told me I had to lose weight. Grrrr.

  14. Awww poor Link-- I think you just look extra fluffy.
    I have some china teacups from my late grandma, and whenever I am having one of "those" days, I always feel better having a cup of tea - just like she used to do everyday.

  15. Friends of mine that have large families and lots of critters often find that it is almost too quiet when spending a night away from home, you get used to a different level of noise and quiet may be even a dull roar, but it's better! We find ways to make the time and space we need. You always leave me in awe for all you deal with and still keep believing and facing the next day with grace and dignity! XOXO

  16. I love your answer to #1! Yes!I will remember that one!
    Thanks for being a part of Friendly Fill-Ins!
    Annie at ~McGuffy's Reader~


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