Sunday, November 27, 2016

Silly Sunday: Hurts So Good

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Yesterday's work for Ms. G included moving almost 400 pounds of cat litter.  She had found it on sale, so she stocked up.  We changed out all of the boxes and still had 8 of the 37 pound buckets to store for later.  Then i vacuumed and we started clearing out a closet.  To say i was sore and tired when i came home is an understatement.

Boudreaux, he know him 'bout dat hard work, too.  De day befo', he been out cleanin' an' rebuildin' de stuff dat done flooded a bit ago.  It done been a long job, an' Clothile been tellin' him he need get him some he'p.

Well, he come in from de work, an' he set him down in de chair, an' den Clothile hear him yell, "Owww!"  She come runnin' in an' ax, "Boudreaux!  What be wrong wit' you?"

An' Boudreaux he say, "Mais, you be right!  I need get me some he'p wit' de work.  You know you be serious hurtin' youse'f when it hurt to push de button on de remote!"

Today is:

Anniversary of Cerro de Pasco -- Peru (founding of the city and its silver mine)

Bargle Day -- Fairy Calendar (a fairy day with no human equivalent)

Electric Guitar Day -- birth anniversary of Jimi Hendrix

Feast of Ullr and Skadi -- Asatru/Norse Pagan (celebrating craftsmen)

First Sunday of Advent -- Christian (start of the Liturgical Year in the Western Church) related observances
     Lighting the Candle of Hope
     Midwinter Horn Blowing -- rural Netherlands (folkloric custom announcing the birth of Jesus, celebrated through Epiphany)

Freckle Pride Day -- show your spots, you are beautiful!

Get the Giggles and Give One Away Day -- internet generated, and great if your a preteen girl

Handel's Messiah Sing-Along -- East Room of the Nixon Library, Yorba Linda, CA, US (two seatings available for this beautiful and enjoyable event, singing along with a master choir and orchestra)

Khoiak Ceremonies -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (ceremonies surrounding the stories of the death of Osiris, date approximate)

Lancashire Day -- Lancashire, England (celebrating their first elected representative in Parliament in 1295)

Maaverar Naal -- Tamil Eelam, Sri Lanka (Tamil Heroes' Day)

National Bavarian Cream Pie Day

Pie in the Face Day -- internet generated, and supposed to be a virtual one, so no mess to clean

Pins and Needles Day -- celebrating the 1937 opening of the Pins and Needles Music Revue

St. Virgilius of Salzburg's Day (Patron of Salzburg, Austria; Slovenes)

St. James Intercisus' Day (Patron of lost vocations, torture victims)

Anniversaries Today:

William Shakespeare marries Anne Hathaway, 1582

Birthdays Today:

Jaleel White, 1976
Samantha Harris, 1973
Brooke Langton, 1970
Robin Givens, 1964
Fisher Stevens, 1963
Caroline Kennedy, 1957
Rick Rockwell, 1956
Kathryn Bigelow, 1951
Jimi Hendrix, 1942
Eddie Rabbit, 1941
Bruce Lee, 1940
Gail Henion Sheehy, 1937
Alexander Dubcek, 1921
"Buffalo" Bob Smith, 1917
Chick Hearn, 1916
James Agee, 1909
L. Sprague de Camp, 1907
Forrest Shaklee, 1894
Chaim Weizmann, 1874
Charles A. Beard, 1874
Bat Masterson, 1853
Robert R. Livingston, 1746 (O.S. date)
Anders Celcius, 1701
Emperor Xiaozong of China, 1127

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Magical Mystery Tour"(Beatles album release), 1967
"Never Too Late"(Play), 1962
"The Dinah Shore Show"(TV), 1951

Today in History:

The first elected representatives from Lancashire were called to Westminster by King Edward I to attend what later became known as "The Model Parliament", 1295
The first Eddystone Lighthouse is destroyed in the Great Storm of 1703
The Portuguese Royal Family leaves Lisbon to escape from Napoleonic troops, 1807
Adoption of Constitution of the Kingdom of Poland, 1815
NY Times dubs baseball "The National Game", 1870
Alfred Nobel establishes the Nobel Prize, 1895
In New York City, the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is held, 1924
The Soviet space program's Mars 2 orbiter releases a descent module; it crashes, but still becomes the first man-made object to be on Mars, 1971
The left-wing Labour Party takes control of the New Zealand government with leader Helen Clark becoming the first elected female Prime Minister in New Zealand's history, 1999
A hydrogen atmosphere is discovered on the extrasolar planet Osiris by the Hubble Space Telescope, the first atmosphere detected on an extrasolar planet, 2001
The Canadian House of Commons endorses Prime Minister Stephen Harper's motion to declare Quebec a nation within a unified Canada, 2006
Icelanders vote for their own constitution after using a modified Danish constitution for 66 years, 2010
The Nissan Leaf self-driving car completes its first test in Japan, on the Sagami Expressway, 2013


  1. Sorry you're sore today, but getting the money rocks. It's the holidays you know.

    I love your jokes. I always look forward to them every Sunday morning.

    Have a fabulous Silly Sunday filled with love and some rest. ☺

  2. Glad you got a deal on litter. I hope it doesn't really hurt to push the remote button :)

  3. Well I have missed Boudreaux heheh!

    Thank you for your comment over at mine recently much appreciated :-)

    Have a tanfastic week :-)

  4. Awesome post for Silly Sunday. I'm going around to read everyone's Silly Sunday now because its fun :)

  5. Oh, Mimi! That is a LOT of heavy cat litter to move around!! I wish you didn't have to work so hard, and I pray that this next year will find your life a little easier. You amaze me with your determination to get it done, never complaining. You are a great example to us all!

  6. Oh my. I wouldn't have bought that much cat litter even if it had been on sale. I hope you had the chance of a good hot bath afterwards, that's always relaxing.


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