Monday, October 7, 2019

rEcess Smile (Awww Monday), Inspiring Quote of the Week, and Paper Dilemma (Poetry Monday)


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This week’s smile is brought to you courtesy of rEcess.  Erin, the young lady i’m usually assigned to assist was celebrating a family member’s birthday so didn’t come.  Instead i had Emmy.

Emmy is 11, non-verbal, will not grow much bigger than she is now (about the size of a 5-year-old), and loves to walk, run, and climb.

Emmy's mom always puts a very fetching ribbon in her hair.

Emmy has to be held by the beltloop once she gets up there, or she'll try to dive over!

By the end of the evening, even the stuffies are tired!


Sparks, the brainchild of Annie of McGuffy's Reader, is on hiatus, so here's an Inspiring Quote of the Week in her honor.


Poetry Monday was started by Diane at On The Alberta/Montana Border.  She and Jenny at Procrastinating Donkey take turns providing a theme each week.  This weeks theme is Paper.  Mother Owl almost always writes one, too.                    

Where’s that paperless society
That they keep on promising me?
Someday in paper i will drown,
As it piles up to my crown.
There’s more rolling in every day
And i dare not throw some things away.
The tax papers all in a pile
That seems to stretch on for a mile,
And then there's the medical stuff -- 
What's needed and what is just fluff?
I'd keep it on my computer with pride,
But just now my battery died!


Today is:

Bathtub Day -- can't confirm this one, but it's as good a day as any to be glad you have one!

BOL Foundation Day -- Laos

California Rideshare Week -- California, US (designed to encourage commuters to take personal responsibility for reducing traffic and smog by pledging to rideshare); it all started with 
    Ride-Share Week 2019-- Ventura County, CA, US (encouraging car dependent Californians to drive less, save money, keep the air cleaner, and carpool)   

Child Health Day -- US (as established by President Calvin Coolidge in 1928)

Chung Yeung Festival -- China; Hong Kong; Macau (Double Ninth Festival/Ancestors' Day; date differs in other parts of Asia)

Country Inn, Bed-and-Breakfast Day

Feast Day of Ma'at -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Festival of the Deerk Toes -- Fairy Calendar (celebrating the toes on a fairy's "deerk", for which there is no human equivalent)

If At First You Don't Succeed Day -- in honor of Frank Sinatra, whose CBS-TV musical variety show debuted on this day in 1950; it and the other two shows that followed didn't succeed, but he never gave up and had a great carreer

Labour Day -- ACT, NSW, & SA, Australia

Lepanto Day -- Greece

Nagasaki Kunchi -- Nagasaki, Japan (harvest festival, through the 9th)

National Flower Day -- US (anniversary of President Reagan signing the bill, in 1986, that made the rose the US National Flower)

National Frappe Day

National Metric Week -- US (yes, it's no fun to switch; even i need to get over it and learn, it's good for our brains!)  

Nones of October -- Ancient Roman Calendar; other observances
    Festival of Juno Cutitis and Jupiter Fulgor
    Victoria, Lady of Victories Day a/k/a Pallas Athena -- also celebrated by the Ancient Greeks

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary -- Catholic Christian

Peat-Cutting Day -- Falkland Islands (Spring Holiday)

Queen's Birthday -- QLD, Australia

St. Justina of Padua's Day (Patron of Padua, Italy; Santa Giustina, Italy)

Territory Day -- Christmas Island

Thanksgiving Day -- Saint Lucia

Try To Start An Argument Over Which Is the Best Muppet Day -- Kermit, hands down (argue below, if you wish)(Possibly started by the International Association of People without a Life)

World Architecture Day -- International Union of Architects (this year's theme: Architecture...Housing for All)    

World Habitat Day -- UN (Habitat for Humanity)

You Matter To Me Day -- because the phrase "you matter to me" can make a profound difference in someone's life   

Anniversaries Today:

Larry King married Julie Alexander, 1989
Dow Jones makes the first report, in the Wall Street Journal, of an average of the prices of 12 industrial stocks, 1896

Birthdays Today:

Toni Braxton, 1967
Simon Cowell, 1959
Michael W. Smith, 1957
Yo-Yo Ma, 1955
Vladimir Putin, 1952
John Cougar Mellencamp, 1951
Joy Behar, 1943
Charles Dutoit, 1936
Thomas Keneally, 1935
Amiri Baraka, 1934
Bishop Desmond Tutu, 1931
Al Martino, 1927
R. D. Laing, 1927
June Allyson, 1917
Vaughn Monroe, 1911
Andy Devine, 1905
Niels Bohr, 1885
Thomas J. Wise, 1859
James Whitcomb Riley, 1849
Caesar Rodney, 1728(O.S. date)

Debuting/Premiering Today:

The Independent(Newspaper, first issue), 1986
"Cats"(Musical), 1982
"Route 66"(TV), 1960
"Your Hit Parade"(TV), 1950
"One Touch of Venus"(Musical), 1943
"Eve of St. Mark"(Play), 1942

Today in History:

The epoch of the modern Hebrew calendar (Proleptic Julian calendar), BC3761
The first public burning of books in Louvain, Netherlands, 1520
Ralph Wedgewood patents carbon paper in London, 1806
The first chartered railway in the US, the Granite Railway, begins operations, 1826
Spain abolishes slavery in Cuba, 1886
Henry Ford institutes the moving assembly line, 1913
Georgia Tech defeats Cumberland college in the infamous 222-0 football game, 1916
160 consecutive days of 100*F+ temperatures begin at Marble Bar, Australia, 1924
Beat poet Allen Ginsberg reads his poem "Howl" for the first time at a poetry reading in San Francisco, 1955
U.S.S.R. probe Luna 3 transmits first ever photographs of the far side of the moon, 1959
Nigeria joins the United Nations, 1960
Oman joins the United Nations, 1971
Cats opens on Broadway and begins a run of nearly 18 years, 1982 
The Great Flood of 1993 ends at St. Louis, Missouri, 103 days after it began, 1993
Matthew Shepard, a gay student at the University of Wyoming, is found tied to a fence after being savagely beaten, 1998
The U.S. invasion of Afghanistan begins, 2001
A Southampton University research fellow discovers a long lost Antonio Vivaldi flute concerto at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh, 2010
Scientists Stefan Hell of Germany and Eric Betzig and William Moerner of the U.S. share the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing 'super-resolved fluorescence microscopy'; the technology can be used to observe molecular activity in living cells, 2014


  1. I am sure every one was tired - but what a wonderful thing to tire people out with (including the stuffies).
    Love your poem and frequently feel that I am drowning in an ocean of paper.

  2. If the stuffies can be so tired, you must be really tired out too. Happy new week! Like your poem about paperless society. For me, it is yes and no to paperless society. It can be scary if the computer system crashed without any backups.

  3. Mimi,

    Awwww, that breaks my heart to hear this about little Emmy! What is her condition called? Your poem made me smile. Batteries die at the most inconvenient times. I'm not sure if I'm thankful for all the nos I've gotten in life but it certainly made me a bit stronger. Saying no to myself sometimes is the hardest, like 'No, Cathy you shouldn't have that piece of chocolate'. Usually I lose everytime. :) Happy Monday!

  4. *pulls out list of "Places I Want to Move", crosses off "Marble Bar, Australia"*
    Just Say No.

  5. I'm sure she is a sweet girl We love the big bow in the hair.

  6. Awww, she's adorable and I'm sure she's a handful. Thank you for all the wonderful things you do. I wish you many blessings.

    I love your spark and your poem. I'm waiting for that paperless time too. Have been for years.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, my friend. ♥

  7. I feel so bad for young people like Emmy who have to deal with life's problems. My daughter AmyLynn is an high autistic and we love that she is able to do each each day. She's great with electical things. Things that I can't do. I taught a young boy who was a severe autistic. Him and I were very close. He couldn't talk so he would tap my bald head which meant hi Mr. P. To this day Adam & I are still close. See ya Mimi

    Cruisin Paul

  8. Aww! she sounds a lovely girl she seems great fun too
    I liked the quote too :-)

    Have a funtastic week :-)

  9. I was hoping you would show rEcess photos, they are always so sweet. Great spark and poem too. I need to go through a lot of papers and start shredding.

  10. This was a funny poem on paper. And oh, so true.
    Bathtub day, yes we need this. I love my bathtub :)

  11. Thank you for all this wealth of information. Everyone is having so much fun blogging. I never realized it could be so much fun.
    Thanks for the many ideas you suggest.

  12. Those were adorable pictures. I know how the big bears feel. I also understand about drowning in paper and not knowing whether to save or recycle.

  13. I'm glad Emmy had you with her...those bears do look tired though.

  14. Oh, that most precious little girl!
    I love that quote. Yep. Do it yourself!
    And your poem is perfect! I remember when personal computers were just becoming a 'thing'. Everyone said we'd be a paperless society within five years.
    I'm still waiting...

  15. I think I am too old for an Emmy workout!

  16. Emmy is gorgeous ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

    Einstein is so true !!!!


  17. Today has only just begun here...and I'm already tired!! :)

  18. So wonderful for you to donate your Time! Emmy's bow is gorgeous

  19. Your poem highlights the reasons my counters are such a mess - paper everywhere, but it's all important, and if I file it away I forget about it! Also, I don't really trust computers and don't put anything critical on a computer without keeping a hard copy. My life will never be paperless :)

  20. Emmy is adorable ~ sweet girl and photos ~

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)


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