Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bad Monday/Good Monday

Yesterday was one string of bad news/good news.

Bad news:  two failure-to-thrive kittens were taken to the vet for the final time.  Poor things are not struggling any more.

Good news:  Coraline goes for vetting tomorrow and then up for adoption; the M&Ms are doing great, and the premature newborn we got last Friday is actually doing quite well.

Bad News:  Bigger Girl is still having trouble with getting fully registered for Junior College.  They were telling her, when she tried to register for certain things online, that there were no appointments available, that students would be purged who weren't on a payment schedule by a certain time, etc.

Good News:  The Social Security Number snafu is straight, she has the right number, after investigation there appears to be no problems with any of the kids' numbers being misused, and by taking yet another half day off from work, she was able to get into one of those full sessions up at the College and get classes scheduled.  Still to do -- wait for them to update their computers so we can pay.

Side Note to above Good News:  the ID theft protection we bought at zanderins.com worked as it should have, they are very good.  The lady also told me to use TransUnion, as they are the most "parent friendly", to inquire on their behalf once every 1-2 years.  They have a form online that makes it easy.

Bad News:  Dansig decided to knock over my flower vase.   My lead crystal vase.  The one i got for our wedding.  The one a friend gave me.  Shattered it but good.

Good News:  Little Girl painted a ceramic vase as an arts and crafts project once.  It fits the flowers beautifully,

Bad News:  there were about17 phone calls i needed to make, and thus 17 places i need to be today, many of them at the same time.

Good News:  only one phone call to make today, and everything done yesterday makes today a bit easier.

Bad News:  Bigger Girl has announced, "I'm going to be an anarchist for a day, just to see what it is like."

Good News:  Bigger Girl has further announced, "But I'm not going to invite my little sister to join me, like I was originally, because it will involve mayhem and streaking, and I don't want to expose her to that."

Best News:  You can't worry too much about the Bad News when you have a comedian for a kid.

Today is:

Assyrian Martyrs Day -- various Assyrian communities

Battle of Boyaca Day -- Colombia

Carnival Tuesday -- Antigua and Barbuda

Culturama -- St. Kitts and Nevis

Festival Tuesday -- British Virgin Islands

Harvest Holiday -- Slavic Pagan Calendar (reaping ceases for a few hours in honor of Volos' beard; bread is eaten and offerings given to Mother Earth and Volos for a bountiful harvest)

Hot August Nights -- Reno, NV, US (celebrate cars and music of the 50's and 60's; through the 12th)

Independence Day / National Day -- Cote d'Ivoire

National Lighthouse Day -- US

National Night Out -- sponsored by National Association of Town Watch, to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness

National Peacekeepers Day -- Canada

National Raspberries in Cream Day

Old Fiddler's Convention -- Galax, VA, US (77th annual, through the 12th)

Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day -- sponsored by Wellcat Holidays, and especially the kind no one can open without a machete, what's with that!

Professional Speaker's Day -- www.professionalspeakersday.com

Purple Heart Day -- US (originally instituted this day in 1782 by George Washington)

Say "Cheese" Day -- begun by ecard companies looking for something to celebrate; in my family, we do not say "Cheese", we say "Chicken Lips!" Try it some time when walking past tourists who are trying to get a good photo, and watch them smile genuine smiles and come up with a good picture.

Sea Serpent Day -- no one knows why today, just enjoy

Smartest Leprechaun Eisteddfod -- Fairy Calendar

St. Albert of Trapani's Day (Patron of Carmelite schools; Messina, Italy; Trapani, Italy)

St. Cajetan's Day (Patron of job seekers and the unemployed)

Take Last Winter's Snowballs Out of the Freezer and Have a Fight Day

Birthdays Today:

Charlize Theron, 1975
David Duchovny, 1960
Garrison Keillor, 1942
B.J. Thomas, 1942
"The Amazing" James Randi, 1928
Carl "Alfalfa" Switser, 1927
Billie Burke, 1884
Mata Hari, 1876

Today in History:

Battle of Crannon between Athens and Macedon, following the death of Alexander the Great, BC322
Construction of the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore begins in Florence, 1420
Coup again the Tianshun Emperor by the Ming Dynasty Chinese military general Cao Qin, 1461
Francis Drake's fleet returns to Plymouth, 1573
The first documented performance of Macbeth, at the Great Hall at Hampton Court, 1606
Sieur de La Salle's brigantine Le Griffon becomes the first ship to sail the upper Great Lakes, 1679
Cherokee Indians take Ft. Loudon, Tennessee, 1760
George Washington creates the Order of the Purple Heart, 1782
Simon Bolivar triumphs over the Spanish at the Battle of Boyaca, 1819
The long simmering tension between the Hatfields and the McCoys on the Kentucky/West Virginia border erupts into full scale violence on election day, 1882
The Peace Bridge opens between Fort Erie, Ontario and Buffalo, New York, 1927
IBM dedicates the first program-controlled calculator, the Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (known best as the Harvard Mark I), 1944
Thor Heyerdahl's balsa wood raft the Kon-Tiki, smashes into the reef at Raroia in the Tuamotu Islands after a 101-day, 7,000 kilometres (4,300 mi) journey across the Pacific Ocean in an attempt to prove that pre-historic peoples could have traveled from South America, 1947
Explorer 6 transmits the first TV photo of Earth from space, 1959
The "artistic crime of the century" occurs when Philippe Petit of France, after months of planning and smuggling in materials, makes an illegal tightrope walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, 1974
Viking 2 enters orbit around Mars, 1976
The Washington Star ceases all operations after 128 years of publication, 1981
Takao Doi, Mamoru Mohri and Chiaki Mukai are chosen to be Japan's first astronauts, 1985
Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants breaks baseball great Hank Aaron's record by hitting his 756th home run, 2007


  1. Bigger Girl is probably feeling like Sisyphus right about now with her college enrollment. My son and daughter have similar issues with college registration each semester.

    A far cry from my own freshman registration where a calm old lady wearing White Shoulders perfume carefully filled out a series of index cards and handed them to me, one for each class.


  2. Charis, i remember the punch cards. How things have changed!

  3. I imagine there is never a dull day at your house. I'd like to sit in an armchair in your living room with a bag of popcorn and watch the show.

  4. Stephen, you might have to actually follow the kids around a bit, but you would be entertained.

  5. Ah, college sign ups. How I do NOT miss them. I am glad to hear that the ID thing is working for you... Anarchist? Um, Mom would have said I have way too much time on my hands with that kind of comment! Love the end comment, though!

    Cat. Who is STILL trying to get a project knit...