Monday, August 20, 2012

We Are Not Amused.

We, the Senior Ranking Cats is this household, are not amused.

While the human who distributes food has all of you thinking it is wonderful to be bottle raising little monsters, we know it is different.  We know the truth of the matter.

She calls them kittens, and has trained everyone in the house to cater to them.  This is not the wonderful thing she would have you think.

They are messy.  They are messy on the floor.  We will not go any further than to say that about the subject, as we find it beneath us to discuss what we have to avoid stepping in.

They are gluttons, yelling their fool heads off for food at all hours, instead of simply and quietly planning a sneak attack of tripping someone next to an empty food bowl.

They are, once they actually become partially civilized and somewhat better behaved, then gluttons for our food, emptying our bowls much more quickly than we would like.  This forces us to eat faster to keep up and get our share, which is not good for our waistlines.

They are also young, which we find insufferable.

We are not going to suffer it any more, or not for long.  Now that we have figured out how to type, albeit slowly (curse not having opposable thumbs), we will further figure out how to take over the whole house!

Right after our lunch, and a nap, of course.

Today is:

Birth of the White Buffalo -- Lakota Native American rituals honoring the birth of the White Buffalo in 1994, signaling the return of the White Buffalo Woman (manifestation of the Star Goddess Wohpe), who gave them the sacred peace pipe

Boil Over Thursday -- Fairy Calendar (sometimes on Thursday, most often not)

Feast of Asma -- Baha'i

Independence From USSR Day -- Estonia

Lemonade Day

Moon's Birthday -- Aztec Calendar (according to some websites, but i haven't confirmed it; if you want something to celebrate, this is as good as anything else)

National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day

National Radio Day -- internet generated toast to the power of radio

Revolution Day -- Western Sahara

Revolution of the King and People -- Morocco

St. Bernard of Clairvaux's Day (Patron of bees and beekeepers, candle makers, wax refiners; Burgundy, France; Cistercians; Gibralter; Queens College, Cambridge, England; Speyer Cathedral)

Stop and Smell Your Dog Day -- and, depending on the results, maybe even Give Your Dog a Bath Day

St. Stephen's Festival --  Budapest, Hungary (National Day)

Thoth orders the healing of the Eye of Horus -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Virtual Worlds Day -- internet generated, as well it should be

Yukon Territory Day -- YT, Canada

Birthdays Today:

Al Roker, 1954
Connie Chung, 1946
Jacqueline Susann, 1921
Edgar Guest, 1881
H.P. Lovecraft, 1880
Benjamin Harrison, 1833
Bernardo O'Higgins, 1776

Today in History:

Hungary is established as a kingdom by Stephen I, 1000
The Dutch bring the first African slaves to the colony of Jamestown, VA, 1619
The Spanish establish the presidio that will be the town of Tuscon, Arizona, 1775
The Lewis and Clark "Corps of Discovery", exploring the Louisiana Purchase, suffers its only death when sergeant Charles Floyd dies, apparently from acute appendicitis 1804
Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture" debuts in Moscow, 1882
Rotary Dial telephone is patented, 1896
The Big Blowup, a huge fire in the Northwestern US, burns 3 million acres, 1910
Adolphe Pegoud makes the first parachute jump from an airplane, 1913
Stainless steel is first cast, 1913
WJM,8Mk, Detroit, becomes the first commercial radio station to start daily broadcasting, 1920
UK becomes the first to use radar, 1940
Plutonium's weight determined, 1942
Launch of Voyager 2, 1977
George and Joy Adamson, the Born Free conservationists, are gunned down by poachers, 1989
The Oslo Peace Accords are signed in Norway, 1993
The Supreme Court of Canada rules that Quebec may not secede from Canada without federal government approval, 1998



  2. I knew it was only a matter of time before the cats would take over.

  3. Those Cats are smarter than most Americans. The felines have suffered injustice, but refuse to sit back and do nothing about it. They are thinking... "revolution". Much respect to the kittays.

  4. Haha, oh gosh look out blogging world. Sounds like there is trouble on the horizon.

  5. You may not be but I'm very amewsed!

  6. heaven help us if our sole feline figures out how to upload photos! Hilarious post- and now must go make a chocolate pecan pie!
    Thanks also for your kind visits to my blog

  7. MizCanine, until they can open their own food bags, you are probably safe.

    Leah, they will continue to try, i'm sure.

    Amen, Josie!

    Slamdunk, there may be.

    Hilary, it's funny to me, too.

    Kathe, i really like your blog and am glad if you enjoy mine.

  8. Oh, my. Sounds like yon kitty has a bit of a problem with the wee ones. That is all too common, in several species I've met...



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