Monday, August 13, 2012


Sunday school was the usual fun this week.  No wonder Art Linkletter got so much mileage on House Party out of the kids segment, some of what they say is too good.  No one could miss with their material.

Timmy was in his usual state.  Sitting at story time, he told me his ears didn't work unless he was upside down.  So we tried.  When i asked him the point of the story while he was right side up, he told me he didn't know.  Then he turned upside down, and i asked him how many times we forgive.

"Every time!" he responded.

When asked why, "Because G-d forgives us every time!"

At least he gets it.  Even if he has to be upside down.  (This is the kid, in my experience, most likely to eclipse them all and become a preacher.)

The real fun, though, came when we took them outside.  He tumbled backward off the swing on purpose, yelling "Ouch!" and grinning every single time, until finally one time his shirt went high enough and his britches low enough that Seth yelled, "I see your underwear!  It has stars on it!"

This began a litany of little voices saying what they had on their underwear that day, until Seth had the last word when he declared, "I'm not wearing any!" 

Ahem.  That's enough underwear talk, thank you. lets go watch VeggieTales.

Later, Bigger Girl capped off my evening by coming in from the church service where she is paid to do the Pro-presenter asking, "Why do so many women marry projects?  Note to self:  Don't get a project, get a puppy!"

Today is:

Anniversary of Snick-Snacker's Right Foot -- Fairy Calendar

Carnival Monday -- Grenada

Day of Battle between Horus and Set; Aset gains the Horns of Hathor -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Fathers' Day -- Samoa; Tokelau (a public holiday in both countries)

Festival of Aventine Diana / Nemoralia -- Ancient Roman Calendar (commemoration of the dedication of her temple; celebrated between now and the 15th, and rededicated as the Festival of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin after Christianization)

Festival of Xocotl Huetzi -- Ancient Aztec Calendar (first fruits of harvest festival; date approximate, but two weeks around the end of August)

Heroes' Day -- Zimbabwe

Independence Day -- Central African Republic

International Left-Hander's Day -- sponsored by Lefthanders International

Lailat al Kadr (Lailat al Qadr) -- Islam (Night of Destiny; begins at sundown, through tomorrow)

Lao Issara -- Laos (Day of the Free Laos)

Lesser Festival of Flora -- Ancient Roman Calendar

National Filet Mignon Day

Obon -- Buddhist (celebration to revere the ancestors; celebrated at different times even within Japan, but usually the biggest dates are in mid-August)

Osaka Castle Takigi-noh -- Osaka Castle, Osaka City, Japan (free Noh performances, through the 16th)

Perseids Meteor Shower peaks

Runic Half Month As begins (the gods)

Skinny Dipping Day -- funny t-shirt:  I no longer skinny dip. I chunky dunk!

St. Cassian's Day (Patron of students and teachers; Brixen, Italy; Comacchio, Italy; Imola, Italy; Mexico City, Mexico)

St. Concordia's day (Patron of nursing mothers and wet nurses)

St. Hippolytus' Day (Patron of horses, prison guards/officers/workers; Bibbiena, Italy)

Wall Day -- anniversary of the day in 1961 that the Berlin Wall began going up; observe it by trying to break down a wall or communication barrier somewhere in your own life

Weird Contest Week -- Ocean City, NJ, US (through the 17th; contests include salt water taffy sculpting and wet t-shirt throwing, among others)

Women's Day -- Tunisia

Yukon Discovery Day -- YT, Canada

Birthdays Today

Danny Bonaduce, 1959
Midori Ito, 1969
Dan Fogelberg, 1951
Philippe Petit, 1949
Don Ho, 1930
Pat Harrington, Jr., 1929
Fidel Castro, 1926
George Shearing, 1919
Ben Hogan, 1912
Alfred Hitchcock, 1899
Bert Lahr, 1895
Annie Oakley, 1860

Today in History

The English army under King Henry V lands at the mouth of the Seine River, 1415
Tenochtitlan of the Aztecs is conquered by the Spanish, 1521
Tenbun Hokke Disturbance, in which Buddhist monks from Kyoto's Enryaku Temple set fire to 21 Nichiren temples throughout Kyoto, 1536
John Smith submits the story of Jamestown's first days for publication, 1608
Christiaan Huygens discovers the Martian south polar cap, 1642
Founding of Litchfield, CT, 1651
Marie Antoinette and other French royals are imprisoned by Revolutionaries, 1792
Nat Turner sees the solar eclipse which he interprets as a sign from heaven to begin his ill-fated slave rebellion, 1831
Earthquake in Peru and Ecuador kills 25,000, 1868
Ferdinand von Zeppelin patents his "Navigable Balloon", 1889
First production in the UK of stainless steel by Harry Brearley, 1913
Opha Mae Johnson is the first woman to enlist in the United States Marine Corps, 1918
Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) is established as a public company in Germany, 1918
The first barbed wire fence that would become the Berlin Wall is erected, 1961
The Apollo 11 astronauts are released from a three-week quarantine to enjoy a ticker-tape parade in New York, 1969
Michael Phelps sets the Olympic record for most the gold medals won by an individual in Olympic history, 2008


  1. GOOD GOSH I love your stories.

  2. There's always something so wonderful here! The story is great, of course, but I always find something to celebrate (which, I suppose, is your point.)

    MY WIFE is left-handed, so I shall celebrate left-handedness with her today. And maybe we'll have a filet mignon, too!

  3. Thank you, John. Sometimes those kids can catch you off guard.

    Suldog, any left hander deserves filet once in a while, but don't let my crew know, i can't afford it for 5 (Sweetie and all 4 kids are southpaws).

  4. It sounds like you had a busy but educational Sunday. I do miss Art Linkletter and the darn things kids say.