Sunday, September 6, 2009

J.P. Morgan said, "A man always has two reasons for doing anything -- a good reason and the real reason."

The real reason is probably the silly, or funny, or embarrassing, or catty, or sneaky one that the inner, primitive part of you has. Some people call this the id, or the inner child, or you can even think of it as the sin nature, but it is there, it is real, and it has its own reasons for doing things.

An example would be the desire to lose weight and get into better shape. You, the adult, thinking, rational, reasoning you, might want to do it for health, and to keep aging at bay as long as possible, and because you know it is good for you. Those are all very good reasons. They will do nothing, however, toward motivating your inner saboteur, that primitive part of us.

That part, which I tend to call the inner child because it is an easy term to use, has its own reasons. When you can get down to these "real" reasons, you will start to see progress. In the example of losing weight and getting into better shape, your "real" reason might be so you can go to that high school reunion and show that awful cheerleader, who is now fat, that you look better than she does. It is not pretty, but it is the "real" reason that will motivate your inner child to cooperate and not reach for a twinkie.

So, when you have a goal, try to find out your "real" reason for achieving it. Then, when you are standing around arguing with yourself (or with your inner child) about whether to hold on to what you want most or give in to what you want at the moment, you can haul out your real reason. At that point, you will have a real shot at winning the argument.

Making getting there fun, as well, and your inner child might not put up such a fuss, either.

Today is:

Ear and Trumpet Contests for Mice -- Fairy Calendar

Fight Procrastination Day

National Coffee Ice Cream Day

National Do It Day

Peach Days begin

Player Piano Day

Read A Book Day

Salami Day

St. Bega's Day (aka Bee; patron of laborers)

St. Giles' Fair, Oxford, UK

St. Magnus of Fussen's Day (patron of crops; against caterpillars, hail,

reptiles, vermin)

Sumhlulu Day, Swaziland (Independence Day)

Birthdays Today:

Jeff Foxworthy, 1958
Jane Curtin, 1947
Swoosie Kurtz, 1944
Jo Anne Worley, 1937
Joseph P. Kennedy, 1888
Jane Addams, 1860
Marquis de Lafayette, 1757

Today in History:

The Spanish "Silver Fleet" disappears off the Fla. Keys, 1622
Founding of Salem, Massachussetts, 1628
The first US lighthouse is built in Boston, 1716
Hurricane hits Martinique and Guadalupe, hundreds of ships sink and thousands die on land and at sea, 1776
Thomas Blanchard patents the lathe, 1819
Oberlin Collegiate Institute of Ohio becomes co-ed, with 4 women and 30 men in attendance, 1837

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  1. A great thought-provoking post about our inner child. One of my favorite flavors of ice cream is coffee and after reading your list today, I feel "obligated" to visit the ice cream shoppe today! ha
    Thank you for your very kind words on my blog this morning. Your thoughtfulness is MUCH appreciated. Enjoy your day.