Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today is the day!

Sounds ominous, and for those of us who count every penny, it can be.

Today is the day I find out if the car #1 Son drives to school will pass inspection. If not, we are in deep.

There is a limit to how much flows in. There seems to be no limit to how much flows out. As Dave Ramsey says, the money comes in, it goes out, and only the names are changed to protect the guilty. Sweetie needs solvent for his project. The kids want Hallowe'en stuff. We have no milk in the house except the prepack cartons that Angel Food provides, and the kids don't like that stuff.

The piano tuner wants to come on Friday. If he has raised his rates again (3rd time in a row, if he has), I will have to go without that next time or find someone else.

Right now, just let the car pass inspection. One more time, please? If it does, I promise to celebrate the wacky Laughing holiday listed below, and ignore the Hide from Everyone day that I am tempted to invoke. Otherwise, dinner just might be nothing but a celebration of Oatmeal Day.

Happiness would be a fresh, new inspection sticker, to keep the policeman happy.

Today is:

Candies Day (They have to be kidding -- this close to Hallowe'en?!)

Hermit Day

Hide From Everyone Day (I know the feeling.)

Iroquois Feast of the Dead (held every 12 years)

Laugh Suddenly For No Reason A Lot Today Day (And end up either getting yourself and everyone around you in a good mood, or yourself being observed at the hospital in a padded room.)

National Disgusting Little Pumpkin-Shaped Candies Day

National Frankenstein Day

Oatmeal Day

St, Baldus' Day (patron of cattle and against family problems)

World Psoriasis Day

Birthdays Today:

Winona Ryder, 1971
Kate Jackson, 1948
Richard Dreyfuss, 1947
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, 1938
Bill Mauldin, 1921
Fanny Brice, 1891
James Boswell, 1740 (wrote the biography of Samuel Johnson)
Edmund Halley, 1656 (yes, that Halley, found the comet)--this is the date based on the OS calendar, often you will find his birthday listed as Nov. 8, because of the switch in calendar use.

Today in History:

First trial for witchcraft in Paris, 1390
Sir Walter Raleigh, adventurer, writer, and courtier, is beheaded, 1618
A severe earthquake shakes New England, 1727
The first Ohio River steamboat leaves Pittsburgh for New Orleans, 1811
Queen Victoria grants Cecil Rhodes rights to Zambezia, 1889
The first intercity trucking service, from Colorado City to Snyder, Texas, begins running, 1904
Turkey declares its independence as the successor state to the Ottoman Empire, 1923

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