Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mother-In-Law Day

It is mother-in-law day. If you have one, and she is good to you, go give her a hug, or a call.

If you have a lousy one, go look up Ernie K-Doe's song "Mother-in-law" on YouTube, and groove along singing about how bad she is.

If, like me, your m-i-l is gone (in fact, the woman who would have been mine died before I ever met my Sweetie), count up your love's good qualities, and attribute them to her, whether she deserves it or not, and count yourself blessed.

It's a good way to spend a Sunday.

Today is:

Arab-American Day

Cartoonists Against Crime Day

Dioscuri (Shoemaker's Day)

Feast of Forty Martyrs of England and Wales

Mother-in-Law Day

National Greasy Foods Day

Pirates Week Festival, Cayman Islands

Punk-for-a-Day Day

Republic Day, Kazakhstan

Retrocession Day, Taiwan

Sourest Day

St. Crispin's Day (patron of shoemakers, glovemakers, weavers)

St. Crispinianus's Day (Crispin's twin)

Thanksgiving, Virgin Islands

Wild Foods Day (Should I eat them fried in grease?)

World Pasta Day

Birthdays Today:

Tracy Nelson, 1963
Jon Anderson, 1944
Helen Reddy, 1941
Bobby Knight, 1940
Billy Barty, 1924
Minnie Pearl, 1912
Leo G. Carroll, 1892
Pablo Picasso, 1881
Georges Bizet, 1838

Today in History:

Seljuk Turks defeat the German crusaders under Conrad III at the Battle of Dorylaeum, 1147
Battle of Agincourt, in which the Welsh longbow defeats armored knights, 1415
Christopher Columbus, aboard the Santa Maria, lands at the Dominican Republic, 1492
Governor Bradford of the US colony Plymouth disallows sport on Christmas Day, 1621
Wedding of future US President John Adams and Abigail Smith (the marriage lasted 54 years), 1764
Opening of the Erie Canal, 1825
Battle of Balaclava, memorialized as the "Charge of the Light Brigade", results in the deaths of 409 troops, 1854
First postcards used in the US, 1870
'Gunfight at the OK Corral", fight between the Clantons and the Earps, 1881
US inventor Lee de Forest patents "Audion," a 3-diode amplification valve which proved a pioneering development in radio & broadcasting. 1906
Nylon stockings go on sale in the US, 1939
Benjamin O. Davis, Sr. becomes the first black general in the US Army, 1940

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