Friday, October 30, 2009

Only the usual boredom to report today.

Cleaning the church, schoolwork, Sweetie working late, piano tuner coming this afternoon, feed/clean up after the cats at the shelter, wake #2 Son when he is sleepwalking again.

Plus the usual fold the laundry/cook the meals/fight the traffic stuff.

Meanwhile, the children carved their pumpkins. One has the initials of the latest pop singer who is a craze. One was carved to took like it was sick to its stomach, and has the "guts" of the pumpkin coming out of the mouth (they got the idea from Calvin and Hobbes). The third has a sneer, and a fake cigar coming out of its mouth.

I may be boring, but my kids...

Oh, and Happy Frankenstein Friday. Don't read that book unless you want to be very sad, and see life from a rather odd perspective.

Today is:

Buy-A-Doughnut Day

Chan Kom, Mexico

Covenant of Grace Day

Create a Great Funeral Day

Frankenstein Friday (Always the last Friday in Oct.)

Great Pumpkin Carve

Independence Day, Swaziland

Look in the Back of Your Refrigerator Day

Los Angelitos, Mexico

National Basketball Coaches Day

National Candy Corn Day

St. Dorothy of Montau's Day

Birthdays Today:

Gavin Rossdale, 1967
Diego Armando Maradona, 1960
Harry Hamlin, 1951
Henry Winkler, 1945
Grace Slick, 1939
Claude Lelouch, 1937
Robert Caro, 1935
Louis Malle, 1932
Ruth Gordon, 1896
Charles Atlas, 1893
Ezra Pound, 1885
Fyodor Dostoevsky, 1821
John Adams, 1735

Today in History:

Antioch surrenders to Rashidun Caliphate and his Muslim forces after the Battle of the Iron Bridge, 637
Launch of the 8th and final Crusade, 1270
King Henry VII, Tudor, crowned, 1485
Queen Isabella bans violence against Indians, 1503
The first Methodist church in the US is initiated (Wesley Chapel, NYC), 1768
Dr. Richard Gatling patents the machine gun, 1862
Founding of Helena, Montana (capital city), 1864
John Willis Menard, of Louisiana, becomes the first black elected to the US Congress (by special election, he was challenged by the loser, but was allowed to address Congress from the lectern), 1868
Daniel Cooper patents the time clock, 1894
Martha Hughes Cannon of Utah becomes the first woman US Senator, 1896
The first US Automobile Show opens in Madison Square Garden, NYC, 1900


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