Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boxed Blessings

Well, my parents did come yesterday, and we had a great time, and now my library has exploded again. Seriously, it looks like someone's closet and dresser had a gastrointestinal problem in there!

My mom loves to shop, and when she has too many clothes for her closet, she brings stuff here. Then we take what we can use, and find homes for the rest.

Until we get through the 5 boxes (yes, that's how much she brought this time, 5 boxes!), our library will look more like the back of a messy clothing store.

Today is:

Ballet Day

Charles Dickens Day

Daniel Boone Escape Day (He escaped from the Shawnee tribe which had captured him.)

Daytona Pole Day

Festiglace du Quebec, through the 14th

Homstrom, Switzerland (celebration of the end of winter in which straw men, symbolizing old man winter, are burned)

Independence Day, Grenada

International Mountain Climbing School Ice Festival

Man Day

Meatfare Sunday -- Orthodox Christian Calendar (begins Meatfare Week, a time of abstaining from meat in preparation for Lent. Some Orthodox communities call this Butterweek)

National Fettucini Alfredo Day

National Run-For-Your-Life Day

National Hangover Awareness Day

No Talk Day

Send a Card to a Friend Day - obviously created by a card company

Super Bowl XLIV

Wave All you Fingers at Your Neighbor Day

Birthdays Today:

Tina Majorino, 1985
Ashton Kutcher, 1978
Chris Rock, 1965
Garth Brooks, 1962
James Spader, 1960
Keefe Brasselle, 1923
Eddie Bracken, 1920
Larry "Buster" Crabbe, 1908
Sinclair Lewis, 1885
Laura Ingalls Wilder, 1867
Charles Dickens, 1812
John Deere, 1804
Sir Thomas More, 1478

Today in History:

The Mongols burn the Russian city of Vladimir, 1238
Edward of Carnarvon,later Edward II, becomes the first English prince to hold the title Prince of Wales, 1301
King Philip II forms an Inquisition in South America, 1569
Academie Francaise begins a Dictionary of the French Language, 1639
An 8.2 magnitude earthquake shakes New Madrid, Missouri, 1812
The colonial Tasmanian Parliament passes the Electoral Act of 1856, the first piece of legislation anywhere in the world providing for elections by way of a secret ballot, 1856
The Battle at Ingogo, Transvaal: the Boers defeat superior British forces, 1881
The Great Blizzard of 1891 begins, 1891
Baltimore catches fire; 1500 buildings are destroyed in 80 blocks, 1904
The Mud March, the first large procession organized by the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS), 1907
Charlie Chaplin debuts "The Tramp" in "Kid Auto Races at Venice," 1914
The first wireless message sent from a moving train to a station is received, 1915
Bert Hinkler begins the first solo flight from England to Australia, 1928

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  1. So glad you had a great visit. How nice for her to share with you - I hope you all will have a very nice week. Looks like more rain for us and one furance has stopped working so we are camping out in the basement. The cats are not happy!!!


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