Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can You Please Take It In Order?

As I approached the checkout, I saw that it was Miss B. She is elderly, and very slow. Sweet as can be, but moves slow as molasses in January. I let the nice man with only two items ahead of me, thinking that way I would have time to unload my stuff in the order in which I want it bagged.

Yes, I am one of those annoying people who brings her own bags. And yes, I also want stuff bagged in certain order, so the cans don't crush the boxes, among other things.

I miss the self checkout. I could do it the way I like it. They were having too much trouble with people using them to steal, though, so they removed them.

So I put everything up there to be checked out in such a way that it will get loaded into bags in order. Inevitably, the checker reaches around what I have in front, and grabs other stuff! Why?

I scramble for another bag, asking her to please put the boxes with the other lighter stuff, and not to put the cans in there. We end up getting in each other's way. Why, I think to myself again.

Then there are the times I'm trying to unload stuff onto the conveyor belt, and the checker keeps grabbing stuff from behind, letting the one item at the front prevent the belt from moving up and giving me more room. Another thing I just don't understand.

Yes, this is my third day in a row to rant about something. Sorry. This one I just had to get out.

I will try to have something more fun tomorrow, but if you want to rant about something that bugs you in the comments, feel free. I will commiserate.

Today is:

Cliche Day

Give Someone A Dollar Today Day

Housewife's Day

Independence Day -- Dominica; Micronesia; Panama

Look for Circles Day

Meiji Setsu (Culture Day) -- Japan

National Sandwich Day

St. Hubert's Day (patron of hunters, mathematicians, foresters, furriers, makers of precision Instruments, Belgium; against dog bites, rabies)

St. Martin de Porres' Day (patron of hairdressers, persons of mixed race, public-health workers, race relations, TV in Peru)

St. Pirminius' Day (patron against snakebites. poisoning)

St. Winifred's Day

Birthdays Today:

Gemma Ward, 1987
Dolph Lundgren, 1959
Adam Ant, 1954
Kate Capshaw, 1953
Dennis Miller, 1953
Roseanne, 1952
Ken Berry, 1933
Michael Dukakis, 1933
Charles Bronson, 1921
Thomas Kyd, 1558

Today in History:

Umar ibn al-Khattab, the second Muslim caliph, is killed by a Persian slave in Medina, 644
Charles VI expells all Jews from France, 1394
The English parliament accepts the Act of Supremacy, declaring Henry VIII to be the leader of the Church of England, 1534
Great Patent is granted to Plymouth Colony, 1620
A great panic occurs in Europe over the close approach of a comet, 1679
Spain acquires Louisiana, 1762
The Bank of Montreal, Canada's oldest chartered bank, opens in Montreal, Quebec, 1817
The Times of India, the world's most widely circulated English language daily broadsheet newspaper, is founded as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce, 1838
"Black Bart the Poet", stagecoach robber, commits his last robbery, leaving behind a clue that leads to his capture, 1883
J.H. Hunter patents a portable weighing scale, 1896
Chevrolet officially enters the automobile market, 1911
The Soviet Union launches Sputnik 2. On board is the first animal to enter orbit, a dog named Laika, 1957


  1. I must shop at the wrong places. I, too, take bags in, the only time the checker gripes, is when I don't put them down first (they take like 3 cents off per bag), and otherwise they just grab and scan. I detest the self checkout, as I always manage to not do something right, and have someone behind me with one item, and an attitude. I am not patient, and so when the machine has decided I am not scanning hamburger, but kitty litter, and I can't convince it to remove the kitty litter from the list, or that yes, I bought 3 gravy mixes, not 1... Sigh. I just find it easier to let someone ELSE scan the darn things. I do agree with you, heavy things on the bottom, meat by itself, fluffy stuff like bread on the top, so you get home with things hopefully in good condition and useable!!!

    I don't know hardly ANY of the birthday folk today, eep!

    Housewife day, check. Look for circle. Oh, there's one where I forgot to dust, check... :) I think St. Hubert is Husband's saint, he is a machinist, and has instruments that measure things about the size of a human hair... Acurately... (EEEP!)

    Laika. I keep wondering how that poor dog felt out there by herself... I can't remember, but I think she died in space. I also seem to remember that the Russians, Soviets, whatever, named a crater on the moon for her.


  2. Dear Cat,

    Yes, unfortunately, Laika did die in space. Many people in the US were upset when they learned there was no plan to retrieve her.

    I have had my share of trouble with the self check out, but usually it is faster if I want stuff packed the way I want it.



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