Monday, November 15, 2010

Laid Back Kittens

Well, in spite of several snafus, including that # 1 Son didn't even get to come to the game, his workplace was so busy they couldn't let him off on time, we had a very good thing happen this weekend.

Meg took four kittens to adoption day, and two of them found homes!

One lady came in with her two daughters. They were looking for a kitten for the younger daughter, since the older daughter had one already. She picked up Crowfeather, and that little charmer just melted into her arms. She did not, indeed would not, put him down for the rest of the time they were there.

She took him along to go pick out toys for him, coming back with two package selections and asking if she should pick the blue ones because he was a boy, or the pink ones because it had a crinkly ball in it, and she really liked that. She was convinced by Meg that it wouldn't bother him a bit to have pink toys, and that is what she got.

Then there was the very nice couple who came in with their Weimaraner, looking for a kitten of a color to match it, of all things! Stormfur, a "blue" tabby -- am I the only one who thinks it should be called gray? -- caught their eyes and their heart. Then he came up to scratch when the held him, and he looked over at the dog, and just looked. No hissing, no arching, no reaction. The other cats were still needing calming several minutes later, he just looked.

Then, the big test, they held Stormfur and the dog nose to nose. Stormfur sniffed, and looked for all the world like he was saying hello, lets be friends.

So two of our babies are out in the world in their forever homes, and Dan and Sasha will get their chance again next week.

Oh, there were also other adoptions, and apparently the pet store was very busy. Holiday crazy busy. I have seen it at several stores, and in the traffic pattern, over the last week. I think this area has decided that to heck with the doom and gloom news, we think the hard times are over and we are going to enjoy our holiday and start early. If I am right, and that is the trend here, maybe we will get all of our kittens and several adult cats adopted as Christmas cats. That would be a very good thing indeed.

Today is:

American Enterprise Day -- US

America Recycles Day -- US

Day of the German-speaking Community of Belgium -- German-speaking Community of Belgium

Dynasty Day a/k/a King's Day -- Belgium

George Spelvin Day

I Love to Write Day (perfect, in the middle of NaNoWriMo)

National Bundt Pan Day

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

National Spicy Hermit Christmas Cookie Day

Nativity Fast begins a/k/a Winter Lent(through Dec 24) -- Orthodox Christian

Republic Day -- Brazil

Shichi-Go-San (Shrine Visiting Day) and the Seven-Five-Three Festival -- Japan

St. Albertus Magnus' Day (patron of science students, scientists, and technologists)

St. Gertrude's Day

St. Leopold's Day (patron of Austria)

Birthdays Today:

Kevin Eubanks, 1957
Sam Waterston, 1940
Petula Clark, 1932
Ed Asner, 1929
Bill "C.W. McCall" Fries, 1928
Joseph Wapner, 1919
Georgia O'Keeffe, 1887
F. William Herschel, 1738
William Pitt the Elder, 1708

Today in History:

Christopher Columbus notes the first recorded reference to tobacco, 1492
The NY General Assembly permits Jews to omit the phrase "Upon the faith of a Christian" from adjuration oaths, 1727
Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon begin surveying the Mason-Dixon Line between Pennsylvania and Maryland, 1763
The Articles of Confederation are adopted by the Continental Congress, 1777
Georgetown University, the first Catholic college in the US, opens, 1791
Zebulon Pike gets his first sight of Pike's Peak, Colorado, 1806
Isaac Pitman introduces his steno/shorthand system of writing, 1832
Union Major General Sherman burns Atlanta, Georgia, 1864
King C. Gillette patents the Gillette razor blade, 1904
The first telecast of an unscheduled event, a fire, takes place on W2XBT, in NY, 1938

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  1. That is good news indeed. I'm glad they found loving homes.


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