Thursday, January 27, 2011

Felines on Duty

In Boston, apparently they were having trouble filling the jury box last year, and called in a family cat to serve. The family tried to have him dismissed, but weren't successful until it made the local news.

This got me to thinking about what my cats would say about jury duty. I can hear them now.

Kida: Well, it's about time someone recognized that we Siamese cats have more sense than you humans. Of course jury duty will be a bit of a bore, having to listen to those silly humans discussing their foolish actions, but it should be easy to set them straight about what they should do. Make them our slaves, of course.

Horizon: (furtively looking around) I lived on the streets, and remember characters like what end up on trial. Don't like them. Put them where I won't have to see them again.

Little Girlie: How much of my nap time will I miss? Or may I sleep through it? Oooh, will I have to deal with mean people? I don't like mean people, they interrupt my nap time.

Badlands Blackie: They are going to wish they never had me on a jury! I'm tough, I'm mean, I'll put them away for ... oh, is that tuna? Um, what were we saying?

Hope: Will they feed me? I like anyone who will feed me. Or brush me. Or both. Yes, both! Make sure they have food and a brush.

Today is:

Brussels Lace Day

Chocolate Cake Day

Family Literacy Day

International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust

Mozart Day

Punch the Clock Day

St. Angela Merici's Day

Thomas Crapper Day

Anniversaries Today:

The University of Georgia is chartered, the first state university in the US, 1785
The first sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, is founded at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, 1870

Birthdays Today:

Jennifer LB Leese, 1970
Patton Oswalt, 1969
Bridget Fonda,1964
Cris Collinsworth, 1959
Mikhail Baryshnikov, 1948
Nick Mason, 1944
Troy Donahue, 1936
Donna Reed, 1921
David Seville, 1919
Skitch Henderson, 1918
Jerome Kern, 1885
Samuel Gompers, 1850
Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson), 1832
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1756

Today in History:

Trajan becomes Roman Emperor, 98
The Rashidun Caliphate ends with the death of Ali, 661
Song Dynasty General Yue Fei is wrongfully executed, 1142
Dante Alighieri becomes a Florentine political exile, 1302
The trial of Guy Fawkes and other conspirators begins, ending with their execution on January 31, 1606
The first American lime kiln begins operation in Providence, Rhode Island, 1662
Mustafa II becomes the Ottoman sultan in Instanbul, 1695
Czar Peter the Great sets the first Russian state budget, 1710
Abdication of Stanislas, the last king of Poland, 1736
The US Congress approves the opening of Indian Territory for settlement, which led to the forced relocation of Native Americans on the "Trail of Tears," 1825
Manitoba and the Northwest Territories are incorporated, 1870
Thomas Edison is granted a patent for the electric incandescent lamp, 1880
The National Geographic Society is organized, in Washington, D.C., 1888
"Tarzan of the Apes," the first Tarzan movie, premiers, 1918
Apollo 1 – Astronauts Gus Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee are killed in a fire during a test of their spacecraft at the Kennedy Space Center, 1967
More than sixty nations sign the Outer Space Treaty banning nuclear weapons in space, 1967
Through cooperation between the U.S. and Canadian governments, six American diplomats secretly escape hostilities in Iran in the culmination of the Canadian caper, 1980
The pilot shaft of the Seikan Tunnel, the world's longest sub-aqueous tunnel (53.85 km) between the Japanese islands of Honshu and Hokkaido, breaks through, 1983
Germany first observes International Holocaust Remembrance Day, 1996
Western Union discontinues its Telegram and Commercial Messaging services, 2006


  1. I just adored this post, Mimi! My gang would probably have similar commentary.

    Years ago, I rescued a newborn that still had part of the umbilical attached...she was freshly hatched, for sure...her momma had moved the rest of the litter (dangerous spot, in her opinion) and left this one. She didn't come back for her. The baby must have been alone for about eight hours when I found her. And it was cold out. She was almost gone. Well, long story shortened, she made it and she became mine and sweetie's first inside cat (for us together...I had had many, his were always outside cats...and he was reluctant to bring one in) She was sweetie's "baby". He named her after Brigitte Bardot. A-n-y-w-a-y....we used to send all rebates, coupon offers, that kind of stuff...back in Brigitte's name! She always got mail! The funny part is...years after her death in 2002, Brigitte was still getting mail. So, a lot of business-type folks didn't know she wasn't human. ;-)

  2. Judge: Order!! Order in the court!

    Kida: 9Lives, please.

    Horizon: Purina Cat Chow for me.

    Little Girlie: I'd like to try that new organic brand, Halo.

    Badlands Blackie: I insist on Meow Mix

    Hope: Anything at all for me but can you please include a brush?

  3. Mimi, I always get a kick out of reading your blog. It sounds like you have quite a cast of characters at your house!

  4. PonyGirl, what a smart way to always know that you are getting junk mail -- get it in the pet's name! Hope was like your Brigitte, we got her almost gone the day she was born.

    Hilary, thanks for joining the fun.

    Jokamo, they are characters, all right. I'm glad you enjoy my nonsense.


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