Friday, January 14, 2011

On The Shelter Front

Adoptions this past week: Buddy, Tiger, Manny, Leo, Louie, and a few foster kittens (none were my fosters, who continue to sneeze). Things seem to be picking up.

At the shelter, Angel, one of my favorite darlings, who rooms with Dustie, another beauty, has had bleeding paws again. She has been diagnosed with an infectious inflammation and contact dermatitis. Wow. That's one of the things they think might be wrong with my hands. She's had rough paws since she came, and has only recently started having serious problems. Hmmm. Very interesting. Miss W even thought so when we talked about it, especially as my fingers are starting to crack and bleed a little. They even gave Angel antibiotics and cortisone. Starting to sound a bit weird to me, but probably a coincidence.

Bowie is still on eye meds, and JuJu continues to stay on the top shelf or in her cube if she thinks anyone is coming in to see her.

Lucky still looks like a walking skeleton, although he has put on about a pound. He's up to almost 6 pounds, in fact. His pills go right down if wrapped in a treat. so his thyroid is being suppressed. He waits for his wet food now, though, and only eats the dry when no one is there to con into giving him a can.

Rocky is still on the antibiotic and doing well. Such a love, he wants to play and must stay quiet until he heals.

Ollie, on the other hand, showed up with two abscesses, just about the distance apart that tells dog teeth did it. He is glad to lie down and remain in his cage. The abscesses are going to be seen by the vet, and meanwhile he is eating and grooming and sleeping and nothing else. That's actually a good sign.

In the big room, Baby is back to hissing at everything, especially Prissy. Clint was easy to find, as he seems to have settled on a sleeping cube to stay in. Grady got out twice. Ginny, Candy and Zoe are doing well.

Frieda was totally back to normal this week. Of course, there were no other cats visible when i went in there to see her.

Roxanne has been put in the room with Sophia and Corrie, and they seem to be getting along well. Bobby the Bobtail startled #2 Son, who had never realized before that he was just that, a bobtail. Anyway, Bobby and Tiger Lily seem happy together.

Monty and Teddy have only recently moved into the same room, and Teddy has taken to getting on the shelf and looking at Monty, something he wasn't doing before. Monty, though, is a huge sweetheart. Huge and a sweetheart. They had notched his ear, thinking he was a feral, but we spent a huge amount of time loving on him. Nothing feral about the boy.

For the rest, Molly, Mamie, Isabelle, Francie, and Iggy are doing well.

Today is:

Art Deco Festival -- Miami, Florida, through the weekend

Assembly Line Worker's Day

Cakes and Ale Day -- UK

Celebration of the 2nd Week of Moonhopper -- Fairy Calendar

Feast of Divina Pastora -- Barquisimeto, Venezuela

Feast of the Ass -- Medieval Christianity (commemorates the Flight Into Egypt)

Lee-Jackson Day -- Virginia, US

Makar Sandranti -- India (part of the sidereal solstice festivals)

Mallard Day -- All Souls' College, Oxford University

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

National Forest Conservation Day -- Thailand

National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day

Niino no Yukimatsuri -- Izu shrine, Niino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan (offerings to the gods for good crops next year)

Organize Your Home Day (One Day? Try a couple of years!)

Pongal -- Tamil New Year, among the Tamil People

Sagicho -- Oiso, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan (burning of old shugatsu decorations and replaced with new)

Sidereal Winter Solstice Celebrations -- Throughout South and Southeast Asia

St. Sava's Day (patron of Serbia)

Take a Missionary to Lunch Day (To honor Albert Schweitzer's Birthday)

Winterskol -- Aspen, Colorado (Aspen's annual "toast to winter", through the weekend)

Anniversaries Today:

Joe DiMaggio marries Marilyn Monroe, 1954

Birthdays Today:

Faye Dunaway, 1941
Jack Jones, 1938
Andy Rooney, 1919
William Bendix, 1906
John dos Passos, 1896
Hal Roach, 1892
Hugh Lofting, 1886
Albert Schweitzer, 1875
Thornton W. Burgess, 1874
Benedict Arnold, 1741

Today in History:

The Knights Templar are formally approved by the Roman Catholic Church, 1129
Pope Leo X issues a papal bull against slavery, 1514
Spain annexes Cuba, 1539
The "Fundamental Orders", the first written constitution that created a government, is adopted in Connecticut, 1639
Massachusetts holds a day of fasting for wrongly accusing "witches", 1699
Congress ratifies the Treaty of Paris, formally ending the American Revolutionary War, 1783
The US Supreme Court rules that racial separation on trains is unconstitutional, 1878
An earthquake in Kingston, Jamaica, kills more than 1000, 1907
Henry Ford introduces the assembly line to the production of the Model-T, 1914
The first prototype of the MiG-17 makes its maiden flight, 1950
The Reserve Bank of Australia, the country's central bank and banknote issuing authority, is established, 1960
Toronto, Ontario Mayor Mel Lastman becomes the first mayor in Canada to call in the Army to help with emergency medical evacuations and snow removal after more than one meter of snow paralyzes the city, 1999
The national flag of Georgia, the so-called "five cross flag", is restored to official use after a hiatus of some 500 years, 2004
Landing of the Huygens probe on Saturn's moon Titan, 2005


Goals said...

Wow, that's a lot of adoptions! Glad that so many are finding homes, even though I know there are always plenty of cats waiting to find someone. In your list of days, it says that today is "Cakes and Ale" day in the UK; that sounds great to me! I hope you and your family are doing well and having a peaceful, non-eventful day. I hope the new couch works well.

Cat said...

I hope they all get adopted. Fuzzies need forever homes... :)

I will pass on Dress your Pet day, Rudee would just consume whatever I dressed him in...


messymimi said...

Jokamo, yes, we always have plenty. also, i like listing the days, it shows there is always something to celebrate. The couch is small, and so it should work out fine.

Cat, you are right, they all deserve good homes. We don't dress pets, either, but so many people do these days. If your animal likes it, i guess, but my cats would have a conniption.