Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How Consistent Can You Get?

So, how consistent is my luck? Three restroom breaks on the way home, three times i pick the stall with no toilet paper.

Anyway, we didn't kill ourselves packing, we didn't kill ourselves to rush home, and i didn't kill myself to clean up the mess i found when i got home. It was mostly a few dishes and all the stuff we had brought back needing to be put away.

Teresa had a great time, and i was very sorry to have to take her back home.

Bigger Girl and Sweetie made themselves crazy trying to get her to the test that morning, but that is usual, he panics at such things. She thinks she did well on the parts she had time to complete, and we'll know soon enough.

Today is

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Day

Arbor Day -- Costa Rica

Aoba Matsuri -- various shrines, Japan (festival to honor Kukai, founder of Shingon Buddhism)

Farmer's Day -- Korea

Fly A Kite Day (on the anniversary of Ben Franklin's kite experiment)

Full Strawberry Moon a/k/a Full Rose Moon

Magna Carta Day -- UK

Mangaia Gospel Day -- Mangaia, Cook Islands

Midnight Sun Film Festival -- Sodankyla, Lapland, Finland (through the 19th)

Mother Shipton's Day -- fortune teller of Yorkshire, said to be patroness of women who work in laundries

Native American Citizenship Day -- US

Nature Photography Day

Rumor Sunday -- Fairy Calendar, usually held on a weekday

Salvation Day -- Azerbaijan

Separation Day -- Delaware

Smile Power Day

Sneak a Kiss Day

St. Alice's Day

St. Orsisius' Day

St. Vitus' Day (patron of dancers, actors, comedians, epilepsy sufferers, oversleepers, lightning, wild animals, Sicily)

Valdemar's Day and Reunion Day -- Denmark (Flag Day)

Anniversaries Today:

Arkansas becomes the 25th US State, 1836
Gustaf, Crown Prince of Sweden marries Princess Margaret of Connaught, 1905
King Hussein of Jordan marries Lisa Halaby (Queen Noor), 1978

Birthdays Today:

William Dean Martin, 1981
Neil Patrick Harris, 1973
Ice Cube, 1969
Lisa McCall, 1969
Dina Meyer, 1969
Courtenay Cox, 1964
Helen Hunt, 1963
Jim Belushi, 1954
Waylon Jennings, 1937
Mario Cuomo, 1932
Erroll Garner, 1921
Muzaffer Tema, 1919
Bob Wian, 1914
Edvard Grieg, 1843
Henry FitzRoy, illegitimate son of Henry VIII, 1519
Edward the Black Prince, 1330

Today in History:

The Assyrians record a solar eclipse that is later used to fix the chronology of Mesopotamian history, BC763
King John of England puts his seal to the Magna Carta, 1215
The first human blood transfusion is administered by Dr. Jean-Baptiste Denys, 1667
Benjamin Franklin proves that lightning is electricity, 1752
Delaware votes to suspend government under the British Crown and separate officially from Pennsylvania, 1776
Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier, co-pilot of the first-ever manned flight (1783), and his companion, Pierre Romain, become the first-ever casualties of an air crash when their hot air balloon explodes during their attempt to cross the English Channel, 1785
Charles Goodyear receives a patent for vulcanization, a process to strengthen rubber, 1844
The Oregon Treaty establishes the 49th parallel as the border between the United States and Canada, from the Rocky Mountains to the Strait of Juan de Fuca, 1846
Crown Prince Wilhelm becomes Kaiser Wilhelm II and is the last emperor of the German Empire, 1888
The most destructive tsunami in Japan's history kills more than 22,000 people, 1896
A fire aboard the steamboat SS General Slocum in New York City's East River kills 1000, 1904
Tabulating Computing Recording Corporation (IBM) is incorporated, 1911
U.S. President Woodrow Wilson signs a bill incorporating the Boy Scouts of America, making them the only American youth organization with a federal charter, 1916
A German expedition led by Karl Wien lost sixteen members in an avalanche on Nanga Parbat (9th highest mountain), the largest single day loss of life on an 8,000m peak, 1937
In the Saskatchewan general election, the CCF, led by Tommy Douglas, is elected and forms the first socialist government of North America, 1944
Israel and Vatican City establish full diplomatic relations, 1994
Near earth asteroid 2002 MN misses the Earth by 75,000 miles (121,000 km), about one-third of the distance between the Earth and the Moon, 2002

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