Saturday, June 25, 2011

Klepto Kitty

If you like cats, and you are going to be in or near San Francisco today, consider stopping in at the Peninsula Humane Society's adoption event to meet Dusty, the Klepto Kitty.

About 5 years ago, Dusty was adopted from there, and about a year after that, he began his nocturnal naughtiness. He takes things from the neighbors, and almost anything you leave outside is fair game.

His heists have included toys, towels, Crocs, gloves, grocery bags, baseball caps, clothes, and especially swim suits. If you leave a two piece outside, he'll come back to make sure he gets both pieces.

He averages four items a night, with 11 being his record. His owners pick the items up each morning, wash them if they are made of cloth, and store them until they are claimed. Some never are claimed, and sit neatly sorted in boxes in the living room.

Neighbors love Dusty and know, if something goes missing, right where to look.

Theories about the why of his behavior abound, but my favorite was the animal behaviorist who said he might just be doing it because it is fun.

He has fans and followers of his exploits, which were filmed by Animal Planet with an infrared camera and can be found on YouTube.

Thus his celebrity status and use for publicity in getting more animals adopted.

So, as stated, if you are in the area, and want to meet Dusty the Klepto Kitty, head over and give him a pat, maybe get a picture with him. Watch your wallet, though. Never know when a Klepto Kitty might decide to branch out into pickpocketing.

Today is

Arbor Day -- Philippines

ARRL Radio Days -- ham radio operators practice and drill for communications during emergencies

Elf Thumping Day -- Fairy Calendar

Feast of the Optional Holiday -- pick one, and celebrate it or don't, your option!

Festival of Ranting and Vaporing -- Sponsored by The Daily Bleed

Fiesta of Santa Orosia -- Jaca, Spain

Gotanshin Sai -- Kitano Tenmangu, Kyoto, Japan (festival to commemorate the birth of Lord Sugawara, with ceremonies to ward off summer infections)

Great American Backyard Campout -- encouraged by the National Wildlife Federation

Heidi Festival -- New Glarus, Wisconsin (through tomorrow)

Independence Day -- Mozambique

Log Cabin Day -- sponsored by The Log Cabin Society, dedicated to preserving log cabins and the old fashioned ways of life

National Catfish Day

National Strawberry Parfait Day

Statehood Day -- Croatia; Slovenia

St. Molaug's Day (patron against headaches, insanity)

Anniversaries Today:

Virginia becomes the 10th US State, 1788

Birthdays Today:

Scott Terra, 1987
George Michael, 1963
Sonia Sotomayor, 1954
Jimmie Walker, 1949
Phyllis George, 1949
Carly Simon, 1945
June Lockhart, 1925
Sidney Lumet, 1924
George Orwell, 1903

Today in History:

The Book of Concord or Concordia, the historic doctrinal standard of the Lutheran Church, is published, 1580
Elena Cornaro Piscopia is the first woman awarded a doctorate of philosophy, from the University of Padua, 1678
Maria Theresa of Austria is crowned Queen of Hungary, 1741
Lucien B. Smith of Ohio patents the first version of barbed wire, 1867
Battle of the Little Bighorn and the death of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer, 1876
Dr. Douglas Hyde is inaugurated the first President of Ireland, 1938
The Diary of Anne Frank is published, 1947
The Berlin airlift begins, 1948
The Korean War begins with the invasion of South Korea by North Korea, 1950
CBS broadcasts the first color television signal, 1951
First live global satellite television programme – Our World, 1967
Mozambique achieves independence, 1975
Microsoft is restructured to become an incorporated business in its home state of Washington, 1981
Croatia and Slovenia declare their independence from Yugoslavia, 1991
Kim Campbell is chosen as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and becomes the first female Prime Minister of Canada, 1993

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