Thursday, September 8, 2011

But I Want To Share!

The cats love dog food.

With the exception of Rum Tum Tugger, their opinion of the dog has not changed a bit. Tugger became friendly with Hazelnut rather early on, and they still get along for the most part. Tugger does object when Hazelnut is too rough, say trying to drag him across the floor by the head, but mostly they get along.

All of them would eat nothing but dog food if they could get away with it.

So the other night, Tugger was trying to sneak up and take dog food when Hazelnut ate. Hazelnut does not object, and will simply move over and let him have at it.

Two or three times, Tugger was removed and told to leave the dog food alone, and Hazelnut was encouraged to continue with her dinner.

Then we noticed Hazelnut was doing something peculiar. She would eat a bit, then, looking at us to see if we noticed and hoping we didn't, she would make her way closer to Tugger, then go back to her bowl.

After one of these little side excursions, we noticed Tugger chewing on something.

Hazelnut was eating a few bites, then getting a few pieces of kibble in her mouth, bringing them to Tugger, and dropping them on the floor beside him!

The whole time, she had that puppy I-know-I'm-not-supposed-to-do-this look on her face.

We were too hysterical with laughter to scold her, and just took Tugger elsewhere.

A dog that wants to share her food with the cat. Only in this house.

Today is:

Feast of Honor for Lada and Lela -- Slavic Pagan Calendar (harvest festival and farewell to summer)

Feast of 'Izzat -- Baha'i

Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin -- Catholic Christian

Fiesta de Santa Fe -- New Mexico (includes burning of the Zozobra - Old Man Gloom effigy -- as part of the oldest fiesta in the US; through Sunday)

Independence Day -- Macedonia

International Literacy Day

Jeune Genevois -- Geneva, Switzerland (Genevan fast, dates back to the 16th century)

La Vierge de Meritxell -- Andorra (Feast of Our Lady of Meritxell, a National Day and official flag day)

Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival -- Estes Park, CO, US (through the 11th)

Matki Boskiej Zielnej -- Poland (Feast of Greenery, a harvest celebration)

National Date Nut Bread Day

Navy Day -- Pakistan

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses Day

St. Adrian's Day (patron of arms dealers, butchers, prison guards)

Toronto International Film Festival -- Toronto, ON, CA (through the 18th)

United Tribes International Pow-Wow -- Bismark, ND, US (over 70 Native American Tribes represented at the major cultural event; through the 11th)

Victory Day/Feast of Our Lady of Victories -- Malta (il-Vittorja)

World Physical Therapy Day

Birthdays Today:

Frankie Avalon, 1940
Guitar Shorty, 1939
Patsy Cline, 1932
Peter Sellers, 1925
Sid Caesar, 1922
Claude Pepper, 1900
Antonin Leopold Dvorak, 1841
Richard I (Lionheart), 1157

Today in History:

The Statute of Kalisz, guaranteeing Jews safety and personal liberties and giving battei din jurisdiction over Jewish matters, is promulgated by Boleslaus the Pious, Duke of Greater Poland, 1264
Michelangelo's David is unveiled in Florence, 1504
St. Augustine, FL, becomes the first permanent European settlement of the New World, 1565
The US "Pledge of Allegiance" makes its first appearance in print, in the Youth's Companion, 1892
Galveston, TX, is struck by a hurricane and tidal surge that kill 6,000, 1900
First appearance of the comic strip "Blondie", 1930
3M begins marketing Scotch transparent tape, 1930
The original Star Trek series premiers, 1966
The Beatles perform their new hit "Hey Jude" as their last live TV performance on the David Frost show, 1968
Chinese athlete Wang Junxia sets a new women's 10,000 m world record of 29:31.78, breaking the former record by 42 seconds, 1993
Two EMERCOM Il-76 aircraft land at a disaster aid staging area at Little Rock Air Force Base; the first time Russia has flown such a mission to North America, 2005


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