Monday, September 19, 2011

Crazy Crazy Crazy

So i'm supposed to leave town on Wednesday.

There is so much to do between then and now, i've lost track. In fact, i'm to the point where i'm not even sure i ever had a track!

A few things to do:

Contact Daye, firm up where we will meet. Then i can actually decide on my driving directions.

Go to Whole Paycheck for a few things.

Go to big box store and stock up on the roughly 17,000 things the family think they can't live without while i am gone.

Go to smaller store for another 12,000 things.

Go to the local mom and pop store for yet another 6,000 items.

Continue to do laundry, ironing, kitten care, puppy walking, cooking, cleaning, and running Sweetie to and from work and kids to and from school.

Answer a ton of emails and pay bills.

Find time to pack.

After writing it all out, if any of you want to find me, i'll be that blithering idiot in the corner, talking to my precious.

If i didn't need time away before, i will after the next two days.

Today is:

Armed Forces Day -- Chile

Cosmetic Bridge Day -- seems internet generated, but i'm sure your dentist will approve

Day of the First Appearance of the Slovak National Council -- Slovakia

Eleven Days of Global Unity -- Day 9, Freedom (sponsored by We, the World)

Independence Day -- St. Kitts and Nevis

International Love Your Files Week -- through the 23rd (love your files, clean them out and get a good system going)

International Women's Ecommerce Days -- through the 23rd (celebrating women's buying power)

Jubilee of the Moth Moons -- Fairy Calendar

Keiro no hi -- Japan (Respect for the Aged Day)

National Butterscotch Pudding Day

National Women Road Warrior Day -- US

Potato Bowl -- Grand Forks, North Dakota (through the 24th; including the World Largest French Fry Feed)

St. Januarius' Day (patron of blood banks, Naples; against the evil eye)

Talk Like a Pirate Day -- International (believe it or not)

Birthdays Today:

Jimmy Fallon, 1974
Jim Abbot, 1967
Trisha Yearwood, 1964
Joan Lunden, 1950
Leslie "Twiggy" Lawson, 1949
Jeremy Irons, 1948
Randolph Mantooth, 1945
"Mama" Cass Elliot, 1941
Bill Medley, 1940
Paul Williams, 1940
David McCallum, 1933
Adam West, 1928
Duke Snider, 1926
Joseph Pasternak, 1901

Today in History:

Edward, the Black Prince, commands the forces which defeat the French army and capture France's King John II, 1356
Giles Corey is pressed to death after refusing to plead in the Salem Witch Trials, 1692
The Continental Congress passes the first budget of the US, 1778
Ephraim Morris patents the railroad brake, 1838
Bond and Lassell discover Hyperion, moon of Saturn, 1848
New Zealand becomes the first country to grant all of its women the right to vote, 1893
Funeral of assassinated President William McKinley, 1901
Mickey Mouse makes his screen debut as Steamboat Willie, at the Colony Theater in NYC, 1928
The Council of Europe is founded following a speech by Winston Churchill at the University of Zurich, 1946
Nikita Khrushchev is barred from visiting Disneyland, 1959
Betty and Barney Hill claim that they saw a mysterious craft in the sky and that it tried to abduct them, 1961
The Solomon Islands join the United Nations, 1978
Scott Fahlman posts the first documented emoticons :-) and :-( on the Carnegie Mellon University Bulletin Board System, 1982
Ötzi the Iceman is discovered by German tourists, 1991

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