Friday, February 7, 2014

Feline Friday: Longing

Feline Friday was begun by Steve, The Burnt Food Dude, and i'm going to believe it's because he likes cats.

SissyCat, also known as Tripod, was in indoor-outdoor kitty until she decided she could take the German Shepherd and lost a front leg.  She still looks longingly at the outdoors (and escapes once in a while, making it necessary for someone to chase her and bring her back).

I want to go out there!

Today is:

Bon Soo, Ontario's Winter Carnival -- Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada (ten days of winter fun)

Bubble Gum Day -- US Schools (with the principal's permission, pay a $.50 fine and get to chew gum at school today; money is to be donated to a charity the school chooses)

Charles Dickens Day -- read a chapter or two of his work, in honor of his birth

Chiang Mai Flower Festival -- Chiang Mai, Thailand (if you love flowers, go to this one year, the whole city is bedecked and species shown include 1,000 varieties of orchids; through Sunday)

Cordova Ice Worm Festival -- Cordova, AK, US (one of Alaska's zaniest winter festivals; through Sunday)

Daniel Boone Escape Day -- he escaped from the Shawnee tribe which had captured him

Downers Grove Ice Sculpting Festival -- Downers Grove, IL, US (through Sunday)

Feast of Mulk (Dominion) -- Baha'i

Give Kids A Smile Day -- US (ADA sponsors dentists giving free care to children from low-income families)

Independence Day -- Grenada(1974)

Marriage Week -- UK (part of the Futureway Trust, and now observed around the world, celebrating the diversity and vibrancy of marriage as the heart of family life)

National Fettucini Alfredo Day

National Hangover Awareness Day -- internet generated and shouldn't it be on Jan.1?

National Wear Red Day -- US (wear red for women's heart health awareness)

Otaru Yuki Akari no Michi -- Otaru, Japan (Snow Light Path Festival; through the 16th)

Rock Up in Red Day -- UK (raising awareness of heart health and educating people about heart disease)

Send a Card to a Friend Day -- wonder which card company created this one

Saint Theodore Stratelates' Day (Patron of soldiers; Brindisi, Italy; for finding lost objects)

UNICEF Day for Change -- International (encouraging school children everywhere to learn about how children around the world live, and to raise money to help children who have no educational opportunities

Wave All you Fingers at Your Neighbor Day -- sponsored by Wellcat Holidays; wave to your neighbors, let them know you like them

Yuma Square and Round Dance Festival -- Yuma, AZ, US (for square and round dance enthusiasts; through Sunday)

Birthdays Today:

Tina Majorino, 1985
Ashton Kutcher, 1978
Chris Rock, 1965
Garth Brooks, 1962
Eddie Izzard, 1962
James Spader, 1960
Miguel Ferrer, 1954
Hector Babenco, 1946
Pete Postlethwaite, 1945
Gay Talese, 1932
Keefe Brasselle, 1923
Eddie Bracken, 1920
Oscar Brand, 1920
Larry "Buster" Crabbe, 1908
Sinclair Lewis, 1885
James Hubert “Eubie” Blake, 1883
Alfred Adler, 1870
Laura Ingalls Wilder, 1867
Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, 1834
Charles Dickens, 1812
John Deere, 1804
Sir Thomas More, 1478

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"America's Most Wanted"(TV), 1988
"Blazing Saddles"(Film), 1974
"Pinocchio"(Disney animated Film), 1940
"The Cat and the Canary"(Play), 1922
"Kid Auto Races at Venice"(first Charlie Chaplin "Little Tramp" Film), 1914
"Chantecler"(Rostand Play), 1910
"The Deserter"(first ballet performed in US), 1827
"Il Matrimonio Segreto" (Comarosa Opera), 1792

Today in History:

The Mongols burn the Russian city of Vladimir, 1238
Edward of Carnarvon,later Edward II, becomes the first English prince to hold the title Prince of Wales, 1301
The bonfire of the vanities occurs in which supporters of Girolamo Savonarola burn thousands of objects like cosmetics, art, and books in Florence, Italy, 1497
King Philip II forms an inquistion in South America, 1569
Academie Francaise begins a Dictionary of the French Language, 1639
An 8.2 magnitude earthquake shakes New Madrid, Missouri, 1812
The colonial Tasmanian Parliament passes the Electoral Act of 1856, the first piece of legislation anywhere in the world providing for elections by way of a secret ballot, 1856
The Battle at Ingogo, Transvaal: the Boers defeat superior British forces, 1881
The Great Blizzard of 1891 begins, 1891
Émile Zola is brought to trial for libel for publishing J'Accuse, 1898
Baltimore catches fire; 1500 buildings are destroyed in 80 blocks, 1904
The Mud March, the first large procession organized by the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS), 1907
Charlie Chaplin debuts "The Tramp" in "Kid Auto Races at Venice," 1914
The first wireless message sent from a moving train to a station is received, 1915
Bert Hinkler begins the first solo flight from England to Australia, 1928
Pluto moves inside Neptune's orbit for the first time since either was discovered, 1979
Astronauts Bruce McCandless II and Robert L. Stewart make the first untethered space walk using the Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU), 1984
The Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party agrees to give up its monopoly on power, 1990
Haiti's first democratically-elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, is sworn in, 1991
The Maastricht Treaty is signed, leading to the creation of the European Union, 1992
Crown Prince Abdullah becomes the King of Jordan on the death of his father, King Hussein, 1999
Bushfires in Victoria left 173 dead in the worst natural disaster in Australia's history, 2009
In Europe, ready-meal manufacturer, Findus, withdrew its beef lasagne meals from supermarkets after confirming beef supplied by French manufacturer, Comigel contained horsemeat, 2013


  1. Aww. Sissycat is cute. I posted an opposite picture of Bubba staring inside. LOL. I used to run into this three-legged cat every day on the sidewalk and he would absolutely demand pets. He hung out outside all the time.

  2. awww. we have a dog in the neighborhood that i call tripod, too.

  3. An interesting post that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  4. What a lovely colour cat and very patient heheh!

    Have a great weekend ;-)

  5. Awww, what a cutie pie she is. Taking on a German Sheppard was a bad idea. I'm glad she survived.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. ☺

  6. awww poor Tripod! What a dear kitty. Now I must go make some Alfredo Sauce for the fettucini! Cheers!

  7. National Fettucini Alfredo Day, now that's a Holiday that I like!

    Brave cat to take on a German Shepard.

    Have a grea weekend!


  8. Ah, a rather poignant picture.

    With bubble gum day I hope part of the deal is that the gum is disposed of sensibly. :)

  9. SissyCat looks extremely cuddly and cody. I must cuddle and pet her. I must do it right now!!!

  10. Sissycat is beautiful. One might say regal! :)

  11. Awww, poor sweetheart. Maybe we should change that "Send A Friend a Card Day" to "Give a Cat a Treat Day".

  12. She is cute. Our Echo was a longtime stray. No one could catch her, until someone shot her. We had to have her leg taken to save her. She lived out the remainder of her life inside our house, a good seven years.

  13. Poor Sissycat - and what a great nerve to take on a big doggie! My cat, Boaby, is afraid of no dog and has badly clawed the face of poor Millie, our neighbour's rottweiler! I don't think size or bark phases some cats. He's afraid of other cats though and I can't fathom out why!