Tuesday, July 3, 2018

No Panicking, We Found the Pickle Puller; a Random Tuesday Post

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Tuesday already!  How did that happen?  Time for Random Tuesday linking up with Stacy's Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked, and Tuesday Fun with Sandee of Comedy Plus.  

In the summer, things are a bit different at church.  Every year, at least one pastor has a sabbatical, the others go to General Assembly or take vacations, lots of congregants are out of town, and so in July we only have one service each Sunday. 

It’s every summer, and it is announced every Sunday for over a month, and it is in the newsletter for two months straight.

Every first Sunday in July, we have the same conversation.  “Um, I’m guessing there isn’t going to be a 9 o’clock service?” says average-congregant-who-has-not-paid-attention-for-the-last-several-weeks.

“Sorry,” i respond, “it’s summer, we are on the summer schedule.  One service each Sunday at 10:30.”

“Are we having Sunday school?” a-c-w-h-n-p-a-f-t-l-s-w continues.

This has also been addressed in the announcements and newsletters, but i add, “Not this week, the next four weeks there will be a 9:30 Sunday school hour with three choices of classes, not the usual ones.  Here’s the newsletter, you can read all about them!”

Yes, i stay bright and cheery as i say it, because there will always be someone who misses the memo.  Or, in this case, the several announcements and the newsletters.

Just like Sweetie misses his phone, or his glasses, or his keys.  This past Sunday, it was the phone.  He looked everywhere, then sheepishly took the car back home (we got there way early to set up) and managed to find it and get back before the service.  It was so funny, he was running around in a panic, and the sextons and a couple of other people were looking at me as i calmly said stuff like, it will turn up, you will find it, etc.  As i told them later, he loses things at least 3 times a day, maybe more, and after over 30 years of it, i’m done panicking!

The adventures of Dr. D continue.  She has bought shelves to install in the closets, and what do you do when you need something to lift the shelves?

Old black computer to the left, silvery one to the right.

You use the old computers that don’t work any more, of course.

We also got her front door fixed where someone broke off the doorknob trying to break in.  And she found her pickle puller, 

At first, i had no clue!

When a fork just won’t do to pull out a pickle from the jar.

which she can put in a drawer now that there are shelves in the cabinets for what used to be in the drawers.

The builders who didn’t finish her house and ran out on the contract really left her in a mess, but we are digging her out, one project at a time.

Today Ms. E is having me come very early.  Her husband had surgery yesterday and is due home today, probably in the early afternoon, so i want to have as much done as possible as early as i can.  Plus, if i finish early enough, i will drive to NOLA and clean Grandma’s house.  She is having trouble with her housekeeper again.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


Today is:

Air Conditioning Appreciation Days begin -- Northern Hemisphere (around here, they last until Thanksgiving!)

Compliment Your Mirror Day -- remind your mirror how great it is to have an owner like you, and look at other mirrors to meet to see if they greet you with a smile

Dipolieia -- Ancient Greek Calendar (festival of Zeus as god of the city)

Disobedience Day -- internet generated, but if you have a bone to pick, use your civil disobedience today to let it be known! 

Distressed Elves' Creditors' Pets' Day -- Fairy Calendar

Dixon Petunia Festival: The Pink. The Proud. The Petunias. -- Dixon, IL, US (food, entertainment, fun, and petunias! through Sunday)

Dog Days of Summer begin (according to the almanac, but not in all cultures)

Eat Beans Day -- bring the humble legume up to main dish status!

Fiesta del Fuego -- Santiago, Cuba (festival of fire, through the 9th)

Grand Teton Music Festival -- Teton Village, WY, US (a summer celebration of classical music with the world's finest artists and in the spectacular setting of Jackson Hole, Wyoming; through Aug. 20)

Independence Day -- Belarus(1944)

International Plastic Bag Free Day -- working toward a plastic bag free world   

Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod -- Eisteddfod Field, Llangollen, Benbigshire, North Wales, UK (Six days of the best music and folk dance, and all the world in one place; through Sunday)

National Chocolate Wafer Day

Red White and Boom -- Columbus, OH, US (the Midwest's largest fireworks display and more!)

Sata-Hame Soi Accordion Festival -- Ikaalinen, Finland (one of the worlds biggest and best accordion festivals; through Sunday)

Stay Out of the Sun Day -- sponsored by Wellcat Holidays; for health's sake, give your skin a break!

St. Thomas the Apostle's Day (Patron of architects, blind people, builders, carpenters, construction workers, geometricians, masons, people in doubt, stonecutters, surveyors, theologians; against blindness, doubt; Certaldo, Italy; Ceylon/Sri Lanka; East Indies; India; Pakistan)

Unity Day -- Zambia

Virgin Islands Emancipation Day -- US Virgin Islands

Anniversaries Today:

Prince Alois of Liechtenstein marries Duchess Sophie of Bavaria, 1993
Ted Kennedy marries Victoria Anne Reggie, 1992
Idaho becomes the 43rd US State, 1890

Birthdays Today:

Moises Alou, 1966
Thomas Gibson, 1962
Tom Cruise, 1962
Montel Williams, 1956
Alan Autry, 1952
Betty Buckley, 1947
Dave Barry, 1947
Kurtwood Smith, 1942
Tom Stoppard, 1937
Pete Fountain, 1930
Ken Russell, 1927
Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher, 1908
Franz Kafka, 1883
George M. Cohan, 1878
Richard Bedford Bennett, 1st Viscount Bennett, 1870
Samuel Huntington, 1731(O.S. date)

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"ITV News at Ten"(TV), 1967
"Mister Peepers"(TV), 1952

Today in History

Hugh Capet is crowned King of France, the first of the Capetian dynasty that would rule France till the French Revolution in 1792, 987
Québec City is founded by Samuel de Champlain, 1608
Pitcairn Island is discovered by Midshipman Robert Pitcairn on an expeditionary voyage commanded by Philip Carteret, 1767
Norway's oldest newspaper still in print, Adresseavisen, is founded and the first edition is published, 1767
George Washington takes command of the Continental Army at Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1775
The Bank of Savings in New York City, the first savings bank in the United States, opens, 1819
The last pair of Great Auks is killed, 1844
Slaves are freed in the Danish West Indies (now U.S. Virgin Islands) by Peter von Scholten in the culmination of a year-long plot by enslaved Africans, 1848
Dow Jones and Company publishes its first stock average, 1884
Karl Benz officially unveils the Benz Patent Motorwagen – the first purpose-built automobile, 1886
The New York Tribune becomes the first newspaper to use a linotype machine, eliminating typesetting  by hand, 1886
World speed record for a steam railway locomotive is set in England, by the Mallard, which reaches a speed of 126 miles per hour (203 km/h), 1938
The biggest explosion in the history of rocketry occurs when the Soviet N1 rocket explodes and subsequently destroys its launchpad, 1969
First mention in the New York Times of a disease that would later be called AIDS, 1981
The Stone of Scone is returned to Scotland, 1996
Asteroid 2004 XP14 flies within 432,308 kilometres (268,624 mi) of Earth, 2006
New Zealand sustains a major earthquake, with minor damage reported, 2012
In El Paraiso, Peru, property developers destroy a 4,000-year old pyramid, 2013
In Belgium, King Albert II abdicates his throne to son, Prince Philippe, Duke of Brabant, due to health reasons, 2013


  1. Goodness you are busy. I hope you can get a little time to breathe.

  2. With such a busy schedule, time surely passes by really fast for you! I too tend to misplace my things. Lol!

  3. Mimi,

    That's why you don't get rid of stuff like old computers...you just never know when you'll find a good use for it. :) Those two towers are a great quick temporary fix. Your hubby losing his phone reminds me of the day when our kids were at home. They always kept them on vibrate and if they put it down somewhere in the house they couldn't find it easily, so I'd have to call it and they'd go from room to room listening for it to vibrate which was quite loud. You know I used to have a pickle puller. I don't know what happened to that thing and I'm not sure why I even owed one because like you said most of the time a fork does the job. When that fails, your fingers work well, too. Dr D's problem with the contractor skipping out with unfinished projects reminds me of something DH told me about a co-worker. He was having a house built. On the day, he was to take possession of the home he did the check off thingy and the contractor who repeatedly kept dropping their end failed to do something(s) right. He just cancelled everything leaving them with the bag. He was super duper upset because he loved the design but he knew how often contractors say, we'll fix later never do and he'd given them umpteen opportunities to redeem themselves but always brushed him off. They begged and pleaded with him to not fire them but he had had enough. Have a safe & fun Independence Day, my friend!

  4. Actually, I'm having air conditioner ENVY day, myself...

  5. Have to clean my house today. Lots of dead flies on the floor while we were gone. Who knew we let in so many flies while packing the car?

  6. Great use for the old computers, but a hunk of wood would have been just as good. Saving crap because you "may" sometime find a use for it is a disease...usually harmless, but always expensive; space and organization has more value than crap that may have a future use.

    I could use a pickle puller though.

  7. Don't tell your husband but I laughed through the panic of him not finding his phone. Hubby does this too and I'm just as calm as you are. Bless their hearts.

    A pickle puller? I'm heading rapidly to 10 years of age and I've never even heard of a pickle puller until today.

    People don't pay attention. They just don't and then get mad when things change and they didn't read the memos. Bless their hearts.

    Have a fabulous Tuesday Fun kind of day. ♥

  8. What the heck is a pickle puller? See ya Mimi.

    Cruisin Paul

  9. Wow. You are busy. Never heard of a pickle puller, LOL.

  10. yes, wonderful what a pickle-puller is ~ Busy lady you are!

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  11. I have a pickle puller :) I think I bought it because I got invited to one of those awful cooking parties "friends" have where you are forced to buy something and it was the cheapest. A fork is much easier.

  12. I've never seen a pickle puller! Till now! I understand your frustration with people who don't pay attention to the bulletin, announcements, and so on. Happy 4th of July!

  13. Thanks for all your efforts that you have put in this, It's very interesting Blog...
    I believe there are many who feel the same satisfaction as I read this article!
    I hope you will continue to have such articles to share with everyone!


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