Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Key to a Great Day (Ten Things of Thankful)

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So, what is the key to a great day?  Keeping your perspective on keys and other stuff is a big part of it.

Last Tuesday, i was working at Ms. B's house.  Both of my Tuesday clients' homes are in a "dead" zone -- sometimes phone calls and texts come through, and sometimes not.  It can be quite frustrating for Sweetie, especially when he has a problem.

We are both thankful one of his calls did come through, he had managed to leave the house to do some work for The Big Boss and didn't have his key to the house.  It was one of the few times he left for work before i did, so all he had was his car key.  After telling him to meet me at the laundromat at 2:30, i got back to work.

While i was at the laundromat, he called and said he couldn't find the laundromat on that street.  It made me thankful for the NAPA Auto Parts store next door, he couldn't miss that.

Then i was grateful i found the set of spare keys i had in my big bag, so i didn't have to give him my keyring key and possibly be locked out later myself.

Once he was content with his means of getting back in the house and gone, i finished the laundry, looking forward to going home to put my feet up.

#1 Son called.  At this time he, like his parents, is having more than his share of car trouble.  He doesn't have a car right now, as his old one is not worth fixing.  He needed help and a ride, and i'm very thankful i was only a couple of miles away.

He had walked to the closest place to get a money order for a bill, and of course their money order machine was out.  We are both thankful another place is only a short drive away and that i could take him, as it was close to 100 degrees that day and he could not have walked.

Once we had the money order, i took him back to the apartment where he, too, discovered he didn't have his key.  At this point, i am thankful we both have a sense of humor and we couldn't stop laughing about how preposterous it was.

How convenient that his roommate works at the same place he does, which is not that far, and i am thankful i could take him there to get a key from roommate.

Now he was safely in his apartment, and i am very thankful he found his own key, because our next order of business would have been to go get keys made.

It was getting late, traffic was getting thick, and i'm very thankful there is a "back door" to the highway from his apartment that most people don't think to take, so it actually didn't take me long to get home.

Finally, i was so grateful to get home and put my feet up after the day of keys.

Have you ever had an adventure, with keys or anything else, and you are thankful it all worked out in the end?  Write it up, or anything else for which you are thankful, and link up with Ten Things of Thankful.

Kristi of ThankfulMe is our excellent blog host, and none of us count if you have ten things or make demands, we just rejoice with you in whatever made you thankful.  Even if it's just keys.    


Today is:

Art Fair on the Square -- Madison, WI, US (one of the Midwest's largest juried art fairs; through tomorrow)

Bald In - Bald Out Day -- sponsored by Bald Girls Do Lunch; if men can be bald and brazen, then women and children who cannot grow hair should bring bald INto their lives, and never feel on the OUTs!      

Barn Day -- celebrating barns, old and new, and their history and importance

Bastille Day / National Day -- France, French Territories and some former Colonies (Quatorze Juillet/Fete Nationale)

Birthday of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden -- an official Flag Day of Sweden

Bohemian Club Annual Rites begin -- Bohemian Grove, CA US (if you are into conspiracy theories, this is supposedly when and where the male movers and shakers of the world meet for two weeks and decide the fate of the world for the next 12 months; the members of the club, including former presidents and other high level officials, do meet for a couple of weeks this time of year to have, among other things, a Cremation of Care ceremony)

Canada's Parks Day -- Canada (showcasing Canada's beautiful parks and historic sites, it's worth traveling to a park near you!)

Carver Day -- George Washington Carver National Monument, Diamond, MO, US

Celebration of the Horse -- Charlotte's Saddlery, Houston, TX, US (in honor of the human/equine bond; through tomorrow)

Children's Party at Green Animals Topiary Garden -- Portsmouth, RI, US (annual party for children and the young at heart)

Circus City Festival -- Peru, IN, US (did you ever want to run off and join the circus?  This is the week kids age 7-21 get to do just that, so go watch and have fun with them!  through the 18th, when they have the big circus parade)

Concours D'elegance -- Forest Grove, OR, US (one of the premier vintage auto shows in the US; through tomorrow)

Feast of St. Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain

Festival of Millennial Fairy Olympics -- Fairy Calendar (Closing Ceremonies)

Galicnik Svadba -- Galicnik, Macedonia (wedding festival, when one lucky couple gets to be married in a traditional "Galichka" style wedding, through tomorrow)

Macaroni Day

M&Ms Argument Day -- which are best?  plain?  peanut?  almond?  minis?  spend the day in a heated discussion with friends and end with an M&M feast

Nachi Himatsuri -- Kumano-Nachi Taisha, Nachi-Katsuura, Japan (one of Japan's 3 largest fire festivals, a grand summer festival and purification ritual, through tomorrow)

National Grand Marnier Day -- on Bastille day, to show the friendship between France and the US

National Nude Day -- New Zealand (although now it's often called International Nude Day, and celebrated everywhere as a day to enjoy your beautiful human form)

National Woodie Wagon Day -- paying homage today to this great American symbol of freedom and the casual lifestyle

Omaha Railroad Days -- Omaha, NE, US (sponsored by the Union Pacific Railroad and celebrating all things track and train, through tomorrow)

Pandemonium Day -- internet generated; don't let the crazy things that happen in your life get you down, celebrate instead!

Pori Jazz Festival -- Pori, Finland (a major international music event with world class performances; through the 22nd)

Rath Yatra & Bahuda Jatra-- Puri, India (the first is the Chariot Festival, pilgrims pull huge chariots across the city, and the second is 8 days later, the Return Festival; one of the most awaited Hindu festivals in the state and country)

Republic Day -- Iraq

Runic Half-Month Ur begins (primal strength)

Shark Awareness Day

Sodbuster Days -- Fort Ransom, ND, US (learn how rural North Dakotans lived in the early 1920s; through tomorrow)

St. Kateri Tekakwitha's Day ("Lily of the Mohawks", first Native American proposed for canonization; Patron of ecologists, ecology, environment, environmentalism, environmentalists, exiles, people ridiculed for their piety, people who have lost their parents)

Stone House Day -- Hurley, NY, US (tour of several 250+ year old stone houses within 150-yards of each other)

Stroud International Brick and Rolling Pin Throwing Contest -- held simultaneously in the 4 cities called Stroud: Gloucestershire, England; Oklahoma, US; Ontario, Canada; and New South Wales, Australia (results are compiled internationally following the event)

Tape Measure Day -- the first modern spring tape measure was patented this day in 1868 by Alvin Fellows of New Haven, NJ, US

Toss Away the "Could Haves" and "Should Haves" Day -- write down all the "could have" and "should have" things in your life, then toss them in the trash! Resolve from this day to live in the present, not the past.

Birthdays Today

Missy Gold, 1970
Robin Ventura, 1967
Matthew Fox, 1966
Jackie Earle Haley, 1961
Jane Lynch, 1960
Joel Silver, 1952
Tommy Mottola, 1949
Steve Stone, 1947
Roosevelt "Rosie" Grier, 1932
Polly Bergen, 1930
John Chancellor, 1927
Harry Dean Stanton, 1926
Dale Robertson, 1923
Ingmar Bergman, 1918
Douglas Edwards, 1917
Gerald R. Ford, 1913
Woodie Guthrie, 1912
William Hanna, 1910
Ken Murray, 1903
Dave Fleischer, 1893
Florence Bascom, 1862

Debuting/Premiering Today:

Licence to Kill(Film), 1989
"Spring Symphony"(Britten Op. 44), 1949
Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care(Publication Date), 1946

Today in History

Foundation of the Mission San Antonio de Padua in modern California by the Franciscan friar Junípero Serra, 1771
Citizens of Paris storm the Bastille and free seven prisoners, 1789
First ascent of the Matterhorn, by Edward Whymper and party, four of whom die on the descent, 1865
The Campanile in St Mark's Square, Venice collapses, also demolishing the loggetta, 1902
The United States $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 bills are officially withdrawn from circulation, 1969
A powerful solar flare, later named the Bastille Day event, causes a geomagnetic storm on Earth, 2000
The United States Government admits to the existence of "Area 51", 2003
In Borneo, a rainbow toad, believed to be extinct since 1924, is sighted, 2011
The Church of England votes to allow women to become bishops, 2014
Harper Lee's second novel, Go Set a Watchman, goes on sale, 2015
Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider announce the discovery of a new particle, the pentaquark, 2015


  1. Definitely a day which a bad attitude would have turned into a shocker. Your approach is MUCH better.

  2. Sometimes so many things happened on the same day, I feel it is just to test our patience and how we respond or react to the happenings. Thank you, you managed very well!

  3. I've done some amazing things with keys too. They can sure mess up your day. Glad everything turned out on the easy side instead of the impossible side.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ♥

  4. A sense of humor is always good. I am thankful my car got me home yesterday despite the check engine light being on. Have a nice weekend!

  5. Wow, what are the chances about the key issue happening twice. It's good you can laugh about these types of things. It makes them so much easier to deal with.

  6. Always something to be thankful for ~ you are one busy lady!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. We used to have a $10,000 bill????

  8. Weren't you the savior of the day! It makes you wonder the coincidences and parallels in life sometimes. Both your husband and son having the same problem, you were there to help them both. I'm betting they were very thankful too :)
    Don't you love those "back doors"? :D

  9. Key adventure? Let me tell you: Husband #1 locked himself out of his car in some out of the way part of town I'd never been to. Instead of catching a bus or cab home for his spare set, he called me at work, asking would I please leave work, go home, (an hour and a half on buses) get his keys, get back to town then get a cab to where he would be waiting by the car. His excuse? I don't remember it now, but I do still remember how pi**ed off I was at losing half a day's pay when he was in his drinking smoking gambling days.

  10. The Day of Keys surely should be listed as one of the Today in History items. :-)

    I can see why you l and your son started laughing! The whole situation was so funny! I can only imagine how grateful you were to finally be home that night.

  11. Keys! (I often refer to the posts and relating-of-our-experiences here on the internet as 'Tales of...' the implication that recounting of actual events have the potential to be exciting stories, as much as any fiction would. The compliment is your skill in telling a story... pull us Readers in and take us on a roller coaster ride through your day...very cool)
    Have a good week,

  12. I just turned in the keys to the house we rented for the last year. In the process of packing, I discovered we still had a key to our previous house in California. I threw it out, so we wouldn't have to play the "What does this go to" game in the future.

    Glad your key adventures all worked out!


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