Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Satsumas and Counting and Funnies, a Random and Happy Tuesday Post with Word Counters



It's time once again for a random and happy Tuesday, linking up with Stacy's Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked and Sandee at Comedy Plus 

Part of today’s post is also a writing challenge. This is how it works: contributing bloggers each picked a number between 12 and 74. The submitted numbers were then assigned to other bloggers challenged with writing at least one piece using that exact number of words.
I was assigned the word count number: 34
It was submitted by: Baking in a Tornado

My 34 words:

Dr. D has decided to rearrange the furniture.  Yesterday was spent moving the junk in very full areas to other full areas so we could do just that.  She shared satsumas, so we’re even.

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For those who may not know, satsumas are small, tasty citrus fruits that some people call mandarins.  They are easy to peel and mostly seedless, with segments that separate easily, and are deliciously sweet.  Many people have trees in their yards, and so this time of year they are everywhere.  

We lost our tree in a really bad freeze several years ago and have missed them, so anytime anyone asks if we want some, i say yes and take whatever they offer.  Dr. D was given a bag the size of a small moose yesterday, many more than she could eat by herself, so she sent me home with a huge amount which we shared with Brother-in-Law.  Dessert is taken care of for the next several days at least.

Okay, on to the funnies, sent by Grandma:

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!


Today is:

Alligator Wrestling Day -- internet generated, and i wonder if a cat that doesn't want its meds counts?

Automatic Toll Collection Day -- the first machine went into use on New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway on this day in 1954

Discovery Day -- Puerto Rico

Equal Opportunity Day / Dedication Day / Remembrance Day -- anniversary of the Gettysburg Address

Fete de S.A.S. le Prince Souverain -- Monaco (National Day)

Flag Day -- Brazil

Garifuna Day/Carib Settlement Day -- Belize

"Have a Bad Day" Day -- for the hidden, or not so hidden, grouch in all of us; sponsored by Wellcat Holidays

International Men's Day -- Australia; Canada; Ghana; Hungary; India; Ireland; Jamaica; Malta; Singapore; South Africa; Trinidad and Tobago; United Kingdom; United States

Liberation Day -- Mali

National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day

National Entrepreneurs Day -- US (by Congressional designation)

Please Maintain Your Focus Today Day -- internet generated, but a good idea

School Pride Day -- US (always on the Tuesday of American Education Week)

St. Obadiah's Day (Obadiah the Prophet)

"What Ever Happened to Gary Pucket?" Day -- internet generated, and a fun question to research

World Toilet Day -- sponsored by the World Toilet Organization (to raise awareness of the 2.5 billion people who don't have access to proper sanitation)

Anniversaries Today:

Zion National Park is established, 1919
Women's Christian Temperance Union is founded, 1874

Birthdays Today:

McCaughey Septuplets, 1997
Kerri Strug, 1977
Savion Glover, 1973
Gail Devers, 1966
Terry Farrell, 1963
Jodie Foster, 1962
Meg Ryan, 1961
Allison Janney, 1960
Anne Curry, 1956
Eileen Collins, 1956
Scott Jacoby, 1956
Glynnis O'Connor, 1955
Kathleen Quinlan, 1954
Ahmad Rashad, 1949
Calvin Klein, 1942
Garrick Utley, 1939
Ted Turner, 1938
Dick Cavett, 1936
Jack Welch, 1935
Larry King, 1933
Roy Campanella, 1921
Indira Gandhi, 1917
Peter Drucker, 1909
Tommy Dorsey, 1905
Billy Sunday, 1862
James Garfield, 1831

Debuting/Premiering Today:

Heaven's Gate(Film), 1980
"Rocky and His Friends/Rocky and Bullwinkle"(TV), 1959
The first Automatic Toll Collection Machine, at the Union Toll Plaza in New Jersey, 1954

Today in History:

The Council of Clermont, called by Pope Urban II to discuss sending the First Crusade to the Holy Land, begins, 1095
Rabbi Isaiah b Abraham aha-Levi Horowitz arrives in Isreal, 1621
The Jakobinen club forms in Paris, 1794
The Jay Treaty, the first US extradition treaty, is signed with Great Britain, 1794
Lewis and Clark reach the Pacific Ocean, becoming the first European Americans to cross the continent, 1805
Warsaw University is established, 1816
The St. Petersburg flood, caused by storms, kills 10,000, 1824
The second Canadian railway line, the Montreal and Lachine Railway, is opened, 1847
Lincoln delivers his Gettysburg Address, 1863
Boss Tweed is convicted, sentenced to 12 years, 1874
Carrie Nation attempts to address the US Senate, 1903
NY receives the first Marconi wireless transmission from Italy, 1911
Samuel Goldwyn and Edgar Selwyn establish Goldwyn Pictures (anybody want to guess what this eventually became?), 1916
The first issue of Time Magazine is published, with Emperor Hirohito on the cover, 1928
Télé Monte Carlo, Europe's oldest private television channel, is launched by Prince Rainier III, 1954
The first automatic toll collection machine is introduced on New Jersey's Garden State Parkway, 1954
Ford cancels the Edsel, 1959
Apollo 12 astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean land at Oceanus Procellarum (the "Ocean of Storms") and become the third and fourth humans to walk on the Moon, 1970
Egyptian President Anwar Sadat becomes the first Arab leader to officially visit Israel, when he meets Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin and speaks before the Knesset in Jerusalem, seeking a permanent peace settlement, 1977
Lt. Gen. Maurice Baril of Canada arrives in Africa to lead a multi-national policing force in Zaire, 1996
Vincent van Gogh's Portrait of the Artist Without Beard sells at auction for $71.5 million USD, 1998
The People's Republic of China launches its first Shenzhou spacecraft, 1999
Claudia Castillo has a successful trachea transplant from stem-cell created organ, 2008
Many nations urge lower fishing rates on the Atlantic bluefin tuna; quota limits on the critically endangered fish are discussed by major fishing nations in Paris, 2010
The Philippines receives a $500 million emergency loan from the World Bank to help the country recover and rebuild in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, 2013


  1. Favorite politician? Ewwww! I'd rather wrestle a friendly alligator! Have a stress free and happy day!

  2. Mimi,

    I love buying citrus fruits this time of year but it's a hit or miss thing to get some really good sweet oranges or tangerines. I don't think I'll be wrestling any alligators today but thanks for letting me know that it's a national day. I wonder if the alligator wrestlers are the ones who spell you, 'U' and that's what they do with the spare time. lol Your funnies are great this morning. Physco the Rapist cracked me up!

  3. World toilet day sounds like a day to be flushed out! These days there are so many abbreviations, pretty soon no one will remember how to write out words.

  4. "Apollo 12 astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean land at Oceanus Procellarum (the "Ocean of Storms") and become the third and fourth humans to walk on the Moon, 1960" ... this made me feel old, as I remember the first men on the moon. Luckily you've gor the year wrong, it happened in 1969 :)
    Thakns for funnies and great lists.

    1. Thanks, that should have been 1970, i updated it. Some days i am tired and miss things, i really appreciate when you catch them for me!

  5. Doctor D is something else. I'm glad you got some cuties from her. That's what we call them here.

    Love the funnies. Especially the last one.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, my friend. ♥

  6. That word count challenge was great, bravo. We enjoyed the funnies and politicians are a disease.

  7. All good except there are good politicians out there, we just have to give them a voice.

  8. Psycho The Rapist, hilarious. - Did you know Samuel Goldwyn's grandson, Tony Goldwyn played President Grant on the t.v. series Scandal? :)

  9. Ha,ha,ha. psycho the rapist. I needed that this morning. See ya Mimi.

    Cruisin Paul

  10. Fun quotes and Dr. D keeps you busy ~ glad she gave you the fruit ~ Neat post ^_^

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  11. Great story and comics. Plus I learned a new word from your story :)

  12. I'd help her move stuff around too for some Satsumas, nothing like fresh fruit when most fruits are out of season.

  13. Love Mandarins wish I could also have a tree.

    I think giving a cat meds would about equal wrestling a gator.

  14. I had to think on the Psycho one, I guess it's a bit too early in the morning! Ha! Satsumas are terrific!

    World Toilet day, in Portland, Oregon, they have a big Poop emoji, which you go through, and for everyone that goes through (some sort of display inside), the company putting it on (Poo-porri) will give $2 to help with toilets in developing countries...


  15. Yep. A bag of satsumas sounds like a good exchange for a little manual toil!
    And I've always wondered about people who write 'u' instead of 'you'.
    Happy 'Have a Bad Day' day. Or is that the proper greeting?! ;)

  16. World Toilet Day
    Among one of the saddest days I know. It's another one of those rights people should have.

  17. wunder what gram maw wood say bout how we spell ewe ;)


  18. Mandarins are called "mandarins" here in the Land of Oz. I love mandarins...and eat lots of them. For the past few months...mandarin season...I've been buying them by the dozen or more each time I go to the supermarket.

    Unfortunately, the season is coming to an end. But, I still have a load of them, and will continue buying them until they are no longer on the shelves...and I will enjoy them to the very last segment. :)

  19. Here in Australia a mandarin is a mandarin and satsumas are a variety of plum, with red flesh instead of yellow. I grew a satsuma plum tree and a mariposa plum tree, also a red flesh variety, in my previous home. I love them, they make excellent eating and delicious jam.

  20. Here in Britain, there are different types of these citrus fruit - mandarins are usually small, satsumas a little larger, clementines larger still, or so I think. (actually I am not sure - I find them hard to tell apart.) Lately something called "Medlicotts" have appeared at the fruit stall by the station, but the owners' spelling is not good so I don't know if that is really what they are called. I have googled the word and not found anything.

  21. That’s a lot going on. No idea about all these holidays or observances.


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