Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Sleeping Cherub (Wordless Wednesday) and Words for Wednesday


Linking up with Wordless Wednesday and Sandee at Comedy Plus.     


Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and has become a moveable feast of word or picture or music prompts to encourage us to write stories, poems, or whatever strikes our fancy.    

This month, the prompts are being provided by River at Drifting Through Life.    

(Please note that i have no clue at all what i am talking about in the following story, i was just trying to think of a way to use all of these very diverse words, and it came to me that they described a music video, i do not know why.)

This week's words are:

1. pipes and drums band
2. patch
3. setbacks
4. garnish
5. rubble
6. costly


1. dropout
2. espalier
3. sari
4. cloudless
5. trace
6. fabric

"Ah, there's that look in your eyes, tell me what you are seeing."

She was discussing the new music video with her director/producer, wondering how he was going to top the last one.

"I see you starting in front of an ESPALIER wearing a SARI," he said, "on a bench draped with a FABRIC of contrasting material and pattern.  You stand and turn, and you are then in front of a CLOUDLESS sky.  As you begin to sing some clouds gather, and you TRACE them with your hands, then gather them and blow them toward the camera.

"The clouds dissolve into a PIPES AND DRUM BAND that plays along as you sing the chorus.

"Second verse has you in front of a house, and as you sing a wall crumbles into RUBBLE.  We'll have a DROPOUT moment, as if the audio cut for a second, then you keep singing as you try to PATCH the wall with COSTLY jewels.  Then the band marches through, scattering them as the chorus repeats the second time.

"The final verse will see a very meager feast on a table in what is obviously a shack, and you are trying to GARNISH it with caviar, until the band marches through the SETBACKS in the wall behind you.

"Of course, it will need some filling in, but those are the main scenes I see playing out."

"That does sound like it conveys the major themes and feel of the song," she mused.  "I like that.  Grab the crew and fill them in, let them add to it, they always bring more than we ask them to."

They both rose from the table, and he said, "I'll get right on it, and will let you know when we're ready."


Today is:

Bison-Ten-Yell Day -- celebrating the imaginary Bison-Ten-Yell, inventor of 10 battle yells now used as American football signals

Celtic Tree Month Muin (Vine) begins

Chung Yuan (Zhongyuan) Festival -- China (Festival of Hungry Ghosts; according to legend, during this 7th lunar month the souls of the dead are released from Purgatory to wander the Earth, and so today is the day to appease those spirits with joss stick burning, prayers and food, "ghost money", and other offerings; dates of this vary in other countries)

Coughing and Spluttering Convention -- Fairy Calendar

Feast of Osiris -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Full Harvest Moon a/k/a Full Corn Moon/Indigo Moon/Wise-Crone Moon (with so much food ripe for gathering, harvesting can go on well into the night by the light of the hugely full Harvest Moon)
     Binara Full Moon Poya Day -- Sri Lanka (began yesterday evening)
     Chusok -- South Korea (Harvest Moon Festival; began yesterday, through the 20th; a harvest festival and day to give homage to the ancestors and celebrate family)
     Han'gawi -- North Korea (Harvest Moon Festival; through the 21st; a harvest festival and day to give homage to the ancestors and celebrate family)
     Navajo Sing Festival -- Navajo Native Americans festival in thanksgiving for the harvest, begins at the full moon and goes on for one week 
     Taw Thalin Full Moon -- Myanmar
     Zhongqiu Jie / Chong Chao -- China; Macau; Taiwan (Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival, the birthday of the earth god T'u-ti Kung, celebrating the harvests, family, and eating moon cakes, matchmaking, sky lanterns, Fire Dragon Dances, and more)

Independence Day -- Transdniestria

National Blueberry Popsicle Day

National Day -- Vietnam

Pierce Your Ears Day -- does a kitten screaming in my ear count?  oh, since the person who decided we should celebrate this today didn't leave a trace, i guess it's okay to interpret any way we want

Sacrifice to Hekate and Artemis -- Ancient Greek Calendar (date approximate)

Sedantag -- Germany

St. Agricola of Avignon's Day (Patron of rain -- for or against, whichever you need! -- of good weather and storks; Avignon, France; against misfortune and plague epidemics)

VJ Day -- Surrender Ceremony took place on this date aboard the USS Missouri

Anniversary Today:

Beginning of the Marathon Runs during the Persian War, Sept. 2-9, 490BC

Birthdays Today:

Cynthia Watros, 1968
Salma Hayek, 1966
Lennox Lewis, 1965
Keanu Reeves, 1964
Linda Purl, 1955
Jimmy Connors, 1952
Mark Harmon, 1951
Eric Dickerson, 1950
Christa McAuliffe, 1948
Nathaniel “Tiny” Archibald, 1948
Terry Bradshaw, 1948
Peter Victor Ueberroth, 1937
Marge Champion, 1923
Cleveland Amory, 1917
Lili'uokalani, 1838
James Forten, 1766

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Rose-Marie"(Operetta), 1924
"East of Suez"(Play), 1922
Ordinance on the Danish Church(Publication Date), 1637

Today in History:

Cicero's first Philippic (oratorical attack) on Marc Antony, BC44
Pharaoh Cleopatra VII of Egypt declares her son co-ruler as Ptolemy XV Caesarion, BC44
Octavian's troops win the Battle of Actium which ends the Final war of the Roman Republic, BC31
The Great Fire of London breaks out and burns for three days; it ends with 8 dead and 13,000 houses destroyed, 1666
Great Britain adopts the Gregorian calendar, nearly two centuries later than most of Western Europe, 1752
US Treasury Dept. is established by Congress, 1789
The solar super storm continues to affect electrical telegraph service, 1859
Theodore Roosevelt adivses the US to "Speak softly, and carry a big stick." 1901
President Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam becomes the first foreign head of state to make a state visit to Australia, 1957
The Principality of Sealand is established, ruled by Prince Paddy Roy Bates, 1967
Swissair Flight 111 crashes near Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia; all 229 people on board are killed, 1998
Pope Benedict hosts an eco-festival, "Save Creation Day," in Loreto, Italy, to encourage Catholics to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, 2007
Ending a 50-year ban on veiled female news presenters, Egypt's state television gives its female presenters a choice of wearing, or not wearing, a veil, 2012
Swimmer Diana Nyad makes history, becoming the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage, 2013
The public learns about AT&T's The Hemisphere Project, which gives telephone call data to law enforcement agencies, including the DEA, 2013
Earth's trees number just over 3 trillion according to study published in "Nature" by Thomas Crowther of Yale University, 2015
A major fire at the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro destroys most of its 20 million artifacts, 2018


  1. How cute is that heheh!

    Have a cutetastic safe week 😷😷😷

  2. What an inventive and clever use of the words. I do wonder what type of music it is. Not classical I don't think. Jazz?

  3. Well, that's really different I must say! It's definitely a thinker I would say! Have a great week, day and all of the above!!! Stay safe!

  4. That is definitely a sleeping cherub. Very peaceful.

  5. Good morning Mimi. Sorry about that.

    Cruisin Paul

  6. That is a cute sleeping cherub. Happy day!

  7. Such a sweet Cherub. You did a darn good job with those words!

  8. I saw the full moon last night- so bright and beautiful! Have a lovely day Mimi!

  9. The cherub is adorable. I love your story. Very well done.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. Big hug. ♥

  10. Pierce Your Ears Day -- does a kitten screaming in my ear count?

    too funny !!! :) :) ♥♥♥

  11. I did a wordless weday as well,it listed as Mike's Other Place since I used my Wordpress blog.since blogger was giving me a hard time with trying to do a post on it.🤬🤬

  12. Your story is interesting and now I'm wondering what sort of song would fit that video. Well done :)

  13. Sweet angel ^_^

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores
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