Saturday, September 12, 2020

Strange and Wonderful, a Ten Things of Thankful Post


Maybe someday i will get to Thankful Day after a boring week, but somehow i doubt it.  It's as if adventure just follows me around in the shadows, waiting to spring out at me, or something like that.   Then again, it might just be work.

Before i start this episode, i have to say that Sweetie could lose his own teeth were they not firmly anchored.  It might be that i've mentioned it before, but the man can walk into the house and lose his glasses, keys, phone and wallet all while standing right in front of the kitchen table.  It is amazing.

Thus it was no surprise to me when he called me at work on Brother-in-Law's phone Monday afternoon to say that somehow he had managed to lose his phone, probably out at The Big Boss' farm while they'd been working there that morning.

He knew he had the phone with him on the farm because he had used it to call The Big Boss to come get him out from the field where he'd been working on the deer stand.  Once done with the call, he was sure he'd put it back in his pocket, and once back at the farm house, he'd grabbed the bag in which he brought his boots and work gloves, changed back into his regular shoes and stowed the work boots and gloves back in the bag, and they came back to town.

When they pulled into the driveway at The Big Boss' house, Sweetie grabbed his bag and reached for the phone he knew he'd put in his pocket and it was not there.  He searched the bag, searched The Big Boss' truck, nothing.

This meant, most likely, it had fallen out of his pocket while riding the four-wheeler through the woods back to the farmhouse, or it had fallen out at the farmhouse somewhere.

Finally giving up, he opened his driver's side car door, threw his work bag on the floor in front of the passenger seat, got in and came home.

This meant, of course, a trip back to the farm, and since Lunceford the Land Yacht is unable to go out of town (you don't do that to a 20+ year old car), it results in a small crisis.  My car, Gus-Gus, Der Fledermaus, is a tiny Ford Focus that Sweetie barely fits in, much less can drive long distances. 

My first thankful is that i did not lose my marbles or my patience over this one.  Then i'm thankful that i had a brainstorm and called Ms. RW, my very-other-Tuesday client who loaned us her car for our vacation this year.  Third, i'm thankful that she agreed to lend Sweetie her car so he could drive out to the farm Tuesday while i was cleaning her house.

Then Brother-in-Law surprised me and agreed to take the day off work and take Sweetie himself.  There's a thankful and a shock in one, and it also meant we wouldn't have to use my client's car.  It's not something i like to abuse or take lightly, that she is so very kind to us that way.

Bright and early the next morning, Sweetie and Brother-in-Law were up and getting ready to go, and thankfully Sweetie had remembered to get the key to the farm from The Big Boss before leaving his house the day before.  It had to be bright and early (as in, before dawn, so not very bright except in the kitchen) because Sweetie had to be back in town in time for his field of vision test that had been put off and put off because of the Covid stuff.

Anyway, he went out to Lunceford to grab something from the back seat, and there, on the passenger side of the back seat of the car, was his phone!

Yes, we were delightedly thankful, and very, very confused.  How that phone, that we know he used at the farm, managed to be on the back seat of his car, a car that was never at the farm and that he only opened the front door of after he'd lost said phone, is a mystery.  In fact, i'm holding out for calling it a miracle, we were blessed.

Sweetie got to his field of vision test, and we're very thankful all is well.  He only has sight in one eye, and it has to be closely watched as people with retinopathy of prematurity tend to get retinal tears.  As i said, he's good for another six months until the next exam.

Tuesday evening, Coda came back.  We are so thankful to be able to dog-sit when Little Girl gets called up on duty, she is back to Lake Charles.

(A word here about the situation in Louisiana.  A lot of people think we dodged the bullet because we did not get quite the expected deadly storm surge.  While the storm surge was not nearly as bad as it could have been and we are very thankful for that, half of our state is still torn up from the regular damage that a hurricane does with wind and rain and flash flooding.  Our Rockefeller Refuge is under water, that area is where most of the state's Wildlife and Fisheries employees live and work. All but three of those employees who live out in that area have lost their homes.  Entire small towns are so seriously damaged that almost none of the homes are habitable.  Like after Katrina and Gustav, it's going to take years to rebuild.  If you hear anyone saying things are just fine in Louisiana, let them know, we have a long road to go to get to "just fine".)

Wednesday's grand event was that Ms. G had me run an errand with her, to Costco.  It was fun, i hadn't been in Costco since the grand opening here, and i am thankful she offered that if i ever need anything from there, she'd be willing to take me.

On Thursday, we went to Ms. SE's house and it wasn't a disaster area!  We're very thankful that the start of some normalcy and a school year seems to have helped them keep on top of the boys and keep the mess down.

My Friday thankfuls are that my knee and back didn't give out, that i didn't get heatstroke while working in the garden, and that Carl came to the shelter that evening to volunteer.  He does not come often, and we had a great time giving all the cats in the cages their fresh water for the evening, and then simply playing with some of the kittens.

Today we are bringing Coda to play with Lucy, so let the fun begin!

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Today is:

Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day 2020 -- US (the Saturday after Labor Day, everyone is encouraged to volunteer in cleaning federal land, recreation areas, or waterways, to help do their part to keep these places beautiful)

Defender's Day -- Maryland, US (marking the bombardment of Ft. McHenry, which event inspired Francis Scott Key to write "The Star Spangled Banner", current national anthem of the US)

Eleven Days of Global Unity -- Day 2, Interdependence (sponsored by We, the World)  

Gahambar Paitishahem -- Zoroastrian Calendar (five day feast of bringing in the harvest)

International Day for South-South Cooperation -- UN

International Drive Your Studebaker Day -- an official event of the Studebaker Drivers Club Inc

National Chocolate Milkshake Day

National Day of Encouragement -- US (no matter where you live, encourage someone today)

Programmers Day -- Russia, and among programmers around the world (on the 256th day of the year)
     some sites call this "Thank a Programmer Day"

St. Alibe's Day (Patron of wolves; Cashel, Ireland; Emly, Ireland; Munster, Ireland)

St. Guy's Day (Patron of bachelors, epileptics, horned animals, laborers, sacristans, sextons, work horses; for protection of outbuildings, sheds, and stables; Anderlecht, Belgium; against epilepsy, hydrphobia/rabies, infantile convulsions, and rabid dogs)

Video Games Day -- an unofficially declared day for kids to thank their parents for indulging their love of games

Anniversaries Today:

Winston Churchill marries Clementine Hozier, 1908
Elizabeth Barret and Robert Browning elope, 1846
Robert Schumann marries Clara Wieck, 1840

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Emily Rossum, 1986
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Yao Ming, 1980
Benjamin McKenzie, 1978
Amy Yasbeck, 1963
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Joe Pantoliano, 1954
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Maria Muldaur, 1943
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George Jones, 1931
Ian Holm, 1931
Dickie Moore, 1925
Irene Dailey, 1920
Jesse Owens, 1913
Ben Blue, 1901
Alfred A. Knopf, Sr. 1892
Maurice Chevalier, 1888
H.L. Mencken, 1880
Charles Dudley Warner, 1829

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Captain EO(3-D Film), 1986
"Taxi"(TV), 1978
"Maude"(TV), 1972
"The Monkees"(TV), 1966
"Bonanza"(TV), 1959
"Lassie"(TV), 1954
"Quadrille"(Play), 1952
"The Symphony No. 8 in E-flat major/Symphony of a Thousand"(Mahler symphony), 1910

Today in History:

Henry Hudson begins his exploration of the Hudson River while aboard the Halve Maen, 1609
The first submarine is tested in London, 1624
Turkish troops besieging Vienna are overthrown after 2 months by Poland's King Sobieski, 1683
First Black Masons Lodge is formed, 1787
Switzerland becomes a Federal State, 1848
The "Cleopatra Needle" is installed in London, 1878
Charles Leroux, world famous parachutist with 238 successful jumps, perishes in his attempted jump in the Bay of Reval, 1889
The world's first female police officer, Alice Stebbins Wells, is appointed by the LAPD, 1910
Cave paintings are discovered in Lascaux, France, 1940
Jack Kilby demonstrates the first integrated circuit, 1958
Premiere of Bonanza, the first regularly-scheduled TV program presented in color, 1959
Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, 'Messiah' of the Rastafari movement, is deposed following a military coup, 1974
Indonesia is hit with an 8.1 earthquake, 1979
Hurricane Gilbert devastates Jamaica, 1988
Hong Kong Disneyland opens in Penny's Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, 2005
Iran finally agrees to release U.S. hiker Sarah Shourd, arrested there in 2009, on bail and permit her to leave the country, 2010
The "Lamb of God" panels of the Ghent Altarpiece, one of the most often stolen artworks in history, are secretly removed for restoration, 2012
NASA's Voyager 1 space probe becomes the first manmade object to reach interstellar space, 2013
The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, completes his last shift as a pilot in the RAF, and officially retires to perform Royal and community work, 2013
The discovery of the oldest known human drawing, a 73,000-year-old marking on stone found in Blombos Cave, South Africa, is published, 2018


  1. Love your list - and am thankful with and for you.

  2. Thank you Lord for all the times we forgot to thank you.

    God bless.

  3. It is always a pleasure to read your Ten Things of Thankful list today was no exception. A list including a (near) miracle is not half bad! And how good that hubby's eye is good for yet another half year!

  4. That was quite the list today and that's really something about the cell phone!

  5. Well, first on my list of thankful is your post and second would be thatyou found the phone!! That kind of thing happens aruond here all the time.

  6. The miracle of the cell phone will be remembered in your family for years to come, I imagine.
    Glad your husband's vision test came out OK. Retinopathy of prematurity? It sounds like your husband must be another miracle. Two of my children were premature, and although neither one developed retinopathy, I remember it was a concern.

  7. I just heard the weather forecast and I thought oh, no, not another one that might be heading toward Louisiana! I hope you are able to stay safe when Sally lands and it doesn't destroy whatever repairs have been made in the recent weeks.
    Glad you knees held out and you didn't get heatstroke while gardening.

  8. Yes, it is confusing how the phone got where it was. Thankful that the phone is back with your Sweetie. Thankful that all is safe and well. Have a great weekend.

  9. Wonderful list of thankfuls, especially finding the phone. That is sad about your state. The news has spent so much time on politics and wildfires that they neglected to tell us this. I hope some aid still goes that way. XO

  10. Great list ~ glad you found the phone and hubby's eye is okay ~ Sorry about LA ~ seems the USA is falling apart ~ grateful that so far New England is hanging in ~ Be safe and well.

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  11. though no one wishes for miracles of a certain sort, the dodged bullet perspective is fun.
    (and even more fun when you don't try to understand how an impossible thing happens.)
    (I'm referring to 'the Case of the Missing Phone' of course)
    have a good week

  12. Your adventures are a rolling train of thankfuls! I'm calling the phone thing a miracle.


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