Saturday, November 7, 2020

Good and Busy, a Ten Things of Thankful Post


Hip hooray, it's Thankful Day!

There is always so much for which to be thankful.

We remembered to change the clocks, and i figured out all of the clocks in the cars without having to grab the manuals.  That's not only a thankful, it might qualify as a minor miracle.

We got to go vote!  There are people the world over who never have been offered the chance to cast a ballot, and probably never will have that chance.  That and the fact that many people had to fight to give us that right makes it very precious to me, and i am thankful.

Ms. G let me know ahead that she will be out of town next week, and i am thankful for the head's up on that, as it means i have rearranged my schedule for next week to take advantage of it.

The generator got installed, finally.

Our bill at Kevin and Lenny's is consistently coming down, and is now below $400.

Ms. J, a former client who had to let us go when her husband was laid off due to Covid, asked us to come for a one-time window cleaning.  Ms. GA will let me do her house tomorrow, yes, after Grandma's, and i am thankful we were able to earn the extra money and that Ms. GA is so flexible.

Also i'm thankful that while doing the windows, i did not fall with the ladder when climbing through the bushes (some of those windows are hard to reach!) and that i did not do any permanent damage when the gate closed on my finger.

Ms. J also gave me some flowers, and i am thankful, as i do not get them often:

And now, because it is late, how about some shelter thankfulness to round us out:

Consistent adoptions

Donated litter

Funny poses

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Today is:

Children's Day -- Malaysia

Commemoration Day -- Tunisia

Day of Accord and Reconciliation -- Russia (formerly Great October Socialist Revolution Day, with the date determined by the Gregorian Calendar)

Digital Scrapbooking Day -- it certainly takes up less room than the other kinds!

Fall Country Jamboree -- Barberville, FL, US (celebration of pioneer life, with music, crafts, historic displays, Native and Cracker camps, and more; through tomorrow)

Feast of Blessed John Duns Scotus (the Subtle Doctor, known for merging the views from many philosophies)

     Dunce Day -- from the word Dunse, a name for the followers of the philosophy of John Duns Scotus

Feast of Stolen Fire -- find it listed on several sites, but none have any background; maybe celebrate that Prometheus stole fire for us?

International Stout Day

International Tongue Twister Day -- internet generated

Lhabab Duechen -- Buddhism (Descending Day of Lord Buddha)

     a public holiday in Bhutan, although the exact day off may vary

National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

October Revolution Day -- Belarus; Kyrgyzstan (also called Days of History and Memory); Transdniestria

Sadie Hawkins Day -- US (on Nov. 9 or the Saturday nearest, and based on the Li'l Abner comic, a day for a woman to ask out the man of her choice; also widely observed on Feb. 29 because of a law passed in Scotland in 1288)

Stay Away from Anyone named Honest John Day -- internet generated; no comment

Steeplechase at Callaway Gardens -- Pine Mountain, GA, US (a six-race steeplechase)

St. Florentius' Day (Patron against gall stones, ruptures)

St. Willibrord's Day (Patron of epileptics; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Utrecht, Netherlands; against convulsions, epilepsy)

Wish Granting Championships -- Fairy Calendar (Fairies)

Anniversary Today:

The Old Stoughton Musical Society, the oldest choral society in the US, is founded, 1786

Birthdays Today:

Jeremy London, 1972

Keith Lockhart, 1959

Joni Mitchell, 1943

Johnny Rivers, 1942

Barry Newman, 1938

Joan Sutherland, 1926

Al Hirt, 1922

Billy Graham, 1918

Albert Camus, 1913

Dean Jagger, 1903

Leon Trotsky, 1879

Madame Marie Curie, 1867

Captain James Cook, 1728

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"America Hurrah"(van Itallie play), 1966

"Face the Nation"(TV), 1954

"Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"(Radio),1932

The Republican Elephant, as drawn by T. Nast in Harper's Weekly, 1874

"The Conscious Lovers"(Steele play), 1722

The Oxford Gazette(first edition), 1665 (Now The London Gazette)

Today in History:

The oldest meteorite with a known date of impact, the Ensisheim Meteorite, strikes around noonin a wheat field near the village of Ensisheim, Alsace, France, 1492

Pierre Gassendi observes the transit of Mercury as predicted by Kepler, 1631

Anne Htchinson is banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony as a heretic, 1637

The first edition of the "London Gazette", the oldest surviving journal, is published, 1665

Lewis and Clark first sight the Pacific Ocean, 1805

The first Thomas Nast cartoon depicting the Republican Party Elephant is published, 1874

Edward Bouchet becomes the first black to receive a PhD from a US college (Yale), 1876

Women in the U.S. state of Colorado are granted the right to vote, 1893

The first air freight shipment is undertaken by the Wright brothers and department store owner Max Moorehouse (from Dayton, Ohio to Columbus, Ohio), 1910

Mao Tse Tung proclaims the "Chinese People's Republic", 1931

Fiorello H. La Guardia is elected the 99th mayor of New York City, 1933

Carl B. Stokes is elected as Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, becoming the first African American mayor of a major American city, 1967

Douglas Wilder wins the governor's seat in Virginia, becoming the first elected African American governor in the United States, 1989

Mary Robinson becomes the first woman to be elected President of the Republic of Ireland, 1990

NASA launches the Mars Global Surveyor, 1996

U.S. voters in the state of Massachusetts approve a referendum legalizing the use of medical marijuana; Colorado and Washington approve the legalization of recreational use of the drug, 2012

Sierra Leone is declared free of Ebola by the World Health Organization (death toll 4,000), 2015

Extreme smog in Delhi, India, leads Indian Medical Association to declare "a state of medical emergency", 2017

The world's oldest figurative painting of an animal, at least 40,000 years old, is identified in Lubang Jeriji Saléh cave, Borneo, 2018


  1. Flexible clients is something to be thankful for, for sure.
    That amount of litter would last me a very long time! But then I have only one cat.

  2. Love your list. As always. And you are so right about the privilege of voting. A privilege denied to many.

  3. There are always so many things to be thankful for. Praise the Lord.

    God bless.

  4. One single vote counts and we must exercise our right to vote. Thankful that you are not seriously hurt. Happy weekend.

  5. I will be thankful when the US election is finally announced over.

  6. That's a really good list and I'm glad you picked up some extra work!

  7. Wonderful list of thankfuls. I am glad the shelter is well stocked.

  8. A huge thankful that you didn't fall with the ladder and that you have no permanent damage to your finger.
    Your comment about resetting the clocks, reminds me that I still need to find the manual so I can once again figure out how to reset the atomic clock we have in one of the rooms.
    I am glad you got to vote too. It is a privilege and a right.
    What a beautiful bouquet!
    I hope you have a happy and safe week!

  9. I am not good on ladders, and it's a miracle I haven't taken a spill from one yet.
    Women actually died for our right to vote, and I do not take that lightly!
    I set the clocks ahead last year and messed everything up but good!

  10. Such pretty flowers!
    My flower season is now officially over - the killing frost came last week and now I have dead stalks to clear out...

  11. I still have to check the manual... though the time on my new(er) car seems correct, maybe the automatic adjuster works (the old one never did)
    Its good not to fall off ladders.
    Excellent to have the generator in, as it (in our case) eliminates a low-grade stress that is entirely weather related.
    have an excellent week

  12. Marvelous list of thankfuls ~ including the shelter news ~ glad you managed the ladder ok ~ be safe ~ ^_^

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  13. Yay, no manuals for the car clocks! Pain in the butt they are. The generator no doubt is a huge relief. May you never need it!
    October looked to be a fabulous month for adoptions! And supplies look good too :)
    Have a great week Mimi!

  14. I'm glad you didn't fall off the ladder, too. I'm sure Ms. J. appreciates her clean windows.
    I've heard that shelters have had lots of adoptions this year; the photo you posted seems to prove that!

  15. I am glad you were not injured cleaning windows! Lots of folks losing their jobs and more to come. Our kids work in insurance and already they are laying off uncertain about what will happen in 2021. Scary stuff in our country. I will trust GOD he has not let me down yet. grateful. Thanks for sharing everything always and the important happenings on this date. I LOVE it! HUGS


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