Sunday, July 11, 2021

What Did He Say? (Cajun Joke) and Sunday Selections


Just because Sandee of Comedy Plus is no longer hosting a Silly Sunday blog hop, do not expect me to quit telling Cajun jokes, especially as it has now become a habit.

Yesterday, Grandma and i were watching The Incredible Dr. Pol, and for some reason i really noticed his Dutch accent.  Most of the time i do not even think about it, but for some reason it made me listen more closely to him, i really do like his voice.  And his accent.

Boudreaux done be overhear some touris' makin' fun o' hims accent.  He listen him fo' a bit, den he say, "You bes' remember dat de person wit' de accent know one mo' language dan you, an' mais! he can say t'ings 'bout you in dat language dat you don' wan' know!"


Sunday Selections was started as a way for bloggers to use photos that might otherwise just languish in their files.  The rules have been relaxed, and it is now simply a showcase for your photos, new or old, good or bad, although nothing rude, please.  It was hosted by River, who still participates, and is now hosted by Elephant's Child.       

Flowers and gardens this week, and a couple of sunsets.


Today is:

Advice-to-the-Lovelorn-Day -- date, in 1896, the New Orleans Picayune first published the advice column of Dorothy Dix, Mother Confessor to Millions; it eventually ran in 300 papers for 55 years

Bonfire Night -- Northern Ireland (precursor to The Twelfth a/k/a Orangemen's Day)

Bowdler's Day

China National Maritime Day -- People's Republic of China

Convenience Store Day -- the first Seven Eleven opened on this day in 1927 in Dallas, TX; it was open 7am to 11pm, thus the name

Day of the Flemish Community -- Flemish community of Belgium, commemorates the Battle of the Golden Spurs of 1302

Feast of Theano, Philosopher, Mathmatician, wife of Pythagoras, patron of vegetarianism (date approximate, supposedly when she was born)

Feast of Min -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Imamat Day -- Ismailism

Lá Cuimhneacháin Náisiúnta -- Republic of Ireland (National Day of Commemoration, honoring all Irish people who have died in war or as part of a UN peacekeeping mission)

Naadam Festival -- Mongolia (a/k/a Revolution Day/National Day, traditional sporting events nationwide, but best at Ulaanbaatar, through the 13th)

National Blueberry Muffin Day

National Cheer Up The Lonely Day -- begun by Francis Pesek of Detroit, Michigan; he chose to spend his birthday as a day to promote kindness, especially the forgotten at nursing homes and shut ins who have no visitors

Rath Yatra & Bahuda Jatra-- Puri, India (the first is the Chariot Festival, pilgrims pull huge chariots across the city, and the second is 8 days later, the Return Festival; one of the most awaited Hindu festivals in the state and country)

Reading Guilt Day -- the day you are supposed to start reading that book you only read the Cliff's Notes on in school

St. Benedict's Day (Patron of agricultural workers, cavers/speliologists/spelunkers, civil engineers, coppersmiths, farm workers/farmers, Italian architects, monks, people in religious orders, people who are dying, school children, servants who have broken their masters belongings, students; Europe; Heerdt, Germany; Norcia, Italy; Subiaco, Italy; against erysipelas, fever, gall stones, inframmatory diseases, kidney disease, nettle rash, poison, temptations, and witchcraft)

Vardavar -- Armenia (continuation of an ancient pagan festival that encourages people to pull pranks, especially dousing everyone, friend and stranger, with water)

World Population Day -- UN

Birthdays Today:

David Henrie, 1989

Marie Sernehold, 1983

Michael Rosenbaum, 1972

Justin Chambers, 1970

John Henson, 1967

Greg Grunberg, 1966

Rod Strickland, 1966

Al MacInnis, 1963

Lisa Rinna, 1963

Richie Sambora, 1960

Richie Sambora, 1959

Suzanne Vega, 1959

Mark Lester, 1958

Sela Ward, 1956

Leon Spinks, 1953

Stephen Lang, 1952

Bonnie Pointer, 1951

Beverly Todd, 1946

Giorgio Armani, 1934

Tab Hunter, 1931

Harold Bloom, 1930

Yul Brynner, 1920

E.B. White, 1899

John Quincy Adams, 1767

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Space Oddity"(Single release), 1969

"The Newlywed Game"(TV), 1966

To Kill A Mockingbird(Publication date), 1960

Today in History

Admiral Zheng He sets sail on his first exploratory expedition for the Ming Dynasty, 1405

Samuel de Champlain returns to Quebec, 1616

Jews are expelled from Little Russia, 1740

Halifax, Nova Scotia is almost completely destroyed by fire, 1750

Captain James Cook begins his third voyage, 1776

Jacques Necker is dismissed as France's Finance Minister sparking the Storming of the Bastille, 1789

French astronomer Jean-Louis Pons made his first comet discovery (he discovered 36 over the next 27 years, more than any other person), 1801

Vice President of the United States Aaron Burr mortally wounds former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton in a duel, 1804

Waterloo railway station in London opens, 1848

Tijuana, Mexico, is formally founded, 1889

The Lumière brothers demonstrate film technology to scientists, 1895

Babe Ruth makes his Major League debut, 1914

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is first published, 1960

The first U.S. space station, Skylab, is destroyed as it re-enters the Earth's atmosphere over the Indian Ocean, 1979

According to the UN, the Earth's population crosses the 5,000,000,000 mark, 1987

The United States announces it will reestablish full diplomatic relations with Vietnam, 1995

Colton Harris-Moore, the so-called "Barefoot Bandit", is caught in the Bahamas after a 2 year manhunt, 2010

Neptune completes its first orbit since its discovery on September 23, 1846, 2011

Pluto's fifth moon is discovered, 2012

The oldest stone tools outside of Africa are discovered in Lantian country, western China, estimated to be 2.12 million years old, 2018 

Japan’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft lands on the Ryugu asteroid 300km (185 miles) from earth for a second time to collect samples, 2019

The final Volkswagen Beetle cars roll off the assembly line in Pueblo, Mexico, ending worldwide production of the vehicle after 80 years, 2019


  1. Thank you for the incredible beauty of all of your selections this week.

  2. Was he talking double-Dutch?

    Great photos. Thanx.

    God bless.

  3. LOL @ Victor's comment :-)

    And at Boudreaux heheh!

    Fab photos Mimi beautiful sunset

    Have a dutchtastic Sunday 👍

  4. That's very true, you won't know who is saying what! Those are beautiful garden area photos!!!

  5. Accent, Ha,ha,ha. I love Boudreaux. Have a great day Mimi.

    Cruisin Paul

  6. Flowers, sunsets and a smile are always welcome. Thank you.

  7. Cute joke and beautiful photos.

  8. I love all the different ways bricks were used in the photos.

  9. Cajun jokes are so fun to read. The photos are beautiful and I always enjoy my time here. HUGS and LOVE

  10. Lovely flowers, garden and beautiful sunsets. Have a fantastic week.

  11. Ha! Yep. Never anger someone who speaks one more language than you. Or a writer. Never anger a writer... ;) There's just something about flowers in neat, brick beds. And flower pots. Oh, what am I saying, I just love flowers! And sunsets! Is there anything prettier than the blush of a beautiful sunset?

  12. What gorgeous photos here on Sunday and fun cajun joke ~ LOL ~ Xo

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  13. Gorgeous photos. ALways fun to be here and the Cajun joke hahaha. So much fun.