Monday, August 30, 2021

More Babies (Awww Monday), Inspiring Quote of the Week, and Where the Real Monsters Are (Poetry Monday)


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More kitten photos, because what else?


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Poetry Monday was started by Diane at On The Alberta/Montana Border.  Jenny at Procrastinating Donkey is on a blog break and is sorely missed.   Charlotte/Mother Owl participates, and now Karen at Baking in a Tornado is jumping in at least once a month, too.  

This week the theme is Monsters.          


Some people say there are monsters

Hiding underneath the bed,

Don't ask me about it,

Just quoting what they said.

But the only real life monsters,

To play with them's a treat,

Because they teach us lessons

And live on Sesame Street!

(When my children were little and asked if monsters were real, i told them of course, and they all live on Sesame Street.  They were never afraid of monsters after that.)


Today is:

Araw ng mga Bayahi -- Philippines (National Heroes' Day)

August / Summer Bank Holiday -- UK

Be Kind to Humankind Week Motorist Consideration Monday 

Chatter Champion Announced -- Fairy Calendar

Constitution Day -- Kazakhstan

Day of Satisfying the Hearts of the Ennead (Nine Major Gods) -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Festival of Charisteria -- Ancient Roman Calendar (a day to give thanks)

Frankenstein Day -- in honor of Mary Shelley 

Huey P. Long Day -- Louisiana, US

International Day of the Disappeared -- Latin American Federation of Associations for Relatives of Detained-Disappeared

International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances -- UN

International Whale Shark Day -- WiseOceans has more information 

Liberation Day -- Hong Kong (from Japan in 1945; no longer an official holiday, but still acknowledged by many)

National Holistic Pet Day -- celebrating the growing interest in natural/holistic medicine for animals

National Toasted Marshmallow Day

Popular Consultation Day -- East Timor

Santa Rosa de Lima -- Peru

St. Fiacre's Day (Patron of box makers, cab drivers, costermongers, florists, gardeners, hosiers, pewterers, taxi drivers, tile makers; against barrenness, fistula, haemorrhoids, piles, sterility, syphilis, venereal disease)

Talk Intelligently Day -- holiday thought up by someone tired of non-intelligent conversations (maybe with co-workers?)

Umhlanga -- Swaziland (Reed Dance Public Holiday and final day, culmination of the Reed Dance Celebration begun last week and sponsored by the Royal Family)

Victory Day -- North Cyprus; Turkey

     Turkey's Hellespont Swim -- one of the world's busiest shipping lanes is closed so that over 300 participants can swim the Hellespont from Europe to Asia, a Victory Day commemoration of winning the Turkish War of Independence in 1922 against the Greeks

Anniversary Today:

Roman Polanski marries Emmanuelle Seigner, 1989

Birthdays Today:

Cameron Diaz, 1972

Michael Michele, 1966

Michael Chiklis, 1963

David Paymer, 1954

Timothy Bottoms, 1951

Lewis Black, 1948

Peggy Lipton, 1947

Frank "Tug" McGraw, 1944

Jean-Claude Killy, 1943

Elizabeth Ashley, 1939

Warren Buffett, 1930

Kitty Wells, 1919

Ted Williams, 1918

Fred MacMurray, 1908

Roy Wilkins, 1901

Shirley Booth, 1898

Huey P. Long, 1893

Claire Straith, M.D., 1891

Ernest Rutherford, 1871

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, 1797

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Anna Lucasta"(Play), 1944

Today in History:

European leaders, in an attempt to end war "for all time", outlaw the crossbow, 1146

One of the largest naval battles in history, during the last decade of the ailing, Mongol-led Yuan Dynasty, begins between the forces of two Chinese rebel leaders, 1363

Capture of the entire Dutch fleet by British forces under the command of Sir Ralph Abercromby and Admiral Sir Charles Mitchell, 1799

Founding of Melbourne, Australian, 1835

Founding of Houston, Texas, 1836

Hubert Cecil Booth patents the vacuum cleaner, 1901

The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in south Louisiana, the longest bridge over water (continuous, not aggregate) that is not also a viaduct, opens, 1956

The Hotline between the leaders of the U.S.A. and the Soviet Union goes into operation, 1963

Thurgood Marshall is confirmed as the first African American Justice of the United States Supreme Court, 1967

Guion Bluford becomes the first African American astronaut in space, 1983

NATO launches Operation Deliberate Force against Bosnian Serb forces, 1995

A commercial expedition to raise part of the sunken British luxury liner Titanic ended in failure, 1996

Harley-Davidson celebrates its 100th anniversary in Milwaukee with a parade of 10,000 motorcycles, 2003

India and Pakistan agree to release hundreds of fishermen and other civilians in each other's jails as part of their ongoing attempts to negotiate peace between their nations, 2005

Sumatra's Sinaburg volcano continues to erupt, two people are killed and 21,000 are evacuated from the vicinity, 2010

In Chile, 33 miners trapped half a mile beneath the surface make contact with their families for the first time in three weeks since the incident, 2010

Late author Terry Pratchett’s unfinished works are destroyed as per his request, 2017

For the second time, Ukrainian amateur astronomer Gennady Borisov discovers an interstellar comet, 2019


  1. Love the kittens and your poem. And it is DEFINITELY not ok to be a monster.

  2. Lovely poem! And pure genious. Of course monsters live in Sesame Street - Wish someone had told me that!

  3. I hope you scritched one of the babies for me. You and yours have been in my prayers.

  4. Cute tiny kitties. I think I can hear their meows. When we were small, the adults used to frighten us with scary monster and ghost tales.

  5. Dearest Friend,
    I'm so glad that your family of kittens is bigger now, the new arrived are so so cute, I'd love to embrace and kiss them all!
    I love your poem and want you to know that I've never believed that monsters were true when I was a baby girl, I was afraid of withches :)!!!
    Happy Awww Mondays to you
    Xx Daniela at ~ My little old world ~

  6. The kittens are absolutely adorable! Love the monster quote and your story. What a great way to take care of the monster thing.

  7. Evey minute for a kitten is a new adventure and everything is something to be explored.
    Now, if only we could get politicians to observe "Talk Intelligently Day"...just once.

  8. Aww! those kittens are soooo cute heheh1

    Have an adorabletastic Monday 👍

  9. Awww on the kittens. Kittens are ever so cute and filled with such energy. Love to watch them entertain themselves.

    Love your Spark and your poem. Great way to make sure the kids weren't afraid of monsters.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Big hug. ♥

  10. Awww, kittens, kittens, kittens - nothing cuter! I love that spark, what a strong and true message. I like your way way to help kids be comforted by focusing on the nice monsters, cool.

  11. Love the kittens and your cute poem. We're thinking about you all and hope all is okay down your way.

  12. wavez two ewe wee kittenz !!!! heerz hopin each oh ewe findz a sooooper grate for everz home !!

    mimi; nice take on the monster explantion !!! hope all is well with you and your family weather wise ♥♥3

  13. Nothing so awww worthy as kittens! Love that little one letting everyone know "I am Kitten! Hear me Mew!"

  14. Brilliant! Both the poem and your handling of the 'monster' situation! Can I go back and just try this 'parenting' thing all over again?

  15. Such cute kittens. Great spark and poem. I will tell my great niece that too. I hope your folks are safe inNew Orleans. XO

  16. THe Monster Quote is going on my affirmation wall! And the kittens are priceless! Thanks Mimi!

  17. Nice poem. I was never afraid of monsters under the bed as a child, I don't even know anyone who was, it seems to be only an American thing.
    I love all the kittens, but that third photo with the smiling kitten made me smile so wide I felt happier right away.

  18. Mimi,

    Those kittens are so adorable and I loved your monster poem - so cute!

  19. Oh those kittens! The one by the chair, hahaha, looks very ornery. The last photo one, what a sweetheart. They are all so adorable. I love your poem and I love that the monster live on Seasame Street. Take care. HUGS and LOVE to all and many prayers regarding the storm.