Saturday, October 16, 2021

Whirlwind Visit, a Ten Things of Thankful Post


If everything is going as it should, you are reading this while i'm either driving back to NOLA to clean Grandma and Grandpa's house, or i am there.  If you are reading really late on Saturday afternoon, a/k/a Thankful Day, i am already back home.

Last Friday, some might remember that my back "went out." (Not yesterday, the week before, in case i'm not being clear, and why in the world do they call it that?  When i "go out," it's to have a good time, and a back "going out" is most assuredly not a good time.)

Saturday, sweetie helped me in NOLA, and i was very, very thankful.  It was one of those days i do not think i could have done it alone.

On the way back from NOLA, we stopped at a local shop where The Big Boss needed something picked up .  Sweetie had been wondering about a gift for The Big Boss’ birthday, so we paid for that item.  It was the perfect price, and Sweetie gave it to him with a small cake.  We’re thankful it was just right!

On Sunday, we had an adventure!  Oh, the day started out the same as it usually does, i got Becca up, dressed, fed, the dog walked and we went to church.  The sermon started out well, and as the pastor was talking about how unexpected interruptions can be handled in a good way a man came into the sanctuary and started yelling that he needed to talk to the congregation and get our help!  The pastor told him politely that this was not the way to get our attention, and asked the ushers to come up.  They very quietly and firmly had to remove him, he wasn't armed but he was on something.

The pastor commented, "I couldn't have paid to have a better demonstration!"

My thankful is that it didn't turn into one of those scenes you read about in the news.

It was good to see Carl and Ms. V and Mr. L again on Monday, i am thankful they got back from their trip safely.

Ms. PA’s aids have not been emptying the litter box properly, causing Little Bit to again seek other solutions for her bathrooming needs.  Thankfully i was able to run to the store, get some litter, and start over, training the aid on how to scoop the box.  Tuesday morning, i went back before work and taught the other aid, and i’m hoping it helped.

Ms. R was her usual self, and we’re all thankful her granddaughter is doing well.

Wednesday, Sweetie really surprised me.  He scooped the litter boxes!  He’s more of a feed and spoil pet parents, and i’m a clean and medicate pet parent (so guess who they like best?).  It was icing on the cake of a very nice day where Ms. G realized i would be leaving town Thursday so she didn’t keep me late.

Ms. V’s house Thursday morning couldn’t have gone better, and i’m very thankful.  She even got Mr. L to go nap in the spare room so i could get their bedroom done early.

That afternoon, i had a reasonably good drive to Mobile, for which i am thankful.  Di is feeling rather awful, as expected when you start chemo, but i talked her into letting me go pick up some gumbo for her that she’d had before and she could probably hold on to.  We’re thankful it worked like a charm.

Friday saw us get a good bit done, thankfully.  She has no more laundry overflow, her meds are more sorted, and i did some needed shopping.  It’s a huge thankful thing that i was able to swing this trip.

It’s also a thankful thing that i got to run around a bit down in the area and snap some photos for my Sunday Selections!

Which brings us back to today, when if it all went as planned, i got up very early for the drive to NOLA (it’s over twice as far as i usually drive when i go on Saturday).

Thankfully, it was worth the trip.

Please write up your own list and link up to Ten Things of Thankful, where Dyanne and her co-hosts always have a warm welcome waiting.   


Today is:

Boss's Day -- either celebrate, or roll your eyes, both are acceptable responses (begun by Patricia Bays Haroski in 1958 in honor of her boss, who was also her father; this date was his birthday)

Chrysanthemum Festival -- Japan ("The Festival of Happiness", various shrines; through Nov. 15)

Clean Your Bug Zapper Day -- internet generated, and we're getting a bit overboard here, aren't we?

Day of Pope John Paul II -- Poland

Dictionary Day / Learn a Word Day -- Noah Webster's birth anniversary

Dress Like A Dork Day -- does someone have it out for us with these?

Elephantine Festival -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (several such celebrations of elephants were held around this time of year in Egypt)

Ether Day (first demonstrated use, see History)

Feast of 'Ilm (Knowledge) -- Baha'i

National Feral Cat Day -- US (sponsored by Alley Cat Allies)     

National Liqueur Day

St. Hedwig's Day (Patron of brides, duchesses, difficult marriages, widows; Bavaria; Berlin, Germany; Gorlitz, Germany; Silesia; against the death of children, jealousy)

Sweetest Day -- begun by Herbert Birch Kingston, a candy company employee who decided it would be wonderful to distribute candy to the sick, shut-ins and orphans in Cleveland, OH; today is the day to do something for someone that makes him/her say, "Oh, that is so sweet!"

Teachers' Day -- Chile

World Food Day -- UN

World Toy Camera Day -- now with a Flickr page 

Anniversaries Today:

The first birth control clinic in the US is opened, 1916

Brigham Young University is founded in Provo, Utah, 1875

Girton College, Cambridge is founded, becoming England's first residential college for women, 1869

Zion's Co-Operative Mercantile Institution, America's first department store, opens, 1868

The Collegiate School is established(forerunner of Yale University), 1701, Old Style Date

Birthdays Today:

John Mayer, 1977

Kellie Martin, 1975

Flea, 1962

Tim Robbins, 1958

Melissa Louise Belote, 1956

Barry Corbin, 1940

Bob Weir, 1947

Suzanne Somers, 1946

Gunter Grass, 1927

Angela Lansbury, 1925

William Orville Douglas, 1898

Eugene O'Neill, 1888

David Ben-Gurion, 1886

Oscar Wilde, 1854

Noah Webster, 1758

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"The Red Mill"(Musical), 1945

"The Man Who Came too Dinner"(Play), 1939

"Billy the Kid"(Ballet), 1938

Jane Eyre(Publication date), 1847

Today in History:

Jadwiga (yes, a she) is crowned King of Poland, 1384

Olivier van Noorts' ships reach the Philippines, 1600

George Washington takes Yorktown, 1781

Marie Antoinette, wife of Louis XVI, is guillotined, 1793

Sir William Rowan Hamilton comes up with the idea of quaternions, a non-commutative extension of complex numbers, 1843

Dentist William T. Morton demonstrates the effectiveness of ether, 1846

Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre" is published, 1847

John Brown leads a raid on Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, 1859

The Cardiff Giant, one of the most famous American hoaxes, is "discovered", 1869

John Harwood takes out a patent on a self-winding watch, 1923

The Disney Company is founded, 1923

Benjamin O. Davis Sr. is named the first African American general in the United States Army, 1940

Fidel Castro is sentenced in Havana to 15 years in prison, 1953

The People's Republic of China detonates its first nuclear weapon, 1964

In response to the October Crisis terrorist kidnapping, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau of Canada invokes the War Measures Act, 1970

Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, 1973

Pope John Paul II is elected after the October 1978 Papal conclave, 1978

Wanda Rutkiewicz is the first Pole and the first European woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest, 1978

Desmond Tutu is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, 1984

Reinhold Messner becomes the first person to summit all 14 Eight-thousanders, 1986

Bibliotheca Alexandrina in the Egyptian city of Alexandria, a commemoration of the Library of Alexandria that was lost in antiquity, is officially inaugurated, 2002

A 1,255lb. portion of the Chelyabinsk meteor is recovered by divers in Russia, 2013

New Zealand, Malaysia, Angola, Spain and Venezuela are elected to the United Nations Security Council, 2014

Ed Whitlock, 85, becomes the oldest person to ever finish a marathon in under 4 hours, completing the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 3 hours 56 minutes, 2016

In an experiment on microbial fuel cells, Pete the Fern at the London Zoo becomes the first plant to take a selfie, 2019

Egyptian archaeologists announce the discovery of more than 20 painted wooden coffins from the Theban necropolis of Asasif, 2019


  1. Oh my goodness, Mimi! What a scary situation for you and the pastor and congregation. I am glad that it ended well and the man is getting some help. I am glad sweetie was able to help you in NOLA and I hope your back is feeling better. I am sure Di appreciates the ways you are helping during this difficult time for her.

  2. Hooray for ALL of your thankfulnesses. And if that isn't a word it should be.
    I hope your back is much better too.

  3. Oh my goodnes. As usual I feel tired just reading your list. I too am thankfulthat the situation in your church did not evolve into something worse, and I fervently hope your back has "come back".

  4. Have a wonderful weekend Mimi.

    Cruisin Paul

  5. Wonderful thankful list. You are such a good person. XO

  6. Someone coming in the Church and yelling like that had to be really scary, I'm glad all ended well. WOW, what a week!

  7. That's a happy list of thankfuls. Is NOLA New Orleans Louisiana?

  8. (hold on... gotta catch my breath)
    I may have to contact wikipedia to such a new unit of time, MimiTime
    you get more done in a week than I can list in my yellow-lined pads with brand-new Uniball pen.

  9. Prayer is always headed your way and those you love best too. You are a traveling gal. You have such a wonderful thankful list. I love reading it. You are so well organizez. Glad all the clients are doing good. I always like your Carl stories. :-) Hope this weke is a great one for you. Take care and you are so loved.

  10. Since it's Tuesday, you are back from an incredible whirlwind of activity.
    And all after your back went out! I hope it's feeling better, Mimi.
    The incident at church was no doubt frightening. Sad the one place we've always felt safe is no longer exempt from the "outside" world.

  11. Glad your back has improved! How kind of you to go to Mobile to help your friend. You're such a good person! Litter boxes are a necessary nuisance. I am the litter box scooper, medicine adminstering, cat feeding person in our house. My husband has no responsibilities with the cats other than to love on them.


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