Thursday, January 26, 2023

That’s on Me, a Six Sentence Cafe and Bistro Story


As Mimi and Hunga approached the gate of the property where she was allowed to let him run off his lead, Mimi paused and told the dog, "Hunga, you need to look at me, I have something important to tell you."

The dog looked at her expectantly, and, sure she had his attention, she continued, "You speak human better than any dog I've ever known, so I think you'll understand when I tell you the owner of the property says there's a small place in the fence that got damaged when a tree fell in that storm, and he's afraid you might be able to get out of the fence there.

"You need to mind me and stay away from where the tree fell, and if you can't mind me on this, we can't come back until the fence is fixed in a couple of weeks and that would spoil our playtime, so you stay away from the broken part of the fence!"

Hunga wagged at her and, sure he knew to not run off, Mimi opened the gate and the two of them went in, she to sit and read, he to chase squirrels and birds and smell whatever great smells were around to smell.

A bit later, when she called him, he came very quickly, showing he'd stayed in, which she already knew as she'd read less than usual and watched, but with her near-sightedness she hadn't been able to see everything he was up to on the wetter than usual "puppy playground".

He came to her quite muddy and most pleased with himself, and she said, "Good Hunga, you stayed, and since I didn't say anything about you not making a huge mess in the mud the storm left behind, that's on me!"

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  1. Yet another delightful six sentence story. Thank you.

  2. That's a very well trained dog :) If only more could be that way.

  3. "You speak human better than any dog I've ever known, so I think you'll understand when I tell you..."

    They do! And we'd expect no less from Hunga since he is a very special dog. And clearly, still a puppy at heart, lol.

  4. Good doggie!
    (Well, done human!)
    (lol... the arboreal in the urban, one more place we might enjoy visiting (with or without canine companion)
    ... totally could see the scene, especially the Proprietor reading her book like a parent in the waiting room of a routine wellness-check of a family member...
    "What? Not at all! This magazine article on country classic home decorations is fascinating! Now, sit, on my left side.")

  5. * now, here's a thing... (oh, no. not again! lol)
    I had Mimi sitting on a bench to the right after entering the fenced in area, the SSC&B somewhere stage left and most of the time, Hunga was to the right (somewhere, not necessarily in sight)
    Anyone else find 'directionality' useful/fun/important to a scene?)

  6. Great line: "You speak human better than any dog I've ever known, so I think you'll understand when I tell you..."
    What a cool little entry into Tales from the Six Sentence Café & Bistro!

  7. We're in a stretch of zero-subzero temps, so I was delighted to visit the sunny dog park with you and the excellent Hunga!


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