Monday, July 13, 2009

I agree with Garfield. No one should get up on Monday the Thirteenth.

I mean, really. For this I went to college? To end up writing the world's most boring blog? To end up bottle feeding kittens? To end up wiping noses and slinging hash and being a janitor?

Well, at least the place getting dirty again all the time is job security. They can fire all the CEOs they like, the person who cleans the toilets and mops the floors will always have work.

Today is:

Barbershop Music Appreciation Day (Best barbershop quartet I ever heard was on Main Street at Disney World. They were wonderful.)

Embrace Your Geekness Day

Festival of the Lanterns, Japan

Festival of Our Lady of Fatima

Festival of the Three Cows, La Retraitre, France

Fool's Paradise Day

Go West Day

Gruntled Workers Day

National French Fry Day (Good thing I have some in the freezer.)

National Ice Cream Day

St Mildred's Day

Ulambana (Obon), Buddhist (Ancestor Day)

Birthdays Today:

Cheech Marin (1946)
Harrison Ford (1942)
Patrick Steward (1940)
Bob Crane (1928)
Nathan Bedford Forrest (1921)

Today in History

The US Patent Office, after issuing 9,957 unnumbered patents, issues Patent #1, for a type of locomotive wheel, 1836. (Wow, you can patent wheels!)
Queen Victoria becomes the first British monarch to take up residence in present day Buckingham Palace, 1837
Battle of Bayou LaFourche, La., 1863
The Nazis execute 5,000 Jews of Rovno Polish Ukraine, 1942

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