Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Momomomomomomomomom!" The stacatto call of a thirteen year boy who wants the attention of a parent, and wants it now.

"Yes, son?"

"Mom, look what I found that someone was throwing away!"

I looked up with a sinking feeling to see him sporting a golf bag with clubs.

Of all the sports in the world, why golf? I've never understood the fascination, but at least when he is over in the field hitting balls he is not in the house eating everything in sight, watching wrestling on UTube, or bugging his mother.

"And guess what?" he continued with his trademark grin. As I thought, oh, no, there's more? he said, "And they have a punching bag and we are going back for it!" We being his group of friends.

"Will you bring the van so we can put the bag in it and get it home?"

My Sweetie is an archaeologist by training. That means he digs in other people's garbage. He has brought home many "finds" over the years, and our 4 apples didn't fall far from that tree. They have all brought home "perfectly good" stuff, and it usually ends up being me that cleans it or trips over it.

Big sigh. "I'll get the keys."

We got there and were loading the bag when the lady of the house came out. "If you will wait a moment, we have the stand that holds it -- look, there they are now. But it won't fit in your van. Do you have a truck?"

The kids ended up carrying the huge metal stand back to the house, two at a time and trading off when one got tired. It is now housed under the overhang on the side of the house.

I'm not sure where the golf clubs ended up in all the confusion, but I'm sure I will see them soon, probably the next time he tries to climb on the roof to hit balls into the field.

At least he is nearby, doing what he loves.

Today is:

Atomic Bomb Day

Get to Know Your Customers Day (Here's a hint: do this every day! If you know your customers, their usual orders, their purchasing habits, at bit about their lives, they will be loyal to you.)

Hot Dog Night (Wish I could get away with cooking dogs for dinner.)

Festival of Convivial Tools

International Juggling Day (I would take up juggling, but I already have too many plates in the air...)

La Paz Day, Bolivia (La Paz was founded on this date in 1548)

National Blueberry Festival

National Corn Fritter Day (Hot dog dinner with corn fritters and blueberry pie for dessert -- I wish I could.)

Obon: Festival of Souls, Shinto

St. Eustathius' Day

Talk to a Telemarketer Day (Are they insane?)

World Snake Day (That reminds me, #2 Sons' snake needs more fish.)

Birthdays Today:

Ginger Rogers, 1911 (Fabulous woman -- danced every step Fred did, backward and in high heels.)
Barbara Stanwyck, 1907

Today in History:

Beginning of the Islamic Calendar, which coincides with the day Mohamed fled Mecca to go to Medina, 622
Joan of Arc leads the French army in the Battle of Orleans, 1429
Premier of Mozart's opera, "Das Entfuhrung aus dem Serail," in Vienna, 1782
The first major battle of the War Between the States, the Battle of Bull Run, is fought, 1861
Collision of comet Shoemaker-Levy with planet Jupiter, 1994

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