Friday, April 22, 2011

Course of Cat Life

One of the mama cats at the shelter, the one that has been dubbed the "mean" mama, wasn't feeding the babies they put in with her. Turns out, hers were the oldest ones, and she didn't want to be starting over with tiny things. She became very nice when they put her own babies in with her, since they are old enough to eat mostly on their own.

All of the other mamas and babies are doing well, too. Only Clint, Mr. Hide-At-All-Cost, is still in the big room with them, and Miss W and Wren are taking care of that room. Thus i missed having to find him this week, but i've been told he's his usual self.

Since last week, Fireheart, Dixie, Cela, Sergio, Nancy, and Neo have been adopted. There is a new order coming, in which there will be adoptions at the shelter five nights per week beginning next month, instead of only one night per week. We are hoping this will see some of our longer term residents getting a better chance at a new home.

As for long term residents, Angel had something wrong with her nose, a scab on the outside of it that doesn't look good. Dustie is okay, and Angel seems find otherwise. A visit to the vet seems to be in order.

Cali, PittyPat, and Prissy are happy together. Now if only Prissy would be as sweet and loving with potential adopters as she is with us.

Grady and Candy are keeping each other busy. Gulliver, Portia, and Ellen are back in together and making mischief.

Jimmy, Joey, and DeeDee are happy enough, and Georgie was scheduled to get out of his cage in the room when he started showing symptoms of eye trouble again. Poor guy, but at least he is becoming friendlier.

Emmy, Flip, and Katy are having a bit of a "personality conflict." Flip thinks he owns the room, and Emmy begs to differ. They hissing gets a bit unnerving at times, and i hope they can learn to get along soon.

The room with the ringworm cats, Maxwell, Ginger, LeeLu, and Zeva looks like a bomb went off. They removed the cover from the chair in their room, turned over food, got the cover off a litter box, and just generally wreaked havoc in there. I'm glad only Miss W and Wren are covering that room, too!

Caplan and Raven are enjoying having a room instead of cages.

In the cages, JuJu was hiding in her domed bed. When Little Girl reached in there to clean the cage, JuJu baptized the bed. We had to turn it over, shake her out of it, and give her a new one. She decided she would be safer hiding under that one instead of in it.

Buttercup is still biting if you get too close. Neko and Stormy are recovering from vet work, as is poor Caliente, who, in spite of being male, needed abdominal surgery to be neutered due to what we will politely term an anatomical defect.

Harry and Precious arrived 2 days ago. Harry is adjusting okay, but Precious hisses if you even try to pet Harry!

Frieda seems to always be asleep when we come now. Probably because she gets plenty of attention during the day since the hiring of Bob the Executive Director.

Lucky will never get any better, but he doesn't seem any worse. He still takes his pills in a bit of Fancy Feast, and loves being petted. Baby is sharing the storage areas and kitchens with him, and probably eating his food and getting fatter. Not much we can do about that, his calories cannot be restricted at all.

So, the course of cat life, like that of true love, never does run totally smooth, but it's all going as well as can be expected.

In honor of National Humor Month:

Point to Ponder: Can you cry under water?

Boudreaux and Thibodeaux were going fishing. Boudreaux wanted to check the boat trailer lights. So he told Thibodeaux to go in the back and check the lights.
Thibodeaux said press the brakes, both lights came on and he said, "It works".
Boudreaux put on the right signal and Thibodeaux said, "It works, it don't, it works, it don't, it works, it don't."

Today is

Chemists Celebrate The Earth Day

Discovery Day -- Brazil

Earth Day

Festival of Jupiter and Juno -- Ancient Roman Calendar

Girl Scout Leader Day

Good (Holy) Friday -- Christian

International Mother Earth Day -- UN

Lela's Holiday -- Ancient Slavic Pagan Calendar

National Jelly Bean Day

Queen Isabella Day -- Spain

St. Alexander's Day

Walpurgis celebrations begin -- through May 1, Norse Calendar

Birthdays Today:

Daniel Johns, 1979
Kim Elizabeth, 1978
Peter Frampton, 1950
John Waters, 1946
Jack Nicholson, 1937
Glen Campbell, 1936
Aaron Spelling, 1928
Yehudi Menuhin, 1916
Eddie Albert, 1906
Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev, 1891
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, 1870
Immanuel Kant, 1724
Queen Isabella, 1451

Today in History:

Portuguese navigator Pedro Cabral becomes the first European to sight Brazil, 1500
President George Washington attends a performance of Rickett's, the first circus in the US, 1793
Thomas Stevens sets out from San Francisco on the first round the world journey by bicycle, 1884
The Oklahoma land rush begins at noon; thousands rush to claim land, and the towns of Oklahoma City and Guthrie are formed within hours with populations of over 10,000 each, 1889
Pravda begins publication in St. Petersburg, 1912
The Germans begin using poison chlorine gas as a chemical weapon, 1915
British yachtsman Sir Robin Knox-Johnston completes the first solo non-stop circumnavigation of the world, 1969
The first Earth Day is celebrated, 1970
The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. is dedicated, 1993
Four Canadian soldiers are killed 75 kilometers north of Kandahar, Afghanistan by a roadside bomb planted by Taliban militants, the worst single day combat loss for the Canadian army since the Korean War, 2006

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