Saturday, July 9, 2011

A fun line to bring a smile, and i've heard it was a true story.

Supposedly, when Harrison Ford's son was 5 and in kindergarten, the teacher asked the children to stand, state their father's name, and tell what he did for a living. The young man stood up and said, "My daddy is Harrison Ford. He's an actor. Sometimes he plays the good guy, and sometimes he plays the lawyer!"

If it didn't happen, it should have.

Today is

Abbotsford Berry Beat Festival -- Abbotsford, BC, Canada (enjoy berries at the height of the season, as well as music, clowns, games, a "berried" treasure hunt, and more, through tomorrow)

Bald In - Bald Out Day -- sponsored by Bald Girls Do Lunch; if men can be bald and brazen, then women and children who cannot grow hair should bring bald INto their lives, and never feel on the OUTs!

Call of the Horizon Day -- can't find any history on this one, but if the idea of following your dreams over the Horizon has ever called you, take the time to follow today!

Caprotinia -- Ancient Roman Calendar, feast of Juno Caprotina

Carver Day -- George Washington Carver National Monument, Diamond, MO, US

Constitution Day -- Australia; Palau

Constitutionalist Revolution Day -- São Paulo

Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Omelet Day

Galicnik Svadba -- Galicnik, Macedonia (wedding festival, when one lucky couple gets to be married in a traditional "Galichka" style wedding, through tomorrow)

Independence Day -- Argentina

Martyrdom of the Bab -- Baha'i

National Sugar Cookie Day -- what could be simpler or more versatile? make them plain or make them fancy, but be sure you make enough!

Nunavut Day -- Canada (Inuit)

Shiman Rokusen-nichi -- Sensou-ji Temple, Asakusa, Tokyo (Day of 46,000; a visit to the temple on this day credits you the same as visiting 46,000 times on ordinary days)

West Quoddy Head Light Keepers Association Anniversary -- Quoddy Head State Park, Lubec, ME, US (including US Coast Guard supervised lighthouse tower climbing, for the daring!)

*Youth Day -- Morocco

Birthdays Today

Mitchel Musso, 1991
Kiely Williams, 1986
Fred Savage, 1976
Jack White, 1975
Courtney Love, 1964
Kelly McGillis, 1957
Tom Hanks, 1956
Fred Norris, 1955
Jimmy Smits, 1955
John Tesh, 1952
Chris Cooper, 1951
Mitch Mitchell, 1947
O.J. Simpson, 1947
Richard Roundtree, 1942
Ed Ames, 1927
Nikola Tesla, 1856
Elias Howe, 1819

Today in History

Roman military commander Avitus is proclaimed emperor of the Western Roman Empire, 455
Henry VIII annuls his marriage to Anne of Cleves (his 4th wife), 1540
In Versailles, the National Assembly reconstitutes itself as the National Constituent Assembly and begins preparations for a French constitution, 1789
The Act Against Slavery is passed in Upper Canada and the importation of slaves into Lower Canada is prohibited, 1793
The 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified guaranteeing African Americans full citizenship and all persons in the United States due process of law, 1868
In Provident Hospital on Chicago’s South Side, black surgeon Dr. Daniel Hale Williams performed the first successful open-heart surgery, 1893
Queen Victoria gives royal assent to an Act creating the Commonwealth of Australia thus uniting separate colonies on the continent under one federal government, 1900
Johnny Weissmuller swims the 100 meters freestyle in 58.6 seconds breaking the world swimming record and the 'minute barrier', 1922
The Russell-Einstein Manifesto is released by Bertrand Russell in London, 1955
In a seminal moment for pop art, Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans exhibition opens at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles, 1962
Margaret Thatcher begins her second term as British prime minster, 1982
South Africa is readmitted into the Olympic movement after 30 years of exclusion, 1991
The African Union is established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2002


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