Monday, April 7, 2014

A to Z Challenge & Awww Monday: F is for Fuzzy

Awww Monday is brought to us by Sandee at Comedy Plus.  Just post a picture that makes you say, "aww, how cute!"  After all, we could all use a little cute on Monday mornings.

Today, F for fuzzy.  Lorax is just that!

Don't I have a beautiful face?

So cute, I'm fluffy!

Bigger Girl very excitedly told me something she discovered about Lorax, who os getting neutered today.  "Mom.I know why he won't lick from a bowl or eat dry food -- he has a cleft palate!"

Sure enough, he does.  So, before he can go home with his forever family, he has to have surgery for that.  It certainly also explains why he has to use only the short nipple on the bottle, and the hole has to be facing down, and why he dribbles so much milk when feeding.  He's a cute little mess, and i'll be letting everyone know how he fares, of course.
Today is

Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day -- this one is unsponsored and listed on many calendar sites

Genocide Memorial Day -- Rwanda

Goddess Karna's Day -- Asatru/Slavic Pagan Calendar (goddess of crying and wailing)

International Beaver Day -- celebrating the species that restores valuable wetlands

International Snailpaper Day -- relax today with a hard copy of a regular, old fashioned newspaper

Metric System Day -- officially adopted in France on this day in 1795

Motherhood and Beauty Day -- Armenia (day the Armenian Orthodox Church celebrated the Annunciation; it is the only Church to celebrate it on this day, which is also observed as Mother's Day in this country)

National Beer Day -- US (unofficial, the celebration of the end of Prohibition)

National Coffee Cake Day

National Health Day -- Kiribati

Navpad Oli -- Jain (nine day religious festival)

No Housework Day/Let Someone Else Clean Day -- sponsored by Wellcat Holidays, enjoy this one!

Pandia -- Ancient Greek Calendar (a festival of Zeus; date approximate)

Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume Day -- Tanzania

St. Saint John Baptist de La Salle's Day (Patron of educators, school principals, teachers)

Tater Day -- Benton, KY, US (old fashioned family fun centered around the sweet potato, with a parade, a mule pull, a carnival and more)

The Masters Tournament -- the matchup for the Green Jacket is always the first full week of April

Women's Day -- Mozambique

World Health Day -- UN

Anniversaries Today:

World Health Organization is founded, 1948
Prague University is chartered by Charles IV, the first university in central Europe, 1348

Birthdays Today:

Russell Crowe, 1964
Anthony Drew "Tony" Dorsett, 1954
Jackie Chan, 1954
Janis Ian, 1951
John Oates, 1948
Gerhard Schroeder, 1944
Francis Coppola, 1939
David Frost, 1939
William Hodding Carter III, 1935
Wayne Rogers, 1933
Daniel Ellsberg, 1931
James Garner, 1928
Ravi Shankar, 1920
Billie Holiday, 1915
Walter Winchell, 1897
Bronislaw Malinowski, 1884
John Joseph McGraw, 1873
David Grandison Fairchild, 1869
W.K. Kellogg, 1860
Walter Camp, 1859
William Ellery Channing, 1780
William Wordsworth, 1770
St. Francis Xavier, 1506

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"South Pacific"(Musical), 1949
"Monsieur Beaucaire"(Operetta), 1919
Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major,"Eroica"(Beethoven Op. 55), 1805

Today in History:

Attila's Huns plunder Metz, in northern France, 451
Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I issues the first draft of the Corpus Juris Civilis, the basis for much civil law even today, 529
A crowd in Florence, Italy, storms the Convent of San Marco, demanding Fra Savonarola be turned over as they rebelled against his Bonfires of the Vanities and interference with trade, 1498
Ferdinand Magellan arrives at Cebu, 1521
Michael Cardozo becomes the first Jewish lawyer in Brazil, 1645
American pioneers found Marietta, Ohio, as the first permanent settlement of the new Northwest Territory, 1788
France adopts the meter as the standard measure of length, 1795
The Mississippi Territory is established, 1798
English chemist John Walker invents wooden matches, 1827
Thomas D'Arcy McGee, one of the Canadian Fathers of Confederation is assassinated by the Irish, in one of the few Canadian political assassinations, and the only one of a federal politician, 1868
Nebraska establishes an 8 hour work day, 1891
Texas Oil Company (Texaco) is formed, 1902
An eruption of Mt. Vesuvius devastates Naples, 1906
Dr. K. Winfield Ney performs the first brain tumor operation under a local anesthesia, at Beth Israel Hospital, 1923
Using phone lines, the first long distance television image is sent, of Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover, from Washington, D.C. to NYC, 1927
Booker T. Washington becomes the first African-American depicted on a postage stamp in the US, 1940
Syria is officially recognized as independent from France, 1946
Dwight D. Eisenhower gives his "domino theory" speech, 1954
Spain relinquishes its protectorate in Morocco, 1956
IBM announces the System/360, 1964
The publication of RFC1 marks the symbolic birth of the Internet, 1969
Development of the neutron bomb is canceled by President Jimmy Carter, 1978
During STS-6, astronauts Story Musgrave and Don Peterson perform the first space shuttle spacewalk, 1983
Mars Odyssey is launched, 2001
Mass protests begin across Moldova under the belief that results from the parliamentary election are fraudulent, 2009
Following the death of Bingu wa Mutharika, Joyce Banda becomes President of Malawi, 2012


  1. OH.
    I had no idea any animal other than the human animal could have cleft palates!!!

  2. aww! poor baby! hope he does well in surgery.

  3. awww poor Lorax! And Bigger Girl is amazing- so observant! She could be a vet! Cheers!

  4. Awww, and we've all watched his grow. Poor baby about both surgeries though. He'll be just fine.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday. Scritches to Lorax. ☺

  5. What a cute little kitten. I need to get my kitten fixed soon. They grow up so fast.

  6. Aww so cute! You daughter is very smart to have deduced he had a cleft palate. I hope everything goes okay for the little guy. :)

  7. I can't recall seeing a kitten this fuzzy.

  8. Awww poor little darling. Best thoughts for the wee gremlin.

  9. Bigger Girl has learned well. What a great thing to have realized this! You have taught some important lessons, my friend. As for Lorax, oh my gosh, what a little cutie! ~xo~


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