Thursday, April 24, 2014

A to Z Challenge: U is for Ummmm

In this house, i often have conversations that leave me saying, ummm.

"Mom, don't we have any bigger band aids?" Little Girl asked, as she dug in the first aid bucket that we keep in the cabinet.

We have what we have, i noted.  Do you need for me to get bigger ones?

"Yes!  These are not big enough!"

What happened?

"Festus cut himself."

Is it really bad?

"He'll be okay, but we need bigger band aids."

How did he cut himself?

"With a golf club."

How do you cut yourself with a golf club?

"He just did, okay?  He's talented."

Ummm, yeah.  And i can assume the golf club is now broken?

"Mom, some things, you just don't even have to ask.  But it's okay, it was old and bent anyway.  He got it out of a garbage can."

Today is

Ambivalence Day -- a holiday to tell your friends about, or not

Concord Day -- Niger

Dogwood Festival -- Camdenton, MO, US (a rite of spring festival under the beautiful dogwood trees; through Sunday)

Feast of Eros -- Ancient Greek Calendar (date approximate)

Fiddlers' Frolics -- Hallettsville, TX, US (home of the Texas State Fiddler Championships; through Sunday)

Genocide Remembrance Day / Martyrs' Day-- Armenia

Happenstance and Coincidence Evening -- Fairy Calendar

Harpa Month Begins -- Traditional Icelandic Calendar (Harp, dedicated to young women as last month was dedicated to young men)
     Sumardagurinn Fyrsti -- first day of summer, a legal holiday

Harrogate Spring Flower Show -- Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England (Britain's premier spring flower show; through Sunday)

Kapyong Day -- Australia (Battle of Kapyong, 1951)

Loktantra Diwas -- Nepal (Democracy Day)

Pigs in a Blanket Day

Poem in Your Pocket Day -- carry your favorite with you to share with friends and family to celebrate National Poetry Month

Poetry & the Creative Mind Gala -- Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, New York, NY, US (an extraordinary evening celebrating the role of contemporary poetry in American culture sponsored by Academy of American Poets)

Sandburg Days -- Galesburg, IL, US (a festival for the mind, celebrating their two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning native son, Carl Sandburg; through Sunday)

Spring Cat Cleaning Day -- because someone, somewhere, thinks you need to bathe your cat; ask the cat, he will refuse, and if you become insistent, be careful

St. Ives' Day (Patron of St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, England)

St. Mark's Eve*

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work® Day -- US (begun by the Ms. Foundation for Women in 2003, the day is designed to expand opportunities for girls and boys, expose them to what adults do in their daily lives during work hours, show them the value of education, and teach them about the challenges of balancing work, family, community, and personal responsibilities; children are encouraged to return to school tomorrow and discuss what they have learned)

Washington State Apple Blossom Festival -- Wenatchee, WA, US (more than 40 fun events showcasing the greater Wenatchee Valley, it's people, products, and heritage; through the first Sunday in May)

World Meningitis Day --

*A young lady may eat a boiled dove's egg sprinkled with salt and place
a tulip, sacred to St. Mark, in a vase next to her bed, and so she will
dream of the man she will marry.

Anniversary Today:

Mary, Queen of Scots marries Dauphin of France, Fran├žois, at Notre Dame de Paris, 1558

Birthdays Today:

Courtnee Draper, 1985
Kelly Clarkson, 1982
Eric Balfour, 1977
Chipper Jones, 1972
Cedric the Entertainer, 1964
Djimon Hounsou, 1964
Michael O’Keefe, 1955
Eric Bogosian, 1953
Jean-Paul Gaultier, 1952
Doug Clifford, 1945
Barbra Streisand, 1942
Richard M. Daley, 1942
Sue Grafton, 1940
Jill Ireland, 1936
Shirley MacLaine, 1934
Stanley J. Kauffmann, 1916
Robert Penn Warren, 1905
Michael J. Dady, 1850
George N. Bascom, 1836
Anthony Trollope, 1815
Robert Bailey Thomas, 1766
Edmund Cartwright, 1743

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Dancing at Lughnasa"(Play), 1990
"Die Jahreszeiten/The Seasons"(Oratorio, Haydn H 21/3), 1801
The Boston News-Letter(Newspaper), 1704 (first successful newspaper in the British colonies)

Today in History:

Thutmose III ascends to the throne of Egypt, although power effectively shifts to Hatshepsut, BC1479
Traditional date for the Greeks entering Troy using the Trojan Horse, BC1184
The appearance of Halley's Comet causes monks in England to predict evil happenings, 1066
"La Marseillaise" is composed by Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle, 1792
The Boston "News-Letter" becomes the first successful newspaper in the colonies, 1704
The Library of Congress is established, 1800
A patent is granted for the first soda fountain, 1833
William Price of the Washington Star becomes the first reporter to be specifically assigned to the White House, 1897
The fathometer, which measures underwater depth, is patented, 1928
Winston Churchill is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, 1953
Cosmonaut  Vladimir Komarov dies in Soyuz 1, the first person to die during a space mission, 1967
Mauritius becomes a member state of the United Nations, 1968
The first Chinese satellite, Dong Fang Hong I, is launched, 1970
Gruinard Island, Scotland, is officially declared free of the anthrax disease after 48 years of quarantine, 1990
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is inaugurated as the 265th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church taking the name Pope Benedict XVI, 2005
Snuppy, the world's first cloned dog is born in South Korea, 2005
Iceland announces that Norway will shoulder the defense of Iceland during peacetime, 2007
Scientists in Kamchatka, Russia, report sighting the first adult white orca to be seen in the wild, 2012


  1. LAUGHED OUT LOUD as here for now it is more "I JUST DID IT OK. IM TALENTED" for all the weird wonky happenings...

  2. when your own kids don't provide enough entertainment, visitors do. :)

  3. So glad that my kids are now grown and I do not have to keep the care gassed up for the emergency room.

  4. Bwahahahahahahaha. That kid is something else. Amusing as all get out. Your built in entertainment.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  5. Ha.. there are indeed some questions we should not ask.

  6. Uh-oh. That doesn't sound good at all. I hope a bigger bandaid is all that's needed and not stitches...

  7. No comment, just a lot of me... laughing. LOL!

  8. Festus sounds like quite a character.

  9. that is talent! LOL
    I swear I have heard similar conversations in my house. So many "ummmm" moments.

  10. Umm gets plenty of airtime here as well. Certainly appropriate in your golf club example.

  11. might need a big bandaid if you spring clean your kitties! Cheers!


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