Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A to Z Challenge: M is for Mikey

Okay, everyone!  Pipe down!  It's my turn, so clear out!

Everyone else gone?  Good.

Hi, I'm Mikey.  I own #1 Son, well,  co-own him with Enigma.  I don't mind admitting that, either, as she's cool.   She grooms me, and with my long hair, that's a good friend who does that!

Me, guarding the front door.

As for the rest of these clowns in this house that try to pass for felines, well, some of them don't want to acknowledge me as boss!  Can you believe it?  I mean really, you move away for a year, and when you come back Link goes out of his way to pick fights!  I mean, I helped raise that little stinker.

Me, just chillin'.

Now, Dansig, he remembered that I am top cat, and he is my friend, always was and always will be.  Most of the others are afraid of me enough not to argue.  That's the beauty of being the biggest and a Maine Coon mix, I'm big enough to get the point across to everyone.  Well, i keep having to prove that to the Tripod, who is a foster and just visiting and ought to be glad she even has a place, and that Siamese.  She is stuck up.  We get on as long as we mostly stay away from each other, and I'm willing to let her think she's in charge since she's 12 years old,  I know I'm the ruler, though

I'm king, and sit where I choose!

Don't get me wrong, either, I'm a great person owner.  I love my boy and his whole family.  I'm one of the most loving cats there is with the people I claim.  I just don't tolerate any nonsense from other cats.  Come on, I even let Little Girl put flowers on me, so you know i'm mostly laid back.

Aren't I patient -- and handsome1

Well, I guess that's about all I had to say, except that when I was orphaned as a  baby and raised here, I lucked out that #1 Son realized I'd make such a good person owner. 

Hey, hey!  Why are you sneaking back in here!

Sorry folks, gotta go.  See you soon!

Today is

Celtic Tree Month Saille (willow) begins

Day of the Sun -- North Korea (Kim Il Sung's Birthday)

Eighty-Niner Days Celebration -- Guthrie, OK, US (commemoration of the Oklahoma Territory Land Run of April 22, 1889, celebrating their heritage with chuck wagon feeds, "gunfights", a parade and carnival; through Saturday)

Fast Food Day -- the first franchised McDonald's opened this day in 1955 in Des Plaines, IL, US

Father Damien Day -- Hawaii, US (Patron of lepers)

Festival of Heru; Festival of Bast -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Fluff Appreciation Day -- internet generated; i guess as a distraction for Tax Day

Fordicalia -- Ancient Roman Calendar (cow sacrifice to the earth mother, Tellus Mater)

Full Pink Moon -- a/k/a Full Sprouting Moon, Grass Moon, Egg Moon, White Moon, Virgin Moon, and Fish Moon; in other traditions
     Bak Full Moon Poya Day -- Sri Lanka
     Tagu Full Moon -- Myanmar

Guangzhou (Canton) Spring Trade Fair -- Guangzhou (Canton), China (a month-long spring trade fair held the same dates each year)

Hanuman Jayanti -- Hindu (local dates may vary)

Hillsborough Disaster Memorial -- Anfield at Liverpool, England

Income Tax Pay Day -- Philippines; US
     related observances:
     Freak Out Day
     National Griper's Day (after all, you have to pay your taxes, and the Titanic sank today*)
     Tax Resistors' Day -- good luck!
     That Sucks Day (appropriate, isn't it)

Jackie Robinson Day -- Major League Baseball

Lord's Evening Meal -- Jehovah's Witness

National Glazed Ham Day

National Library Workers Day -- US (always the Tuesday of National Library Week)

Passover -- Judaism (began sundown yesterday; ends evening Apr. 22)

Rubber Eraser Day -- today in 1770, Joseph Priestly described a vegetable gum which had the ability to rub out pencil marks

St. Hunna's Day (Patron of laundresses, laundry workers, washerwomen)

Swallow Day -- England (traditional date of the return of chimney swallows)

Take a Wild Guess Day -- sponsored by Jim Barber as a day to honor guesses, hunches, inspirations, speculations and other forms of “intuitive intelligence;” just not on your taxes, please

Tipsa Diena -- Ancient Latvian Calendar (celebration of the start of plowing)

Titanic Remembrance Day

World Creativity and Innovation Week -- always begins on DaVinci's birth anniversary
    World Art Day -- because he was an artist as well as inventor

*If you want to add others reasons why today should be considered "That Sucks Day", please go share your horror story of the day at www.thatsucks.net

Anniversary Today:

Gallaudet University is founded, 1817 (first US public school for the deaf)

Birthdays Today:

Emma Watson, 1990
Ilya Kovalchuck, 1983
Seth Rogen, 1982
Patrick Carney, 1980
Anna Torv, 1978
Emma Thompson, 1959
Evelyn Ashford, 1957
Heloise Cruse Evans, 1951
Amy Wright, 1950
Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, 1947
Claudia Cardinale, 1939
Roy Clark, 1933
Elizabeth Montgomery, 1933
Leon Schotter, 1922
Harold Washington, 1922
Hilda Simms, 1920
Hans Conried, 1917
Bessie Smith, 1894
Thomas Hart Benton, 1889
Sam Rodia, 1875
John Munroe Longyear, 1850
Henry James, 1843
Joseph E. Seagram, 1841
Charles Willson Peale, 1741(O.S. date)
Leonardo da Vinci, 1452

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"In Living Color"(TV), 1990
"Driving Miss Daisy"(Play), 1987

Today in History:

Pope Innocent III refuses to grant permission to the Jews of Cordova, Spain, to build a synagogue, 1250
Samuel Johnson's A Dictionary of the English Language is published in London, 1755
The first school for the deaf in the US opens in Hartford, Connecticut, 1817
The last day US silver coins are allowed to circulate in Canada, 1870
Harley Proctor begins producing Ivory Soap, 1878
General Electric Company is incorporated, 1892
The Titanic sinks, 1912
Insulin becomes available to diabetics, 1923
Rand McNally publishes its first road atlas, 1924
Jackie Robinson debuts with the Brooklyn Dodgers, 1947
White Rock, British Columbia officially separates from Surrey, British Columbia and is incorporated as a new city, 1957
Tokyo Disney Resort (and the Tokyo Disneyland park) opens in Tokyo Bay (Japan), 1983
Upon Hu Yaobang's death, the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 begin in the People's Republic of China, 1989
Representatives of 124 countries and the European Communities sign the Marrakesh Agreements revising the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and initiating the World Trade Organization, 1994
Astronomers at San Francisco State University announce the discovery of the first multiplanet solar system besides our own, three planets around Upsilon Andromedaie, 1999
Volcanic ash from the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland leads to the closure of airspace over most of Europe, 2010
In a Schrodinger's cat experiment, researchers in Japan and Australia successfully teleport wave packets of light; this is the first transfer of quantum information from one point to another, 2011


Tabor said...

Looks like a nice personality. But since I am allergic I am outta here.

TexWisGirl said...

mikey, you are a handsome, big fellow!

Abelle | The Wows! And Oops! Of Life said...

This is funny!

I've been out of circulation for a while. You know, life gets in the way. ;o)

stephen Hayes said...

Cute post. Our son had a Maine coon cat named Charlie. He was huge, and the biggest scardy cat you've ever met. Well, I shouldn't say that to you since you've met more felines than most people. Have a great day.

Sandee said...

You are boss and we all know that now. I love the flowers too. I'm convinced that you are a good people cat.

Have a purrfect day. My best to your wonderful mom. ☺

stevebethere said...

I had a cat looked just like you called Thomas he never took any nonsense either especially from humans heheh!

Kay G. said...

Since this is my birthday today, I am thinking that I must be a lot like Leonardo da Vinci and Elizabeth Montgomery...I am sure that I have been called a witch before....or was it something that rhymed with that word?? LOL!!

Unknown said...

I adore long haired cats, particularly Maine Coons. I had one and the amount of fur between her toes always amazed me. It was like she was walking on big furry snowshoes all the time. ;)

Jean said...

Hi, Mikey! Loved your story.

Jean, visiting for the A-Z Challenge from Rantings and Ravings of an Insane Writer

Slamdunk said...

It sounds like Mikey is my kind of cat. I like that independence and the lack of intimidation in the face of authority. We have one like that here--fun until I am pulling endless amounts of cat hair off of things the "king" has decided to lay on.

LA Botchar said...

Mikey, you are very handsome - as well as very tolerant and patient I might add. :)