Sunday, July 21, 2019

Take a Better Look (Cajun Joke) and A Few Hours in the Country (Sunday Selections)

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Just because Sandee of Comedy Plus is no longer hosting a Silly Sunday blog hop, do not expect me to quit telling Cajun jokes, especially as it has now become a habit.

Sweetie recently had to re-qualify for his life insurance.  They balked at his blood pressure, which is totally normal as long as no one is taking it. 

He picked a new primary physician (he hasn't had one in years) and went in.  Sure enough, the doctor was able to show that his blood pressure is totally normal when you stay away from him with the cuff.  A true and certified white coat hypertensive person, which is a rare thing.

Boudreaux done be sellin' de life insurance on de side to make him de extra money.  

He be tryin' sell a policy to Gaston, an' Gaston say, "Boudreaux, I don' know 'bout dis.  I allus done t'ink dat if'n I go, my wife can jes' remarry an' get someone else take care 'o her."

Well Boudreaux done convince Gaston when he say, "Gaston, did you done look at you wife lately?"


Sunday Selections was started as a way for bloggers to use photos that might otherwise just languish in their files.  The rules have been relaxed, and it is now simply a showcase for your photos, new or old, good or bad, although nothing rude, please.  It is now hosted by Elephant's Child.     

The other day, i happened to be out in the country.  There was a pond, a nice picnic area, and plenty of geese.


Today is:

Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim -- Istanbul, Turkey (over 1,000 swimmers take the opportunity to swim from one continent to the other, crossing the Bosphorus Strait from Asia to Europe)

Codman Estate Antique Auto Show -- Codman Estate, Lincoln, MA, US (a day to appreciate antique and classic cars, trucks, motorcycles, and fire engines)

Coldest Day Ever -- the lowest natural temperature ever recorded on Earth was -89.2 *C (-128.6 *F; 184.0 *K) at the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica on this day in 1983

Dornach Commemoration Day -- Dornach Battlefield and nearby city of Solothurn, Switzerland (victory in 1499 which ended the Swabian War)

Fast of Shiva Asar B'Tammuz (Tzom Tammuz) -- Judaism (a day of fasting and mourning the destruction of the tablets by Moses, the disruption of Temple services in 423BCE, and the breaching of the walls of Jerusalem right before the Temple was destroyed in 70AD; as a minor fast it begins today at dawn and ends at nightfall)

Feast of Damo -- Ancient Greek Calendar (keeper of secrets of philosophy; daughter of Greek sages, Pythagoras and Theano, date approximate)

Galla Bayramy -- Turkmenistan (celebration of the wheat harvest)

Hemingway Birthday Celebration -- Hemingway Museum, Oak Park, IL, US

Independence Day / National Day -- Belgium(1830)

Kazanskaya -- Russia (Feast of Our Lady of Kazan)

Lake Superior Day -- info at the Lake Superior Forum 

Lakota Sun Dance -- Lakota Native Americans (festival of the sun god Wi, with offerings to Maka (mother earth) and Haokah (father sky), both aspects of Creator Tukaskanskan; dating approximate, as outsiders are usually no longer allowed at these multi-day ceremonies)

Liberation Day -- Guam (1944; from Japan)

Lucaria -- Ancient Roman Calendar ("Feast of Clearings", with prayers said as land was cleared for planting)

Luxembourg Beer Festival -- Diekirch, Luxembourg

National Ice Cream Day -- by US Presidential proclamation on the 3rd Sunday of July each year; at this time of year, the trick is to eat it fast enough that it doesn't melt, but not so fast that you get a brain freeze!

National Junk Food Day

No Pet Store Puppies Day -- ASPCA sponsored this day in previous years, and while i can't find a confirmation of another campaign, you can still Take The Pledge to not shop at any pet store that sells puppies, because they are almost certainly from puppy mills 

Racial Harmony Day -- Singapore

Ragbrai / Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa(TM) -- Iowa, US (the oldest, largest and longest bicycle touring event in the world; through the 27th)

Sapporo Summer Festival -- Odori Park, Sapporo, Japan (through Aug. 20, the park becomes a beer garden)

Schoelcher Day -- French West Indies; Martinique (Schoelcher worked for abolition)

St. Lawrence of Brindisi's Day (Patron of Brindisi, Italy)

St. Praxedes' Day (Patron of single laywomen)

Touch Hammer's Birthday Bargain Day -- Fairy Calendar

Tug-Of-War Tournament Day -- if you have a problem with someone today, solve it with an old fashioned tug-of-war!

Birthdays Today

Hatty Jones, 1988
Josh Hartnett, 1978
Justin Bartha, 1978
Lance Guest, 1960
Matt Mulhern, 1960
Jon Lovitz, 1957
Michael Connelly, 1956
Robin Williams, 1951
Garry Trudeau, 1949
Cat Stevens, 1948
Kenneth Starr, 1946
Tony Scott, 1944
Edward Herrmann, 1943
Janet Reno, 1938
Norman Jewison, 1926
Don Knotts, 1924
Kay Starr, 1922
Isaac Stern, 1920
Marshall McLuhan, 1911
Ernest Hemingway, 1899
John Joseph "Johnny" Evers, 1881

Today in History

Herostratus sets fire to the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, BCE 356
A tsunami devastates the city of Alexandria, Egypt, 365
The first landing of French troops on the coast during the French invasion of the Isle of Wight, 1545
Twenty-four-year-old Scottish physician and explorer Mungo Park became the first European to see the Niger River, the third longest river in Africa, 1796
In the market square of Springfield, Missouri, Wild Bill Hickok shoots and kills Davis Tutt in what is regarded as the first true western showdown, 1865
At Adair, Iowa, Jesse James and the James-Younger Gang pull off the first successful train robbery in the American Old West, 1873
Louis Rigolly, a Frenchman, becomes the first man to break the 100 mph (161 km/h) barrier on land, driving a 15-liter Gobron-Brille in Ostend, Belgium, 1904
In Dayton, Tennessee, high school biology teacher John T. Scopes is found guilty of teaching evolution in class and fined $100, 1925
Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin become the first men to walk on the Moon, during the Apollo 11 mission, 1969
After 11 years of construction, the Aswan High Dam in Egypt is completed, 1970
The world's lowest temperature is recorded at Vostok Station, Antarctica at -82.9*C (-129*F), 1983
The fully restored USS Constitution (aka "Old Ironsides") celebrates her 200th birthday by setting sail for the first time in 116 years, 1997

NASA's Space Shuttle program ends with the landing of Space Shuttle Atlantis on mission STS-135, 2011


  1. It looks like a blissful area - for you and the geese.
    My youngest brother also suffers from white-coat hypertension.

  2. The Dad here has white coat panic. Love the geese, we sure have lots here!

  3. I can get three different readings on my BP in the same visit. I think that qualifies me for white coat hypertension.

  4. Hubby has that white coat thing too. Our doctor is well aware of it.

    Love the joke. Perspective is a wonderful thing.

    What a lovely way to take a minute and enjoy the beauty around us.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. ♥

  5. Wonderful peaceful photos, love the geese.

  6. I hate it when I have to have my blood pressure checked. It's always high but my doctor yells me that happens with everyone. There is a name for it but I can't remember. All I know is when I have them done at home, it's usually fine. See ya Mimi.

    Cruisin Paul

  7. Another fun 'Cajun' joke ~ and great photos of the park and geese ~ ^_^

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  8. Cute joke :) Great photos, I like the geese.

  9. My friend has white coat hypertension too. I always try to relax and breath deeply and blow out slowly to calm myself whenever I need to have my blood pressure taken. Good thing the geese didn't feel threaten or else they will go after you. That is a nice picnic area.

  10. Those trees are so straight you could use them for masts on old sailing ships.
    My blood pressure is stable for now and I don't have any white coat phobias, but I know when it goes up, I can hear my heartbeat in my ears. I used to think that was normal...

  11. It's lovely to see these beautiful creatures out there free and doing their thing


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