Monday, May 9, 2022

Jock (Awww Monday), Inspiring Quote of the Week, and Professionals (Poetry Monday)


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#2 Son has adopted a puppy!  They now have a blue heeler named Jock.  He's wiggly, of course, so these are the best i could get.


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Poetry Monday was started by Diane at On The Alberta/Montana Border Jenny at Procrastinating Donkey is on a blog semi-break and her poetry is sorely missed, we hope she comes back soon.   Charlotte/Mother Owl participates, and now Karen at Baking in a Tornado is jumping in at least once a month, too.  Anyone else is welcome to join in the fun, just let Diane know!

This week the theme is Music.                \         

A gentleman was planning

a big event to host.

He really wanted music,

a live band would be "the most!"

He called a local group,

he'd heard that they were great,

played oldies and wrote their own music,

could they come that time and date?

The band of four was available,

now there's only one unknown,

he asked them what they charge,

and he almost dropped the phone!

He couldn't believe his ears

when they told him what it cost,

just for music it was how much?

He thought their minds they'd lost.

The front man said, okay then,

I'll make a deal with you,

you're going to make a few more calls

and here is what you'll do.

You call an electrician,

and then you call a plumber,

a carpenter and painter,

four pros in number.

Tell them you have work for them

on a busy Saturday night,

from six pm to twelve am,

if that would be all right.

Ask them what they'd charge you

to work that evening on your staff,

whatever they will charge you,

well, you can pay us half!


Today is:

Aso ote Tala Lei -- Tuvalu (Gospel Day)

Europe Day -- European Union

Independence Day -- Romania (1877, from the Ottoman Empire)

Lawn Mower Day -- a rotary blade mower was patented this day in 1899

Lemuralia -- Ancient Roman Calendar (first of 3 non-consecutive days dedicated to getting rid of the spirits of the malevolent dead; rituals performed today, the 11th, and the 13th)

Liberation Day -- Guernsey; Jersey

Lost Sock Memorial Day -- they go to the hozone layer!

National Butterscotch Brownie Day

National Moscato Day   

Olympieia -- Ancient Greek Calendar (spring festival for Zeus; date approximate)

Pastele Blajinilor -- Moldova (Memory/Parent's Day)

Remembrance for Gudrod of Gudbrandsdal -- Slavic Pagan/Asatru (pagan martyr)

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Fairies Founded -- Fairy Calendar

St. Beatus of Lungern's Day  (Apostle of Switzerland)

St. Nicholas Albergati's Day (Patron of learning)

Tear Tags Off of Mattresses Day  -- yes, you can!  If you bought it, you're allowed to.

Victory Day / Victory and Peace Day -- countries that didn't celebrate V-E day yesterday, mostly Russia and former SSR's

Women's Check-up Day 2022 -- US (always the Monday after Mother's Day, encouraging women to be proactive about their health   

Xotira va Qadirlash Kuni -- Uzbekistan (Day of Remembrance and Honors)

Birthdays Today:

Rosario Dawson, 1979

Steve Yzerman, 1965

Tony Gwynn, 1960

Billy Joel, 1949

Candice Bergen, 1946

James L. Brooks, 1940

Charles Simic, 1938

Glenda Jackson, 1937

Albert Finney, 1936

Glenda Jackson, 1936

Richard Alonzo “Pancho” Gonzales, 1928

Mike Wallace, 1918

Howard Carter, 1873

J.M. Barrie, 1860

Belle Boyd, 1843

John Brown, 1800

Today in History:

The first battle recorded with what is considered historic accuracy and detail, the Battle of Megiddo between Thutmose III and a large Canaanite coalition under the King of Kadesh, BC1457

Christopher Columbus leaves Spain for his 4th and final voyage, 1502

Thomas Blood, disguised as a clergyman, attempts to steal England's Crown Jewels from the Tower of London, 1671

British inventor Joseph Bramah patents beer-pump handle, 1785

The city of Reno, Nevada, is founded, 1868

The Vienna stock market crash (Der Krach) heralds the Long Depression, 1873

The first horse-drawn bus makes its début in the city of Mumbai, 1874

Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show opens in London, 1887

The first horseless carriage show in London opens, featuring 10 models, 1896

The lawn mower is patented, 1899

Australia opens its first parliament in Melbourne, 1901

The steam locomotive City of Truro becomes the first steam engine in Europe to exceed 100mph, 1904

The Australian Parliament first convenes in Canberra, 1927

Edgar Bergen and Charley McCarthy take to the airwaves, becoming an overnight radio sensation, 1937

Rainier III of Monaco becomes Prince of Monaco, 1949

Sam and Friends, with Jim Hensen and his muppets, debuts, 1955

The FDA announces it will approve birth control as an additional indication for Searle's Enovid, making Enovid the world's first approved oral contraceptive pill, 1960

Iranian Jewish businessman Habib Elghanian is executed by firing squad in Tehran, prompting the mass exodus of the once 100,000 member strong Jewish community of Iran, 1979

The South African parliament chooses Nelson Mandela as president, 1994

Estonia ratifies the European Constitution, 2006

A report reveals that hackers using fraudulent ATM cards in February, 2013, stole $45 million, 2013

The fossil of a Chinese feathered baby dinosaur is formally given the identification of Beibeilong sinensis (baby dragon in Chinese), 2017

The discovery of the oldest viral DNA, a form of hepatitis B in 7,000 year old skeleton found in Germany, is reported, 2018

French adventurer Jean-Jacques Savin (72) successfully crosses the Atlantic Ocean in a barrel arriving in Martinique; the journey took four months, 2019

A full published report of the contents of an Anglo-Saxon tomb found in 2003 in Prittlewell, England, is hailed by archaeologists as being Britain's equivalent of Egypt's tomb of Tutankhamen, 2019


  1. The puppy is beautiful and I like your poem.

  2. Love that wriggly boy. And the poem is spot on.

  3. Oh, I so love your poem. Why is it that artistic endeavours is always thought to be either for free or dirt cheap? Be it music, translations, home-knit, home baked ... Sorry you touched a sore spot here.
    I have not written any poem for Poetry Monday, and now, after reading yours, my head is totally empty. It's so well written and spot on!

  4. What a cute puppy Jock seems contented and happy already :-)
    Have a puppytastic Monday 👍

  5. Belated Happy Mother's Day to you, Mimi! I hope your day was extra special because you deserve it. I'm sure your family was wonderful to you, right? The new pup is a cutie! Your poem was great and I got a tickle out of the ending! Have a good week, my dear!

  6. Congratulations on the new puppy in the family!

  7. Beautiful wiggly puppy. So cute. Nice poem. Have a great week.

  8. Your poem is so true, live music is expensive, but there's nothing like it. And when you put the price into context, it's a bargain!

  9. Aw on the new pup. So cute. They bring such joy.

    Love your Spark and love the poem. So very true. You do these so very well.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Big hug. ♥

  10. Awww! What a sweet puppy!
    Brilliant poem!
    I'm afraid our Arts group comes across this a lot--people unwilling to PAY for anything to do with the ARTS. We get people all the time wanting us to donate our art. Or our books. Or play for free.
    And giving a lot of backchat because we deign to charge! They are shocked!
    My friend can do a caricature in 10 minutes. And they are good! People always balk at the price. "But it only took you 10 minutes!"
    But then she tells them that it took her 10 years of study and work to be able to do that in 10 minutes. They usually drop the subject...

  11. Such a cute pup. Great spark and I love the poem. XO

  12. ewe bee one awesum pup wee dood !!! happee gotcha day ☺☺ =(..)=♥

  13. Great poem! Perfect Spark and the little Blue Heeler is awdorable! Cheers!

  14. Adorable little puppy ~ Blue Healers are great dogs ~ sweet photos and your poems delight always ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  15. Jock is such a cutie puppy! That was a good Spark and a super fun story!

  16. Ah! Life with Heelers! Cinnamon is my 3rd (she is a red heeler). They are wonderful dogs. You will ALL fall in love with Jack. And your Spark is wonderful Thanks Mimi. And thanks so much for your kind words about Cinnamon. She had a check up with the vet today and is doing splendidly. I hope you have a marvellously Happy Week. Barb


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