Friday, February 10, 2023

Naughty Wilbur (Feline Friday) and Friendly Fill-Ins


Feline Friday was originally started by Steve, The Burnt Food Dude (who no longer blogs), and i'm going to believe it's because he likes cats.

He handed hosting duties off to Sandee at Comedy Plus, and now she's entrusting it to me.  Wish me luck!  

Feline Friday is simple to join.  All you have to do is: Post a picture, drawing, cartoon or video of a cat (they may be silly or cute).  Then add your link!

One thing for sure is this is a fun and easy meme to do.  So come and join us in Feline Friday.

What better way to start the weekend than with a feline!

Naughty Wilbur has lived up to his name.  He not only tries to get out of his cage at every opportunity, he held out for and got the whole staff to give him nothing but canned food.  Naughty Wilbur is spoiled!  (He's also been adopted, of course, with his sister who is not spoiled and eats dry kibble just fine.

I don't eat this!  Where's my can?

Wilbur in the front, Missy in the back.


Friendly Fill-Ins are easy to do. There are four statements: the first two statements are provided by Ellen of 15AndMeowing, and the final two are offered by Lorianne The Menagerie Mom of Four-Legged Furballs. They try to make sure the statements will be fun to both answer and share. The linky will be posted at or about 12:00 AM on Friday. Please head over to one of their sites, link up, and share your thoughts!      

Here are this week's statements with my responses underlined:

1. I am going to ____________ on ___________________.

2.The worst _____________ is _____________.

3. From my experience, _________ is worth its weight in gold.

4. _________ does not work for me.

1. I am going to   try to relax  on   my Tuesdays off.

2.The worst   part of taxes  is   trying to get all the information together, and then waiting to find out the final tally.

3. From my experience,   having quiet time in which to pray, reflect, meditate or just enjoy the silence  is worth its weight in gold.

4. The Magic Eye 3-D puzzles in the Sunday comic pages  does not work for me.   All i ever get from trying to see the 3-D object is watery eyes and a headache.


Today is:

Deep Blue Day -- the IBM computer defeats chess champion Gary Kasparov, the first such victory for a computer, in 1996

Feast of Saint Paul's Shipwreck -- Malta

Gold Record Day -- Glenn Miller is awarded the first ever Gold Record, for "Chattanoga Choo Choo", 1942

National Cream Cheese Brownie Day

National Memorial Day of the Exiles and Foibe -- Italy, especially in Trieste

Plimsoll Day -- honoring Samuel Plimsoll, the "Sailor’s Friend," who persuaded Parliament to have a maximum load limit on ships.

Scout Sabbath -- BSA (Boy Scouts are encouraged to wear their uniforms to synagogue tonight or tomorrow morning and represent scouting to their congregations)

St. Scholastica's Day (Patron of children in convulsions, nuns; LeMans, France; against rain, storms)

Try to Invent a New Jell-O Flavor Day -- it can't hurt to try

Umbrella Day

Anniversaries Today:

Poland is symbolically married to the Baltic Sea by Jozef Haller de Hallenburg, celebrating the restitution of Polish access to the water, 1920

Tom Thumb marries Mercy Lavinia Warren, 1863

Queen Victoria marries her cousin Albert von Saxe-Coburg, 1840

Treaty of Paris ends the Seven Years' War (a/k/a French and Indian War), 1763

Academie Francaise forms in Paris (by Cardinal Richelieu), 1635

Birthdays Today:

Lance Berkman, 1976

Laura Dern, 1967

Glen Beck, 1964

Lenny Dykstra, 1963

Cliff Burton, 1962

George Stephanopoulos, 1961

Greg Norman, 1955

Jim Cramer, 1955

Mark Spitz, 1950

Donovan, 1946

Frances Moore Lappe, 1944

Roberta Flack, 1939

Robert Wagner, 1930

Leontyne Price, 1927

Lon Chaney, Jr., 1906

Bertolt Brecht, 1898

Frances Margaret "Dame Judith" Anderson, 1898

Jimmy Durante, 1893

William "Bill" Tilden, 1893

Boris Pasternak, 1890

Samuel Plimsoll, 1824

Charles Lamb, 1775

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"My Friend Flicka"(TV), 1956

"Death of a Salesman"(Play), 1949

"Puss Gets the Boot"(Cartoon, first Tom and Jerry short), 1940

"Icebound"(Pulitzer-winning Davis' Play), 1923

"All the News That's Fit to Print"(Slogan of the New York Times), 1897

"Les Contes d'Hoffman"(Offenbach Opera), 1881  

"The Lily of Killarney"(Opera), 1862

Today in History:

St. Paul is shipwrecked on the island of Malta, 60

Crusaders defeat Prince Redwan of Aleppo at Antioch, 1098

The St. Scholastica's Day riot breaks out in Oxford, England, leaving 63 scholars and perhaps 30 locals dead in two days, 1355

Wampanoag Indians under King Philip kill all the men in Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1676

Edmund Halley is appointed the second Astronomer Royal of England, 1720

The Treaty of Paris ends the French and Indian War, surrendering Canada to England, 1763

Simon Bolivar is named dictator by the Congress of Peru, 1824

The first US fire extinguisher patent granted to Alanson Crane of Virginia, 1863

The YWCA is founded in NYC, 1870

Nathaniel Carr Goodwin becomes the first actor to perform in two different cities on the same day, in Boston for a matinee, and then in NYC for and evening performance, 1887

Nearly 11,000,000 acres of land, ceded to the US government by the Sioux Indians, is opened for settlement, 1890

The New York Times begins using the slogan, "All the news that's fit to print," 1897

Japan and Russia declare war after Japan's surprise attack on Russian fleet at Port Arthur disabled 7 Russian warships, 1904

Britain's first modern and largest battleship "HMS Dreadnought" is launched, 1906

Baseball outlaws all pitches that involve tampering with the ball, 1920

New Delhi becomes the capital of India, 1931

The first singing telegram is delivered, by the Postal Telegram Company of NYC, 1933

Captured American U2 spy-plane pilot Gary Powers is exchanged for captured Soviet spy Rudolf Abel, 1962

Ron Brown is elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee becoming the first African American to lead a major American political party, 1989

The IBM supercomputer Deep Blue defeats Garry Kasparov for the first time, 1996

The communication satellites Iridium 33 and Kosmos-2251 collide in orbit, destroying both, 2009

The Venezuelan government orders more than 100 malls to close early to save electricity, due to drought caused by El Niño, 2016

More than 30 bushfires are put out by the heaviest rainfall in 30 years in New South Wales, Australia, helping end one of the worst bushfire seasons ever, 2020

Astronomers confirm they've found the most distant planetoid in the solar system so far, four times further than planetoid Pluto, 2021


  1. Naughty Wilbur indeed. I hope he learns to eat his kibble at his new home.

  2. Curious cat. Thanx for all your good works, Mimi.

    God bless.

  3. Naughty Wilbur is very dominant LOL :-)

    I liked your fill-ins have a taxtastic weekend 👍

  4. Wilbur knows what he wants and how to get it!

  5. I hope Wilbur's happy in his new home! Nice Fill-Ins.

  6. It sounds like Wilbur is a fun little one! Those were good fill-in answers too!

  7. I am glad these 2 cuties already found a forever home. Thanks for hosting Feline Friday and for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I hope you get to relax on Tuesdays. I have never been able to see those 3-d pictures either. XO

  8. Wilbur and Missy are adorable gingers.
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. Wilbur and Missy are adorable. I love the picture of them together.

  10. I look at these adorable cat pictures each week and wonder how you restrain yourself from just bringing them all home.

  11. Darling kitties and I love your fill-ins- especially #3!!!

  12. Hee! Hee! Wilbur is just like me (Marv) BUT now I do eat kibble too! Concatulations to him and Missy on getting a forever home together. And Mimi, we LOVED your fill-ins! Our Peep agrees with your #3! Thanks for the terrific hop and keep being awesome! Purrs Marvelous Marv

  13. My cats would literally eat anything. Anything. Lol. Nice fill-ins. That Magic Eye puzzle sounds interesting, but not easy. Have a great weekend! :-)

  14. Naughty Wilbur is cute, and he sounds like quite the character! Great to hear he and his sister have been adopted. :)

    Great fill-in answers. We agree with #3, and hope you do relax on your well-earned days off!

  15. Such little cuties! Fudge is an eating machine here! MOL Supurr fill-ins today, and definitely #3!


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