Monday, August 31, 2009

While I am too technologically challenged of a Luddite to post pictures, I will try my hand at the unglazed letter of the day challenge posted by Jen.

Today's letter is S.

S is for saltine crackers.

Sounds crazy, but saltines will always remind me of a sermon and a Bible lesson.

Jesus taught that people who love God are supposed to be the salt of the earth. Salt on the roads gives traction, and leaning on God gives traction to your life. Salt on food gives savor, and makes it taste good. We should flavor people's lives, leave a good taste in their mouths.

But like saltines, we should leave them thirsty, thirsty to draw closer to God.

In a way this should be easy enough for me. I'm a little bit (who am I trying to kid? a big bit!) crackers, so I might just as well be a saltine.

Today is:

Festal Day -- Order of the Eastern Star

Grape Blessing Day, Armenia

Hari Merdeka, Maylaysia (National Day)

Independence Day, Kyrgyzstan, Trinidad and Tobago

Love Litigating Lawyers Day (Yes, God tells us to love everybody, even litigation attorneys. He never said doing it would be easy.)

National Trail Mix Day

Solidarity Day, Poland

St. Aidan's Day

Summer Bank Holiday, UK

Wisconsin State Cow-Chip Throw

Birthdays Today:

Jeff Hardy, 1977
Richard Gere, 1949
Itzhak Perlman, 1945
Marva Collins, 1936
Frank Robinson, 1935
James Coburn, 1928
Buddy Hackett, 1924
Alan Jay Lerner, 1918
Arthur Godfrey, 1903
Maria Montessori, 1870

Today in History:

Traditional date upon which Ayonwentah (Haiwatha) and Deganawidah (The Great Peacemaker) assist the Iroquois tribes in establishing the Confederation of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy, or League of Five Nations), 1142
Lewis and Clark begin their expedition, 1803
A nuts and bolts machine is patented by Micah Rugg, 1842
The first professional football game is played in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, 1895
Edison patents the Kinetograph, 1897
Mrs. Adolph Landenburg, a horse rider, debuts the split skirt, 1902
Debut of Foghorn Leghorn, 1946
Moscow to Washington, D.C. "Hot Line" installed, 1963
Solidarity Labor Union forms in Poland, 1980

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