Monday, March 8, 2010

Strange Creature

No, not something from the fields or forests, nor yet from outer space, but from under the mess in his own room.

The strange creature is #2 Son, as of today a 14 year boy, still with a bed that I won't stick my hand under for fear of not getting it back.

He can cook and barbecue, will go catch his own fish, clean them, and cook them. He gives huge bear hugs, and warns everyone right before he is going to pass gas, then laughs like a hyena at the reaction.

The other day he tried to "catch a fart" in a bottle. He did end up with a stinky bottle, just like he wanted. He also got the windows rolled down in the car, something akin to earning a medal in his estimation.

This is the kid who will try to climb anything, is proud of his "man stink" when he doesn't bathe, and never says no to starting a controlled bonfire or destroying something that needs to be thrown away, preferably by explosion or hacksaw.

He drags home trash, items other people have left out. to have the fun of seeing what he can make out of it before giving up and putting it back out for trash pick up.

When he speaks of the future, he talks about owning a restaurant, and the entertainment there will be fireworks shows. Food and explosions, the two ways to a man's heart.

Along with his friends, he cheers his favorite wrestlers on tv, bikes to the store to spend all of their money on junk food, then comes home and holds and bottle feeds tiny kittens with the finesse of the gentlest nurse.

He will get covered with mud and heaven knows what else when out playing, but insists on gloves before he will potty those same kittens.

(Speaking of kittens, yes, the little one is getting stronger. A special friend emailed me to say the Japanese word for miracle is "kiseki," which sounds like a beautiful name, and very cat-like.)

Happy 14th Birthday, #2 Son. Soon enough you will be hogging the shower and enamored with girls. Meanwhile, stay a strange creature, all boy.

Today is:

Be Nasty Day

Commonwealth Day, UK

Day for Women's Rights and International Peace

Day of No Interest to Fairies -- Fairy Calendar

Farmer's Day

Festival of the Earth Goddess, China

Fun Facts About Names Day

Girls Write Now Day

International (Working) Women's Day

National Peanut Cluster Day

Revolution Day, Syria

St. John of God's Day (patron of booksellers, hospitals, nurses, printers; against alcoholism, heart disease)

Tar & Feather Day

Tij Day, Nepal (Women's Day)

Birthdays Today:

Bob, Clint, and Dave Moffatt, 1984
Kat Von D, 1982
James Van der Beek, 1977
Freddie Prinze, Jr., 1976
Aidan Quinn, 1959
Micky Dolenz, 1945
Lynn Redgrave, 1943
Cyd Charisse, 1923
Alan Hale, Jr., 1921
Claire Trevor, 1909
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., 1841
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, 1714

Today in History:

John Casor becomes the first legally-recognized slave in what will be the United States, 1655
Anne Stuart, sister of Mary II, becomes Queen regnant of England, Scotland, and Ireland, 1702
Thomas Paine's "African Slavery in America," the first article in the U.S. calling for the emancipation of slaves and the abolition of slavery is published, 1775
Gnadenhütten massacre: Ninety-six Native Americans in Gnadenhutten, Ohio, who had converted to Christianity are killed by Pennsylvania militiamen in retaliation for raids carried out by other Indians, 1782
The New York Stock Exchange is founded, 1817
The first train crosses the first US railway suspension bridge at Niagara Falls, 1855
Everett Horton of Connecticut patents a fishing rod of telescoping steel tubes, 1887
International Women's Day is launched in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Clara Zetkin, leader of the Women's Office for the Social Democratic Party in Germany, 1911
Mahatma Gandhi starts civil disobedience in India, 1930
Phyllis M Daley is the first black nurse sworn-in as US Navy ensign, 1945

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