Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Doings

The morning started with feeding kitten and the usual routine.

Homeschool co-op is going very well. I managed to get there early, set up, and bake off all of those sweet potato pies I ended up with. After all, my family won't eat them, so I brought them to the parent lounge to serve to anyone who wanted them. One was eaten and the other 4 got sent home with willing takers.

The Girl Scouts were selling off the last of their cookies, so I scored one last box of Samoas for #2 Son. Those are his favorites, and he only got one cookie from the previous two boxes, so I put a crowbar in my wallet and pried out the $3.50.

Finance class is still fun. We answered questions about our "money personality" and it turns out we have 5 savers and one spender in the class. I tried to explain why we need both types of people, how savers keep spenders from waking up broke at retirement, and savers have to have a spender in their life so they will have a life. That led to a discussion of luxuries versus necessities. They all took a paper home to use in making a list of luxuries, and which ones they would want most if they had extra money to spend. Then, they are to ask family members to tell what they want most. We will compare the answers next week.

Coming home was an adventure in coordination. One of our pregnant mothers, who was having a dizzy spell, had to be driven home, with her 5 kids. Then another neighbor took me back for my van. It all worked out, and we will all be checking up on her, as will her mom who lives in the neighborhood.

The fly in the Tuesday ointment has been the weather. This is the 5th time in a row we have had to put off taking family yearbook pictures in the outdoor garden because of cold, rain, or both. Cleanup each time has been awful because of having to have recess indoors as well. Then there is the need to spend extra time sweeping because of all the dirt tracked in on wet shoes.

The rest of today I will probably spend unburying myself from the laundry pile up. It seems I run out of steam when folding and putting away time comes, and I need to get back in the habit of getting it done faster.

Today is:

Baron Bliss Day, Belize

Get Over It Day

Joe Franklin Day

Jonquil Festival

National Crabmeat Day

Organize Your Home Office Day

Panic Day

Rockhound Days begin

St. Catherine of Bologna's Day

Unique Names Day

Anniversaries Today:

Napoléon Bonaparte marries his first wife, Joséphine de Beauharnais, 1796
Gustav Mahler marries Alma Schindler in Vienna, 1902

Birthdays Today:

Emmanuel Lewis, 1971
Juliette Binoche, 1964
Bobby Fischer, 1943
Raul Julia, 1940
Mickey Gilley, 1936
Yuri Gagarin, 1934
Keely Smith, 1932
Ornette Coleman, 1930
Wally Bronner, 1927
Irene Papas, 1926
Mickey Spillane, 1918
Samuel Barber, 1910
Will Greer, 1902
Amerigo Vespucci, 1454

Today in History:

Liu Che, posthumously known as Emperor Wu of Han, assumes the throne over the Han Dynasty of China, BC141
Jews are expelled from Carintha Austria, 1496
Nicolaus Copernicus makes his first recorded astronomical observation, 1497
Marten Luther preaches his first Invocavit sermon, 1522
Kissing in public is banned in Naples, punishable by death, 1562
Publication of the economics book The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, 1776
Prussian government limits work week for children to 51 hours, 1839
The Amistad Ruling: The US Supreme Court rules that captive Africans who had seized control of the ship carrying them had been taken into slavery illegally, and were to be set free, 1841
Albert Potts of Philadelphia patents the street mailbox, 1858
The Westmoreland County Coal Strike, involving 15,000 coal miners represented by the United Mine Workers, begins, 1910
Pancho Villa leads nearly 500 Mexican raiders in an attack against Columbus, New Mexico, 1916
Pink's War: The first Royal Air Force operation conducted independently of the British Army or Royal Navy begins, 1925
President Franklin D. Roosevelt submits the Emergency Banking Act to the Congress, the first of his New Deal policies, 1932
CBS television broadcasts the See It Now episode, "A Report on Senator Joseph McCarthy", produced by Fred Friendly, in which Edward R. Murrow criticizes the senator, 1954

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