Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We have an ear sucker.

That is a kitten that will nurse on your earlobes.

Bud is the culprit, again, along with being the independent loner and the one who likes to piddle under the computer desk instead of in the more socially acceptable places.

Forrest is eating a bit more, and I am very glad. We are still tormenting her with fluids and trying to aspirate the crud out of her nose and I'm not giving up, not on any of them. The others have joined her in a chorus of sneezing, sniffling, and snoring, so it is probably only a matter of time before I face decline in appetite from them.

What surprises me is that none of my adult cats have gotten this. Then again, they are big enough (some of them way more than big enough, that Hope is a sausage on legs) to survive a few days of no appetite.

If you happen to be out and about tonight, admire the Full Crow Moon (my favorite of this month's names for the moon).

Today is:

Benediction de Los Animales

Birthday of Lao-Tzu, China

Doctors Day

Festival of Janus and Concordia -- Ancient Roman Calendar

Festival of Reality Fabrication

Full Worm Moon/Crow Moon/Crust Moon/Lenten Moon

Grass Is Always Browner On The Other Side Of The Fence Day

Hanuman Jayanti -- Hindu

I am in Control Day (Famous last words!)

Limited Liability Day

Magha Puja Day -- Buddhist

National Badminton Day

National Hot Dog Day

Passover begins, through April 6 -- Jewish

Pencil Day

Take a Walk in the Park Day

Birthdays Today:

Scott Moffatt, 1983
Norah Jones, 1979
Matt Doran, 1976
Mark Consuelos, 1971
Celine Dion, 1968
Ian Ziering, 1964
M.C. Hammer, 1962
Paul Reiser, 1957
Robbie Cotrane, 1950
Eric Clapton, 1945
Astrud Gilberto, 1940
Warren Beatty, 1937
John Astin, 1930
Rolf Harris, 1930
Peter Marshall, 1930
Frankie Laine, 1913
Anna Sewell, 1820
Vincent Van Gogh, 1853

Today in History:

The first recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet, BC240
Ketsugan, Zen teacher, performs exorcisms to free aizoji temple, 1422
King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella sign decree expelling Jews from Spain, 1492
Henry VIII divorces Catherine of Aragon, 1533
British and coalition forces march into Paris after the defeat of Napoleon, 1814
Dr. Crawford Long of Georgia, US, performs the first operation with anesthesia (ether), 1842
A pencil with attached eraser is patented by Hyman L Lipman of Philadelphia, 1858
Alaska is purchased from Russia by US Secretary of State William Seward, for $7,200,000 (about 2 cents per acre), 1867
Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, 1932
Einstein announces his revised unified field theory, 1953
The Yonge Street Line, the first subway in Canada, opens in Toronto, 1954

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  1. The kitties are lucky to have you. I never knew they could be ear suckers.


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