Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yes, Doctor

I've been putting it off because there is always so much else to do.

Of course, the day I finally chose turned out to be the wrong one, from a paperwork standpoint at least. Still, I knew if I didn't go today, I would have my doctor's appointment next week and have the doctor fussing at me about it.

So, I went in for my mammogram.

It's a walk in clinic at the hospital, and I was the only one there, so that is not the time consuming part. Nor is the test itself; from the time they called me back to the time I walked out the door, clothed and in my right mind, was about a half hour.

It was the fact that one person was on vacation, and another called in sick, and so it took them over an hour, several phone calls, and everything short of an act of Congress to get my insurance company's stamp of approval.

Really it made for a relaxing morning in a way. I got to do a crossword without interruption at least.

Now I will go in there next week ready, like *Majel Barrett, to say, "Yes, Doctor," when he inevitably asks if I got it done.*

*Majel Barrett was originally supposed to be second in command on the Enterprise in the original Star Trek series. The execs at NBC didn't like the idea of a strong, commanding woman in the series (after all, it was 1966), so she began dating executive producer Gene Roddenberry and was promoted to head nurse in sick bay, where, as she later said, she got such wonderful dialog as "Yes, Doctor."

Today is:

Birthday of the God of Literature, China

Debunking Day

Dream 2010 Day

Feast of Guari -- Hindu (Married Women's Feast)

Flower Show Day

Human Services Day

Johnny Appleseed Day

National Anti-Drug Day

National Oatmeal-Nut Waffles Day

St. Constantine's Day

St. Eulogius of Cordova's Day (patron of carpenters, coppersmiths)

World Kidney Day

Worship of Tools Day - guys, you can relate

Anniversaries Today:

Romeo & Juliet's wedding day, according to Shakespeare, 1302
Emperor Napoleon married by proxy to Archduchess Marie Louise, 1810

Birthdays Today:

Douglas Adams, 1952
Bobby McFerrin, 1950
Charles W. Swan, 1942
Sam Donaldson, 1934
Rupert Murdoch, 1931
Ralph Abernathy, 1926
Mercer Ellington, 1919
Ezra Jack Keats, 1916
Lawrence Welk, 1903

Today in History:

Thutmose III, Pharaoh of Egypt, dies (according to the Low Chronology of the 18th Dynasty),BC1425
Volcano Etna in Italy erupts killing 15,000, 1669
The first English daily newspaper "Daily Courant," begins publishing, 1702
Queen Anne withholds Royal Assent from the Scottish Militia Bill, the last time a British monarch vetoes legislation, 1708
Unhappy with translational differences regarding the Treaty of Waitangi, chiefs Hone Heke, Kawiti and Maori tribe members chop down the British flagpole for a fourth time and drive settlers out of Kororareka, New Zealand, 1845
Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine and Robert Baldwin become the first Prime Ministers of the Province of Canada to be democratically elected under a system of responsible government, 1848
The Great Sheffield Flood: The largest man-made disaster ever to befall England kills over 250 people in Sheffield, 1864
The Meiji Japanese government officially annexes the Ryukyu Kingdom into what would become the Okinawa prefecture,1872
The Great Blizzard of 1888 begins, lasting 4 days, 1888
The first confirmed cases of the Spanish Flu are observed at Fort Riley, Kansas, 1918

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  1. OTOH, Majel Barrett was in every incarnation of Star Trek.


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