Monday, April 2, 2012

Coming Thick and Fast Now

The calls, that is.

Speaking of which, why is it, just when you really need to take a call, it turns out the kids haven't charged the phone again? Foolish question. Moving on.

This one was about kittens found in a box in a local park. Another four, a gray, a black, two tabbies. Thank goodness we aren't overrun with black ones this year like last. They are always the last adopted, poor things.

The nice man and his wife who found them brought them to us with a donation for the cat rescue. Those are good people.

People who dump 3-week-old kittens in the park in a box in the hot sun, not so much. There's a special snark in my voice when i call those types "flowers of humanity." Stinkflowers, i always go on to explain.

Eleven and counting, all but two right at the same age. That's a new one, usually we have a bigger range out of 4 different litters. It means i'm going to have to go buy another heating pad. When we have a range of ages, we don't have to keep the bigger ones warm, but these tiny ones can't keep their body heat up without help. Cats have a high body temp, too.

Also, it's getting to be time to go scarf up some bigger boxes. As they grow they will need them. It also makes it easier to put them together in groups by age, as we confirm no one has anything contagious.

Actually, a wading pool with sides too high for them to climb would work, but i'm not sure if there is such a thing. Bigger Girl jokingly suggested we get a wading pool and grease the sides so they can't climb out. Greasy kittens? Yes, i can see me trying to hold a bottle in the mouth of one as it squirmed.

Soon they will be underfoot, and we will be doing the kitten shuffle. Don't pick your feet up when you walk and the worst damage you can do is catch the edge of a tail or toe, doing no real damage, just hurting the feelings.

It's shaping up to be a busy season. As Sweetie would say, we're cookin'.

Today is

Feast of Acan -- Ancient Mayan Calendar (god of wine, whose name means either "belch" or "groan", depending on your source -- although both seem apt, one during the celebration, the other after; date approximate)

Gio To Hung Vuong -- Vietnam (commemoration of Hung King, the legendary king of ancient Vietnam)

Great Lovers Day -- you don't have to be a Cassanova to celebrate the great lovers in your life!

International Children's Book Day -- sponsored this year by the Mexico division of IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People)

Malvinas Day -- Argentina (honors veterans of the Falklands War)

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

Quingming Festival begins -- China (a/k/a Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb-sweeping Day; through Apr. 4)

Reconciliation Day -- as recommended by columnist Ann Landers, use today to reach out and mend a broken relationship

Spring Fever and Medical Aid Appeal -- Fairy Calendar

St. Francis of Paloa's Day (Patron of sailors, naval officers, seafarers)

St. Urban of Langres' Day (Patron of barrel makers, drunkards, vintners; against blight, frost)

Taily Day, Scotland (engage in pranks related to your tail, a second day of April fooling)

Tater Day -- Benton, KY, US (celebrate sweet potatoes with a parade, carnival, and lots of family fun)

Thai Heritage Conservation Day -- Thailand

Unity of Peoples of Russia and Belarus Day -- Belarus

World Autism Awareness Day

Anniversaries Today:

Napoleon Bonaparte marries the Archduchess Marie Louise of Austria, 1810

Birthdays Today:

Ron "Horshack" Palillo, 1949
Emmylou Harris, 1947
Linda Hunt, 1945
Leon Russell, 1942
Dr. Demento, 1941
Marvin Gaye, 1939
Jack Webb, 1920
Alec Guinness, 1914
Buddy Ebsen, 1908
Max Ernst, 1891
Walter Chrysler, 1875
Emile Zola, 1840
Hans Christian Anderson, 1805
Giacomo Casanova, 1725
Charlemagne, 742

Today in History:

Mehmed II begins his siege of Istanbul/Constantinople, 1453
Juan Ponce de Leon becomes the first European to set foot in Florida, 1513
"American Farmer," the first successful agricultural journal, begins publication, 1819
Victoria Woodhull becomes the first woman nominated for president of the US, 1870
The first Easter egg roll is held on the White House lawn, 1877
Puerto Rico is given limited self rule by the US Congress, 1900
The first full time movie theater, the "Electric Theater," opens in Los Angeles, 1902
The Titanic undergoes sea trials under her own power, 1912
President Woodrow Wilson asks Congress to declare war on Germany, 1917
Haile Selassie is proclaimed emperor of Ethiopia, 1930
Charles Lindbergh turns over the $50,000 ransom for his kidnapped son, 1932
The first official Panda crossing is opened outside Waterloo station, London, 1962
Argentine forces seize the Falkland Islands, beginning the Falklands War, 1982
Rita Johnston becomes the first female Premier of a Canadian province (British Columbia), 1991
Israeli forces surround and besiege the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem into which armed Palestinians had retreated, 2002


  1. ok ok ok
    we shall take a kitten :-)

  2. I love black kitties. House panthers, as I believe they are called. If husband wasn't allergic we'd have a house filled with pussycats.

  3. Not generally a vindictive person, but I hope there is a special place in hell for kitten dumpers.

    So weird that people won't adopt black kittens! Heard the same about dogs. Humans are a pretty dumb species.

  4. Soon you'll have enough cats to see if it's possible to herd them.

  5. Miz, if you really want to. They should be ready in about 7-8 weeks. ;)

    Leah, we have a black one, Badlands Blackie, and he is not the first i've had. They are beautiful.

    Crabby, they are not my favorite kind of people at all.

    Stephen, we've had that many before. No, it isn't, but it can be fun to try.;)