Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ah, Sunday.

A pristine new week "with no mistakes in it yet" as Anne Shirley, of Anne of Green Gables fame, once said about a new day.

Monday is an evening meeting at school -- committees.  Yea, i get to find out which one i am on, and begin to set up an event or two.  If i'm on the field trip committee, i'm going to get my revenge by setting up a tour of "Whole Paycheck" and ranting about the SAD (Standard American Diet) through the whole place.  If i'm on community service, i'll schedule them to clean the shelter on a Saturday.

Hey, if you get assigned, do what you can, right?

Tuesday i will try to finally drag #2 Son to the DMV for another shot at a permit.

Also, #2 Son has been delaying his haircut until ordered to do so by his teacher.  He has been so ordered, and Little Girl wants a trim, so that is Wednesday. 

By Thursday i am usually behind on everything, especially ironing, so i will probably spend Thursday on Mt. Washmore/Mt. Foldmore/Mt. Ironmore.

Friday is feed the cats at the shelter night.  They've had an unexpected influx lately, including Roofus, found only a block away at the Red Roof Inn.  We do get some stories.

By Saturday, there will be another local team home game, and by that time, i will be ready for an afternoon of being entertained with a game.

Is it just me, or are weeks getting boringly predictable and i'm in a rut?

A scientist who studies such things says we all do.  His name escapes me (as does most everything these days), but he studies patterns.  He says we all live our lives in a predictable pattern, even him, and he travels internationally to conferences at odd times of the year.  Even with what seems to be an odd schedule, he says his becomes predictable as a pattern over time.

Guess the big thing is that the longer a period of time it takes for the prediction model to work, the more varied and interesting your life.

Maybe i need to move to Tahiti after all, not just for the warmth, but for the unpredictability.

Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday, everyone!

Today is:

Apple Festival -- Old Prairie Town, Topeka, KS, US (celebrating apples and Topeka's turn of the last century heritage)

Bathtub Day -- can't confirm this one, but it's as good a day as any to be glad you have one!

Burgoo Festival -- North Utica, IL, US (only the Burgoomeister knows the secret recipe!  enjoy the burgoo, as well as music, food, antiques, and more)

Country Inn, Bed-and-Breakfast Day -- across North America

Erntedankfest -- Germany, Thanksgiving/Harvest fest

Feast Day of Ma'at -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Festival of the Deerk Toes -- Fairy Calendar (celebrating the toes on a fairy's "deerk", for which there is no human equivalent)

Fire Prevention Week begins -- Canada; US (and a great idea everywhere, feel free to join in)

Great Books Week begins -- sponsored by Excellence in Literature

Intergeneration Day -- sponsored by the Intergeneration Foundation

International African Diaspora Day

Leif Ericson Day Celebration -- Philadelphia, PA, US (seeking to both celebrate the first European to land in the New World and promulgate a realistic historic image of the Viking people)

Lepanto Day -- Greece

Nagasaki Kunchi -- Nagasaki, Japan (harvest festival, through the 9th)

National Frappe Day

National Metric Week -- US (yes, it's no fun to switch; get over it and learn, it's good for your brain!)

Nones of October -- Ancient Roman Calendar; other observances
     Festival of Juno Cutitis and Jupiter Fulgor
     Victoria, Lady of Victories Day a/k/a Pallas Athena -- also celebrated by the Ancient Greeks

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary -- Catholic Christian

Qatar L'arc de Triomphe -- Longchamp Race-course, Paris, France (one of the world's greatest horse races, first run in 1920)

Shemini Atzeret -- Judaism (completion of the annual cycle of the reading of the Torah; begins at sunset)

St. Justina of Padua's Day (Patron of Padua, Italy; Santa Giustina, Italy)

Try To Start An Argument Over Which Is the Best Muppet Day -- Kermit, hands down (argue below, if you wish)

Warai Festival -- Wakayama, Japan (laughing festival)

World Communion Sunday -- Christian

Birthdays Today:

Simon Cowell, 1959
Michael W. Smith, 1957
Yo-Yo Ma, 1955
Vladimir Putin, 1952
John Cougar Mellencamp, 1951
Bishop Desmond Tutu, 1931
R. D. Laing, 1927
June Allyson, 1917
Vaughn Monroe, 1911
Andy Devine, 1905
Niels Bohr, 1885
James Whitcomb Riley, 1849

Today in History:

The epoch of the modern Hebrew calendar (Proleptic Julian calendar), BC3761
The first public burning of books in Louvain, Netherlands, 1520
Ralph Wedgewood patents carbon paper in London, 1806
The first chartered railway in the US, the Granite Railway, begins operations, 1826
Spain abolishes slavery in Cuba, 1886
Henry Ford institutes the moving assembly line, 1913
Georgia Tech defeats Cumberland college in the infamous 222-0 football game, 1916
160 consecutive days of 100*F+ temperatures begin at Marble Bar, Australia, 1924
Beat poet Allen Ginsberg reads his poem "Howl" for the first time at a poetry reading in San Francisco, 1955
U.S.S.R. probe Luna 3 transmits first ever photographs of the far side of the moon, 1959
Nigeria joins the United Nations, 1960
Oman joins the United Nations, 1971
Cats opens on Broadway and begins a run of nearly 18 years, 1982
The Great Flood of 1993 ends at St. Louis, Missouri, 103 days after it began, 1993
Matthew Shepard, a gay student at the University of Wyoming, is found tied to a fence after being savagely beaten, 1998
The U.S. invasion of Afghanistan begins, 2001


  1. Well it seems I've broken my predictable pattern by not blogging for a while. Anne Shirley (or Lucy Maude Montgomery) was full of wonderful quotes.

  2. I've been to Tahiti and the experience didn't live up to the hype . The lifespan there is close to fifty- six. How can it be paradise if people are smoking themselves to death.

  3. Hilary, Montgomery was prolifically quotable; my favorite of hers was "The Blue Castle."

    Stephen, i guess i'll have to stick to Hawaii, then, as no smoking bans have to follow the federal law there, too. Sad.


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